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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Jack from Jupiter.
"You stupid, fucking asshole. I'm invincible! You stupid motherfuckers. I'm fucking Translucent! I'm indestructible. It's only a matter of time before they come for me. You're fucking dead!"

Translucent is a pivotal antagonist of the Amazon series The Boys, where he served as a supporting antagonist of season 1, and a posthumous antagonist of season 2. He had nearly impenetrable skin and the power to turn invisible.

Translucent is The Seven’s invisible superhero, thanks to his carbon metamaterial skin that bends light and makes him bulletproof. A master of stealth, he can sneak anywhere and give bad guys the surprise of a lifetime. But when he’s not fighting crime and saving the day, Translucent uses his powers in inappropriate ways. From women’s changing rooms to sorority house showers, Translucent loves using his invisibility to lurk where he shouldn’t.

The Boys Series[]

Hughie's confrontation[]

Translucent is often lurking in places he shouldn't be within the Seven Towers — frequently, this is the women's bathroom. Translucent's habit throws him into trouble after he catches Hughie Campbell plant a bug at the Seven Tower in The Name of the Game. Translucent confronts Hughie at work, however, he is attacked by Billy Butcher, who is able to knock him unconscious with Hughie's help. The two lock Translucent in Butcher's car, seeking help from Frenchie. Eventually, while locked in a cage, Translucent is confronted by Hughie, who wants information about his girlfriend's death. Translucent mocks Hughie, which eventually leads to Translucent's death at the former's hands in Cherry.


While being imprisoned by The Boys, Butcher and Frenchie work on finding a method to kill Translucent. Despite failing when using a bullet made out of a similar material to Translucent's skin, Frenchie eventually figures out that while Translucent's skin is impenetrable, his insides were as vulnerable as an ordinary human's. He then electrocutes Translucent to knock him out and plants an explosive device in his rectum, which could be detonated both by remote or by an attempt at removal.

Cherry Bomb[]

Eventually, the location of Translucent's holding cell would be in jeopardy when Homelander searches the area around them using Translucent's tracker symbol. Worried that if they detonate the bomb in Translucent then Homelander will hear it and find them, so Frenchie has Cherie prepare to cause a distraction by blowing up his former headquarters while he and Butcher deter Homelander from the real location. Meanwhile, Translucent short circuits the cage and attempts to escape to which Hughie catches him and threatens him to get back in the cage. Translucent pleads with Hughie, stating he's a dead man if he goes back in there but Hughie warns him that he is for sure dead if he doesn't. Translucent warns Hughie that if he uses the detonator that there will be no turning back, he'll become a criminal on the run and will live the rest of his life always looking over his shoulder for an enemy that will never stop searching for him. Translucent then pleads with Hughie to allow him leave so Hughie can put this all behind him and go back to his regular life. Hughie initially hesitates, to which Translucent interprets as him refusing to use it. While Translucent leaves through the exit door, the rage builds inside Hughie as he then turns to the exit and presses the button detonating the "Ass bomb" and killing Translucent.


The Boys attempt to clean up the mess that is Translucent's body, however they soon discover that Translucent's skin is inflammable, so they decide to hide the remains in a box lined with zinc. The box would later be discovered by The Deep, who brings the container to Stillwell and Homelander. Disgusted with the contents inside, Homelander and Stillwell work out that here is something bigger than a simple kidnap and murder. Later on, Vought would agree to keep Translucent's death a secret in order to not lose publicity from the fact their superheros are killable. Eventually Vought would reveal his death In Season 2's The Big Ride, where Homelander delivers a speech at Translucent's funeral, lying that he was killed by a supe-terrorist named El Diablo. Homelander continues stating Translucent's final words were that he loves his son, and to stop these super villains for all the sons and daughters of America. Starlight then appeared and sang Never Truly Vanish at his service. Once all is said and done, Vought would begin searching for a replacement to fill Translucent's spot in The Seven, this would lead CEO Stan Edgar to nominate Stormfront as his replacement.

