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Fiat justitia ruat caelum.[1]
―The Seven's motto[src]

The Seven are a group of legendary superheroes owned and managed by Vought International, who reside in the Vought Tower. They are also archenemies to the anti-supe vigilante group The Boys and function as the series’s main antagonists.


We're The Seven, Earth's most mighty, champions of the innocent, motherfucker!


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The Boys Series[]

The Seven is the most popular and powerful American superhero team owned by Vought International. With Homelander being the only Supe on the team who was directly created by Vought, the other members were injected with Compound V shortly after they were born and raised outside of Vought's control, where they spent their entire childhoods to train as superheroes. While The Seven are believed to operate as a conventional superhero team and stop crimes, in reality, every action they do is only fuel to increase Vought's stock prices and glorify their image with the public, with at least much of their crime fighting career resumé made up of either focus-tested, staged publicity stunts or corporate-approved, low risk crime-solving operations.

The Seven's original lineup includes Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, Mister Marathon, Lamplighter, Translucent, and The Deep. Whatever happened to Mister Marathon is currently unknown, but following his departure from the team, he was replaced by A-Train as The Seven's speedster.

Season 1[]

At the very start of Season 1, Lamplighter is forced to retire by Stan Edgar, Vought's enigmatic CEO, and has his position on the team filled by Starlight. Meanwhile, A-Train accidentally kills Robin Ward while high on Compound V, prompting her boyfriend Hughie Campbell to join forces with Billy Butcher when the latter offers to help him get payback for her murder. This leads to a series of events that ultimately results in The Boys killing Translucent by shoving a small explosive up his butt.

Despite having lost a member, The Seven continue to operate normally and cover up Translucent's death by lying to the public that he is on a secret mission overseas. A-Train's position on The Seven is temporarily threatened by the rival speedster Shockwave when the two participate in a highly televised race. Fearing that Vought will kick him off The Seven if he loses to Shockwave, A-Team cheats by boosting his powers with Compound V and wins the race with a landslide victory.

The Seven continue on with six members until The Deep's long history of sexual abuse against women is exposed by Starlight, his most recent victim, during the annual Believe Expo, prompting Vought to place him on sabbatical with no intention of letting him return. In the Season 1 finale, during a fight with Hughie and Starlight, A-Train suffers a heart attack from his overuse of Compound V and falls into a coma, leaving The Seven with five members, four of whom are functional, by the end of the season.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, A-Train recovers from his coma. Vought also finally decides to announce Translucent's death by lying to the public that he was killed by a Latino Supe-terrorist named El Diablo, leaving his position open for a new Supe to fill. This spot is eventually taken by Stormfront, who is privately picked by Stan Edgar without Homelander's permission.

The Seven only gets smaller as the season continues. A-Train's Compound V abuse is revealed to have taken a toll on his health and Starlight is discovered to be a double agent for The Boys. This prompts Vought to kick A-Train off the team and imprison Starlight at the Seven Tower. The company then recruits Shockwave to take A-Train's spot as The Seven's speedster but is forced to drop this notion when Shockwave is murdered by Victoria Neuman during her attack on Washington.

When Starlight breaks out of her cell and tries to escape, Black Noir attempts to kill her but is thwarted by Queen Maeve, who shoves an almond joy into his mouth. Due to his severe tree nut allergy, Black Noir goes into anaphylactic shock and falls into a vegetative state. Meanwhile, Vought considers reappointing The Deep to fill the void in The Seven with "trustable assets" and decides not to bring back A-Train due to Stormfront's racism against him. Enraged, A-Train gives Hughie and Starlight information on Stormfront's Nazi past, which they leak to the public.

With her dark history exposed and her reputation tarnished, Stormfront directly attacks The Boys. During her attempt to kill Becca Butcher, Stormfront is attacked by Becca's son Ryan, who cripples her with his heat vision and leaves her in an unresponsive state. Following this, Vought decides to disavow Stormfront and use her as a scapegoat by lying to the public that she was the one who framed Starlight as a traitor and perpetrated the attack on Washington. Starlight is also reinstated into The Seven and formally pardoned for her treachery against Vought.

Meanwhile, Alastair Adana, the head of the Church of the Collective, meets with A-Train and the Deep to discuss whether they will return to The Seven. Although A-Train is approved to return, the Deep is denied, as Vought believes that reinstating two "has-beens" shows weakness to the public. As a result, by the end of season 2, The Seven is once again left with five members, four of whom are functional.

Season 3[]

In the beginning of Season 3, The Seven, especially Homelander are still recovering from the damage done to their reputation by Stormfront. However, things begin to look up for them as The Boys seemingly become less of an urgent issue to their positions. Mr. Edgar appoints Starlight to be the new co-captain of The Seven and to defy Homelander's agenda, leading the latter to grow more unstable. Meanwhile, to cope with his heart condition and earn his brother's respect, A-Train rebrands himself to more connected with the Black community. Vought would eventually reintroduce The Deep at Homelander's insistence and Starlight's hosting of American Hero prompts Supersonic to be introduced as the newest non-former member of The Seven, allowing them to be at full functional capacity again.

