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The Seven Tower (also known as Vought Tower) is a skyscraper in New York City owned by Vought International to house The Seven.


Ground floor

The ground floor is a wide-open lobby area accessible by civilians. Anyone who wants to enter further into the tower must pass through a metal detector.

Floor 67

The floor contains laboratories to test Vought products. Compound V is housed here.

Floor 82

Stan Edgar's office is located on this floor.

Floor 99

The Seven live and work on this floor.

Meeting room

The Seven's meeting room

The Seven meeting room consists of an open circular space containing a large table in the shape of the Vought Seven logo (a conjoined V7). On the interior walls are computer screens to monitor things of note to the Seven, across from a wall of windows on the opposing side. The subordinate six members are seated so they can face Homelander as he enters from the doorway.

Stormfront's apartment

Stormfront and Homelander having sex in Stormfront's apartment

Stormfront's apartment, previously occupied by Translucent and currently unoccupied, is a medium-sized apartment with marble floors and walls. There are two segments, an open living space and a bedroom. The living space is two stories tall and contained a large chandelier until it broke in the midst of a violent sexual encounter between Stormfront and Homelander. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed with dark covers directly opposite to the archway leading into it.

Queen Maeve's apartment

Queen Maeve's apartment is a medium-sized apartment similar to Stormfront's, with a bed with dark covers to the right of the archway entrance, tucked in the corner. She usually lives in an off-site private apartment but uses the tower apartment for sexual encounters.

The Deep's Apartment

The Deep's apartment was previously unoccupied after he was kicked out of The Seven but has moved back in during Season 3. It's a medium sized apartment that has a stone carven mural of Poseidon, along with shelves of geodes and a fish tank behind the bed.

Starlight's apartment

Starlight's apartment, previously occupied by Lamplighter, is a medium-sized apartment with a white and gold themed bed matching her suit's colour theme.

Homelander's apartment

Concept art of Homelander's apartment

Homelander rests in his apartment

Homelander's three-story penthouse apartment is an enormous, opulent space with an American flag spread across one wall with a door, a wide-open space, and staircases. The main open area contains statues, piles of books, and an intimate seating area with a couch, coffee table, and laptop.


  • The tower is most likely a nod to the Avengers Tower from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • In the comics, the Seven resided in a satellite modeled after the Justice League Satellite, The Watchtower.