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"We Gotta Go Now" is the fifth episode of the second season of The Boys. It aired on Amazon Prime Video on September 18, 2020. It is the thirteenth episode overall.


VoughtStudios is pleased to announce that filming has begun on #DawnOfTheSeven. 12 years of VCU movies have led to this. If you like movies about One Hero, you’ll love a movie about Seven Heroes. Introducing newest member @RealStormfront! See how the legend began! In theaters Summer 2021!


Maeve shoots a Dawn of the Seven scene, where she comes out as gay. She angrily walks away after the scene cuts. She confronts Homelander about Elena and asks him to let it go if she agrees to stop seeing her.

Ashley shows Homelander footage of him accidentally killing someone in a distant village where he went to kill a Supe. She shows him televised protests against him, declaring him a war criminal. Homelander storms off angrily.

Billy goes to a hardcore show and beats up a random guy before getting beat up himself. Hughie calls Billy and tells him that they think Liberty is really Stormfront, and that she’s probably who’s behind Raynor’s death. Billy tells Hughie he’s going off the grid, maybe to Argentina. Billy says that Hughie is his “canary”, then hangs up and takes out his cell phone SIM card.

In a news segment, The Deep’s marriage to Cassandra Schwartz was announced, along with video footage from their wedding.

Billy shows up at his Aunt Judy’s house. She tells him that his father is ill and that his parents are flying to see him. Billy demands to see his boy, aka his dog, Terror.

A-Train tries to change the script for The Seven movie, so that his departure from The Seven is a little less clear and more open ended.

The Deep and Cassandra give an interview about their new relationship and how he’s a changed man, now a part of the Church of the Collective.

Kimiko enters a bar where a group of Russian guys are chatting and she kills them. Frenchie follows her.

Hughie and MM show up at Aunt Judy’s house, much to Billy’s surprise. They confront him about Becca and disappearing. Billy leaves then notices Black Noir on a neighboring rooftop. He comes back in and closes up the house.

MM calls the firefighters for a gas leak to slow down Black Noir, knowing he won’t want to kill them in front of other people.

Starlight sees her mom sitting at a table with Stormfront. She’s shocked and tells her mom it’s not a good time. She asks for forgiveness and Stormfront tries to reason with Annie, while subtly pointing the finger at her for releasing the news about Compound V to the news.

The marketing team meets with Maeve and Elena to review their new “looks” and how they will come out as a proud couple to the world. They try to give Elena a more masculine look. Elena emphasizes that she has no interest in being in a public relationship. Maeve sits silently and Elena leaves.

Maeve runs after Elena after she storms off and tells her that she needs to play along otherwise Homelander will track her down. She promises Elena that she will bring Homelander down, but that she needs to play along for the time being.

Butcher tries to save the rest by leaving to face Black Noir by himself. Hughie and MM won’t let him do that.

Kimiko meets up with Cherie in a church and Frenchie finds out that Cherie was giving her hits to take out. Frenchie tries to tell her that this is not the way to get over her brother’s death but she pushes him away and tells him that his death is her fault. He doesn’t understand what she is saying and walks away, frustrated.

The Deep is now the face of the Church of the Collective and is in a commercial about being your best self. A-Train is watching the commercial on a tablet on the set of "Dawn of the 7" with obvious disgust. Stormfront comes over and tells him that she used to be a member the church actually used to be a pure place before "they started letting all kinds of people in". She then mocks him about his "retirement" from the Seven.

A-Train confronts Ashley about his contract ending and she gives him the hard truth- leave and take severance or get fired. A-Train does the scene with Homelander where he does his final farewell.

Congresswoman Neuman leads a rally against Homelander and he surprises them all by showing up unexpectedly. He addresses the crowd and tells them that innocents getting killed in war happens from time to time. The crowd gets upset and goes wild. Homelander gets upset and imagines massacring the protest crowd with his laser eyes, but he resists and flies away.

Homelander loses it and goes to Stormfront for help. She makes some memes to help him gain some popularity back.

Judy takes MM, Hughie, Billy, down to a locked, protected room in her house to hide from Black Noir. When Noir throws gas into the basement, they escape out a side door, but Butcher stays behind to face Black Noir himself. MM runs back in to help Butcher, but gets stabbed. Hughie runs in as well, but gets knocked to the ground. While Noir is strangling Butcher, he threatens to release photos of Becca and Homelander’s son to Ronan Farrow.

Black Noir's phone rings, and it is Stan Edgar. Black Noir passes the phone to Butcher, and Edgar says he'll call off Noir if the photos are never released. Noir takes off. When asked if he really has photos, Butcher gives a wry smile.

Maeve goes to The Deep and offers to be the person who assures the public that he isn’t a “piece of shit”. She wants him back in The 7 to help her.

Starlight goes through Stormfront’s things trying to find clues about Liberty. Stormfront catches her but Annie pretends like she was in her trailer to confront her about her mother. Stormfront threatens to tell on Starlight about her releasing the news about Compound V. Starlight threatens to tell the world that Stormfront used to be Liberty. Homelander walks in and interrupts their conversation.

Homelander thanks Stormfront for helping him get better ratings. He tells her he owes her one. Stormfront and Homelander kiss and start to playfully fight. She tells him to laser her breasts and he obliges. She doesn’t get hurt from it, to his surprise. They push each other around and have sex, floating mid air.




I know you blame yourself for your brother. I know the rage you feel. But this, this is not the way.
―Frenchie to Kimiko
So you wanna take me on, do ya? Think you got a bullocks? Well, come on then. Cunt.
―Billy to Black Noir


  • We Gotta Go Now is the name of the 7th story arc in the original 72-issue comic book series and the 3 companion-piece 6-issue mini-series run of The Boys, and also the name of the 4th trade paperback collection (The Boys #23-30).
  • The sentence spoken by the Russian gangsters during this episode "She's just a girl. Show her a picture of some kittens or something" is the same sentence spoken by a bunch of gangsters in the second issue of the comic just before Kimiko Miyashiro killed them.
  • Stormfront makes a racist remark when talking to A-Train about letting any kind of people get into church




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