At some point in 2020, Starlight filmed an official music video for Never Truly Vanish which was released by Vought International on Youtube.[2]


Translucent is a very corrupt “hero” who abuses both his powers and authority. Rather than saving people from danger, Translucent is more preoccupied with his finances and peeping on women in the bathroom, showing a very perverted tendency. Probably due to the fact that he must be naked for his invisibility to be effective (since any clothing he wears would remain visible), Translucent is not at all self-conscious about appearing nude. When he is discovered by Queen Maeve in the ladies' room, he turns visible and exits fully naked rather than remain invisible.

Translucent is also rather egomaniacal and overconfident in his abilities, only enhanced further by his (seemingly) indestructible skin. When captured and contained in an electrified cage, he was quite calm, without even slight trepidation, completely certain that Homelander would find and rescue him. When Butcher attempted to shoot him and the bullet ricocheted off him harmlessly, Translucent laughs derisively at his captors, claiming to be invincible.

Despite numerous atrocities he and his fellow members of the Seven are responsible for, he still does not see himself as a villain. Translucent is very perceptive, due to years of spying on people undetected. He prides himself on his ability to read people, deducing key facts about Hughie's personality after a short conversation. Despite his discernment, his overconfidence leads him to underestimating his enemies. This ultimately becomes his downfall when he fails to realize his attempt to convince Hughie into letting him go backfired, leading to his death at Hughie's hands.

His arrogance doesn't persist when he's backed into a corner; when The Boys finally devise a way to kill him, his arrogance falls and he becomes very cowardly, willing to give up any information about The Seven or Vought if it saves him, regardless of repercussions. Begging for his life, he willfully gives up information about A-Train's Compound V supply runs, directing them to Popclaw. He even offers his assistance to help The Boys if they spare him. Furthermore, when Hughie threatens his life with the detonator, Translucent repeatedly tries different approaches to convince Hughie to spare his life.

For all his faults, Translucent (according to his son) was at the very least an attentive father.

Powers and Abilities[]

"No, I don't actually vanish. My skin turns into this carbon meta-material that bends the light. Like an invisibility cloak."
—Translucent to Jimmy Fallon[src]


"He can re-order his carbon on his skin into metamaterial. It's hard as diamonds. It's nearly impossible to penetrate."
Frenchie to Billy Butcher[src]
  • Carbon Skin: Translucent can reorder his skin into a carbon metamaterial, granting him extraordinary abilities such as 'diamond-hard skin'. It should be noted that if Translucent is rendered unconscious while in his metamaterial state, he remains in his metamaterial state rather than reverting to normal. Also, his is able to reorder his skin over a single body part, such as one hand, rendering only one hand invisible and invulnerable; he is not required to convert the skin over his entire body. Further, he can apparently remain in this state indefinitely. Note that Translucent cannot opt be invulnerable while remaining visible, nor vulnerable while invisible. When in his carbon metamaterial state, he is both invisible and invulnerable, not one or the other.
    • Invisibility: Translucent becomes invisible while in his carbon metamaterial state, but he has to be naked.
    • Invulnerability: Translucent's skin is indestructible while it is in its metamaterial state. This allowed him to only be stunned by an SUV crashing into him, survive being hit with enough electricity to drop a water buffalo and even being attacked with a chainsaw. Even Frenchie's sniper rifle rounds coated in the same material as his skin ricocheted off him and the wall. Translucent compared Hughie to a water balloon to emphasize his invulnerability.
  • Enhanced Strength: Translucent has displayed above-average human strength, effortlessly overpowering Butcher and Hughie at the same time and easily using a television as a melee weapon. His blows also possess above-average force, a single kick sending Butcher skidding across the floor and his punches doing noticeable damage. It should be noted that since he is invulnerable, none of the impact energy from his punches or kicks is absorbed by him, and all of the kinetic energy is directed into his target. This would effectively double the force of his own blows.
  • Enhanced Vision: Translucent apparently has visual capabilities that ordinary humans do not. This is evident by the fact that he can see, even when turning invisible. Since his carbon metamaterial skin warps the flow of light around him, visible light never reaches his eyes. Nonetheless, he is perfectly capable of seeing, even when invisible. Moreover, there is apparently no difference in how he visually perceives the world while invisible.
  • Oxygen Independence: Frenchie said it was not possible to drown him, since some Dominicans tried it in 2007 and they did not succeed. Possibly, Translucent doesn't need to breathe while in his metamaterial state.


