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"That is our job, our honor. We are Vought. We make heroes super."
Madelyn Stillwell[src]

Vought International is an American multi-billion[1] dollar conglomerative led by Stan Edgar and managed by Madelyn Stillwell, Vice President. The company is famous for the founding of The Seven and managing the global population of licensed Supes. They have been shown to be quite corrupt and corporatist, with the only goal of getting The Seven into the US military.

History[edit | edit source]

"A world without crime, with liberty and justice for all, that's within our reach, thanks to the 200+ superheroes in the Vought family. We see a bright future ahead, where there is a Vought hero in every town."
Madelyn Stillwell[src]

Vought was founded by Frederick Vought, an ex-Nazi scientist who Hitler himself appointed as the chief physician at Dachau in 1939 where Vought would perform unethical experimentation on human test subjects in order to develop Compound V to enhance human beings into what are now known as Supes. When Vought realized the Nazi party's defeat was certain Vought defected from Nazi Germany and the Allied forces smuggled him to the US and allowed him to give his newly developed Compound V to military soldiers to increase their odds against the Nazi Party. This prompted President Franklin Roosevelt to pardon him in 1944, and allow him to continue his research on Compound V and create more Supes, and gave him his own corporation to further the development of the Supes as an advanced race of living weapons. At some point after Vought died Stan Edgar would take over as CEO and (perhaps like his predecessor) would cover up any casualties caused by the Supes. Compound V is shrouded from the public, however, whom are led to believe that Supes are born genetically advanced and chosen by God. Instead, Compound V was shipped across the US to hospitals by Samaritan's Embrace under the guise of medical supplies. At the end of Season One, however, Hughie Campbell was able to stop the Compound V shipments by threatening to release damaging information to the public about Ezekiel.

Vought's goal has always been to capitalise on Supes, cutting deals with independent cities and states for protection; Stillwell tried to offer Baltimore Nubian Prince at the price of $300 million a year, however the deal was tanked by Homelander. Nearing the end of Season One, Vought's goal was to get The Seven into the military and perhaps a number of other Supes. Due to her good work, it was Mr. Edgar's wish that Stillwell replace him as President of Vought. However things begin going awry after Homelander arranges for the creation of the "Supe Terrorists" to create enemies only Vought had the means to combat, which results in Compound V being exposed to military personal and the higher ups during raids on terrorist compounds resulting in major scrutiny towards Vought and Compound V being evaluated by the FDA. In addition to this, Homelander due to mental instability, kills Stillwell upon learning she deceived him, putting Edgar's plan to retire on hold. After Compound V is exposed to the public Vought places blame on Stillwell using her as a scapegoat, but the exposure nonetheless causes Vought's stock to plummet down drastically.

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In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Vought American is a corporation that started out as an arms company, and were infamous for their inferior products, most notably supplying the US Navy with faulty planes towards the end of WWII, and faulty rifles to the Army during the Vietnam War. They managed to re-brand themselves, however, when they created some of the world's first Supes using Compound V, thanks to the work of Jonah Vogelbaum. Over the years, Vought has made a fortune selling superhero comics and merchandise, but their ultimate goal had always been to incorporate superheroes into the armed forces, something that a majority of politicians and government institutions opposed, including the C.I.A. The Boys were specifically created to counter lobbying efforts from Vought and prevent them from ever getting a foothold in the Military. Despite the destruction of the majority of the worlds Supes towards the end of the comic, Vought continue to exist, but are still faced with the same problem they've always had; an inferior product.

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