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Vought-American (formerly known as Vought American Consolidated or V.A.C.), is a corporation that started out as an arms company, and were infamous for their inferior products, most notably supplying the US Navy with faulty planes towards the end of WWII, and faulty rifles to the Army during the Vietnam War. They managed to re-brand themselves, however, when they created some of the world's first Supes using Compound V, thanks to the work of Jonah Vogelbaum.

Over the years, Vought has made a fortune selling superhero comics and merchandise, but their ultimate goal had always been to incorporate superheroes into the armed forces, something that a majority of politicians and government institutions opposed, including the C.I.A. The Boys were specifically created to counter lobbying efforts from Vought and prevent them from ever getting a foothold in the Military. Despite the destruction of the majority of the worlds Supes towards the end of the comic, Vought continue to exist, but are still faced with the same problem they've always had; an inferior product.

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