"I wanted to go to the police. But my folks, they thought it was pointless. So when that man from Vought, when he showed up and he offered us that money, we just took it. $2,000. That is what my brother's life was worth. Just $2,000."
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Valerie Hunter is a character in Season Two of the Amazon series The Boys.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Buried but not Forgotten[edit | edit source]

48 years ago, when Valerie was 11, her older brother, Myron was driving her in the rain when their car was stopped by Liberty. Liberty forced Myron out of the car and began accusing his car of being involved in a robbery. Myron denied the claims, so Liberty beat him in an attempt to get him to "confess". Valerie awoke from the backseat and saw Myron beg Liberty to stop, to which Liberty proceeded to break his jaw and leave him dead on the hood of the car. When Liberty was gone, Valerie stepped out of the car and saw her brother's mangled face. Valerie wanted to get justice for her brother by going to the police, but her parents thought it was pointless and discouraged her. Furthermore, just like with Robin's death, Vought sent a lawyer who offered to pay $2,000 in restitution for their loss. Her family took the money and agreed to keep quiet about the incident.

Never Forget[edit | edit source]

After Mallory tips the The Boys off about investigating a former Supe named Liberty, Hughie, M.M., and Annie take a road trip and visit Valerie. Valerie denies any claims they make until they reveal they're not with Vought and M.M reveals his story about his father, who also wanted to get justice against Vought but worked himself to death trying. Valerie hesitantly let's them in and allows them to ask their questions. She reveals that her brother was killed by Liberty, but no one would support her claims due to the situation of "A little black girl accusing a white superhero of murder in these parts." Valerie wanted to get justice for her brother but she was silenced by her parents and Vought. After she finished telling them the story, Valerie then pleaded with the three not to tell anyone else that she told them, out of fear Liberty will track her down and kill her. Hughie tried to reassure Valerie that Liberty has to be dead because no one has seen the superhero since 1979. Valerie denied the statement and dropped a news paper in front of them with Stormfront on the main headline, claiming that Stormfront and Liberty are one and the same.

Connecting the Dots[edit | edit source]

Hughie, M.M and Annie then debate over what Valerie told them. Hughie is doubtful that Stormfront is Liberty due to her suspected age (70+) not matching Stormfront's physical appearance, and that Valerie could've been wrong due it raining that night and that Valerie was only a little girl at the time of the story. While Annie is persistent due to how certain Valerie seemed and that no one knows the full effects of Compound V, hinting that it could slow aging. Despite the three's search for answers, it only ends with them asking more questions.

References[edit | edit source]

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