"Buddy, my superpower ain't invisibility. You know that, right? It's reading people. Watching them when they think they're alone. I see people for who they really are. I see you, too, pal."
—Translucent to Hughie Campbell[src]
  • Stealth: Translucent followed Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher without them knowing.
  • Martial Arts: Translucent was a decent fighter, who matched Billy's fighting skills.
  • Lipreading: Translucent can read the movement of people's lips, being able to understand what they are saying even when they are far away from him.


  • Clothing: Translucent cannot cause other objects to turn invisible, even if in contact with them. Consequently, he must be naked when rendering himself invisible. Otherwise, the clothing he wears, still visible, would give away his location.
  • Blunt Force: Although his skin cannot be penetrated by any known means, he can still be staggered by sufficient force. Being struck by a car stunned him for several seconds. Presumably, since his internal organs (including his brain) are no different from an ordinary human's, massive deceleration or impacts could kill him by causing his brain to be impacted against the inside of his skull.
  • Electricity: His carbon skin is highly conductive, making him particularly vulnerable to electricity, but he can allegedly withstand enough amps to incapacitate a water buffalo, though it still causes him pain.
  • Internal Wounds: His only other weakness is that only his skin is indestructible, while the inside of his body remains vulnerable like normal people. This means that weapons designed and made to harm an individual internally can effectively damage or even kill him (for example, explosives inserted into him through an orifice of his body).
  • Enhanced Senses: Those with enhanced physical senses, such as Queen Maeve, can detect his presence.
  • Substances that adhere to his skin: Although he can render himself invisible, substances that are able to adhere to his skin, such as blood, are not also made invisible. Consequently, he can be detected if there is a substance clinging to his skin.


  • Translucent does not seem to be a parody of any particular superhero, but the general trope of heroes with the power of invisibility. The real life comic book hero that he resembles the closest is the Marvel Comics character Invisible Woman, however, Translucent does not have the ability to create Kinetic-Energy based Force-Fields. Nor is he capable of rendering other objects invisible, as the Invisible Woman can.
  • Another character he resembles is Marvel Comics Diamond Lil, who is also invulnerable. However, unlike Translucent, Diamond Lil cannot turn invisible.
    • In terms of The Seven representing close analogues of DC Comics' founding Justice League members, Translucent's closest fit is the Martian Manhunter, who possesses invisibility and superhuman strength and durability. The other six original members of the Seven all closely map to the remaining six Justice League members.
  • As pointed out by Billy Butcher, Translucent's name means semi-transparent, not invisible, making his name rather ironic.
  • In the comics, Translucent is not a member of The Seven, nor is he a notable character. He was created for the series and is a half original character. One of the most radical changes to the comics is the replacement of Jack from Jupiter with Translucent, two completely different characters, the only true similarities being personas and the spot on the Seven.
  • He is shown to be Jewish during his funeral, with a picture showing an invisible child wearing a yarmulke and a tallit. Ironically enough, his replacement Stormfront was a Nazi.


  1. Starlight - Never Truly Vanish (Official Music Video) Although Translucent's death year is given as 2020, Vought has held off on announcing his death for a considerable period of time.
  2. Starlight - Never Truly Vanish (Official Music Video)

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