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Todd is a minor character in The Boys. He is a school teacher and the boyfriend of Monique Milk. He is portrayed by Matthew Gorman.

The Boys Series

Season Three


Todd is the current boyfriend of Monique Milk after her divorce with M.M. He is a fan of Homelander, seen even wearing his costume for Janine's Supe-themed birthday party.

The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies

After Homelander's speech, Todd becomes more obsessed with Homelander and starts to believe in the anti-media, conspiracy theory culture ("self-evident truths.") By the time M.M. returns home from Russia, Todd has bought more Homelander merchandise for Janine and is letting her watch Homelander's speech again on TV, claiming that "it's good for her."

Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

When Robert Singer holds a rally near Todd’s home with Homelander, he decides to take Janine with him but does not clear this with Monique. He then texts M.M. a picture of him and Janine at the rally with Homelander on stage.

When he returns Janine to her home, M.M. confronts him, trying to tell Todd that Homelander is unstable and is lying about Starlight. But Todd denies this, claiming that Homelander is protecting them and that Starlight is really a sex trafficker. He further chides M. M., telling him to get his information outside of media to avoid "fake news." M.M. decides that he won’t argue about his opinions and tells him to not get Janine involved in it, pointing out that Todd is not Janine's father.

"Someone's got to be," Todd sarcastically responds.

Enraged at the insult, M.M. immediately hits him and knocks him out.

The Instant White-Hot Wild

Todd is seen with the Homelander and Stormfront groups together supporting Homelander. He is one of many who witness Homelander kill a Starlight supporter who attacked Homelander, but inadvertently struck Ryan Butcher instead. But instead of being horrified by the murder, he is the first to excitedly cheer for Homelander.


At first glance, Todd appears to be an ordinary and well-meaning man, who just wants to be a decent father figure. However due to being a Homelander fanboy, he is very vulnerable to the radical influence of America's greatest hero. He blindly believes everything that Homelander says and praises him no matter how much evidence of his true nature exists. As stated by M.M, Todd is too brainwashed to realize that he is wrong.

He believes the smear campaign against Starlight, saying she is a villain who traffics kids, something that Todd especially despises due to being a stepfather and a school teacher.


  • Todd's character design is believed by some to have been modeled after far-right political commentator, Matt Walsh, since the two share similar personalities and appearances.