However, this would not last long as Homelander's growing mental instability prompts several members of the group to begin plotting against him, leading to the eventual killing of Supersonic by Homelander as a warning to Starlight to not step out of line, further fracturing the already damaged group. After Stan Edgar's removal and Homelander taking de-facto control over the company his growing paranoia would only lead to more issues as The Deep was given control of Crime Analytics, something he knew essentially naught about, and the later detainment of Maeve after she began working with Butcher and The Boys.

Things would only slip further as The Seven continued to disintegrate from within when Soldier Boy is discovered to be alive and hunting down the former members of Payback, including Black Noir, prompting him to go AWOL by ripping out his tracking chip and disappearing. Herogasm only worsened the already dire situation as The Deep was discovered by Starlight to be having intercourse with an Octopus, prompting her to swiftly threaten to send a picture of the incident to Homelander, leading him to give up valuable information. A-Train suffers heart failure after seeking retaliation for his brother's grave injuries inflicted on him by Blue Hawk.

After a large fight Homelander has with Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie at Herogasm, Homelander is left with a large bruise on his face and an even larger one on his ego as he finally has a challenge to his strength. Later that night, Starlight would go live to nearly 20 million of her followers and expose Homelander for who he really is and then publicly resign her position on The Seven, further damaging the group.

Seeing Vought's damaged state, Victoria Neuman approaches Homelander and secretly forms an alliance with him to help each other. Despite A-Train surviving his heart attack and regaining full use of his powers, things only continue to worsen for The Seven. Starlight continues to defame Homelander and Vought by revealing the truth of Maeve's incarceration, splitting Vought's public support in two.

Maeve eventually escapes her incarceration and regroups with The Boys and Soldier Boy in stopping Homelander. Homelander is momentarily relived by Noir's return to help him fight Soldier Boy, but confronts Noir on his knowledge of Soldier Boy. Upon hearing Noir knew the truth about Soldier Boy being Homelander's father, Homelander kills Noir for hiding the truth from him. With most of his competent teammates either dying or betraying him, Homelander is disappointed with his few allies that remain. Homelander disowns Ashley, The Deep and A-Train, effectively disbanding The Seven.

Despite ceasing all teamwork with the remaining members, Homelander continues as the face of Vought and recruits his son, Ryan to join his side.

Season 4[]

Despite Homelander's decision to disown the remaining members, it appears that The Seven is still working together as a group (even though this is probably for publicity) and they secretly cover-up Black Noir's death by hiring a replacement that shared his capabilities. Although unlike his predecessor, the second Noir is openly expressive and prone to talking too much. Due to Homelander's contempt of The Seven for being sycophantic, he personally hires a misanthropic Supe, Sister Sage as a new member and his advisor since she is not afraid of pointing out Homelander's flaws. Together, the two plot a systematic Supe rebellion to take over the country. With their biggest opposition being the Starlight House, the two employ smear tactics to turn the public against Annie. Homelander murders 3 of his most vocal fans and frames Starlight's supporters for their deaths. They also employ the extreme-right Firecracker to pull more support. Homelander aims to make Vought more Supe focused and to transform The Seven members into "wrathful gods." Homelander and Sage work with Victoria Neuman to map out their Supe revolution, while Firecracker uses Vought's support to run a smear campaign against Annie. This works when Annie publicly attacks Firecracker and loses support for the Starlight movement.

Homelander attempts to manipulate Ryan into becoming a celebrity just like him, but Ryan is more interested in heroics over fame. When force alienates Ryan, Homelander tries a more subtle approach by being supportive of Ryan's goals but his old ways remerge. The Deep starts a secret relationship with Sister Sage and a friendship with Noir II. Sage convinces Deep to be more assertive and violent. Meanwhile, A-Train grows disillusioned with what The Seven is becoming and secretly aids The Boys. He gives them camera footage to disprove the killings and becomes an informant on Sage's plan. However, Sage notices this leak and starts a hunt for the traitor, leaving behind a trail of bodies in the process. With each failed suspect, Homelander only grows more unstable and begins to doubt his role in Sage's plan. The two do continue working together for the moment however. The Seven attends a house party with Tek Knight to raise more support for Neuman to usurp Singer. It's here Homelander realizes how little he knows about Sage's plan. Homelander retaliates by sabotaging Sage and replacing her with Firecracker. Homelander coordinates an attack on The Boys with Deep and Noir II, which exposes A-Train as the traitor. A-Train goes AWOL and Homelander is proven correct that Sage was hiding the truth from him. Sage defends it as part of the plan but Homelander fires her anyways.


  • Ironically, despite the fact that they are called The Seven, the team has not had seven members since Translucent's death.
    • This later changed for the almost the entiry of Season Two with the introduction of Stormfront, and later briefly in Season Three when The Deep and Supersonic joined the team, bringing the number of members back to seven. However, this number once again dropped back down to six when Homelander staged a coup against Edgar and brutally murdered Supersonic for working with Starlight.
    • Since the departure of Starlight and Queen Maeve, and the murder of Black Noir, the team has the lowest number of members since the start of the series, with only three active members.
  • Almost half of The Seven's members have worked with The Boys as allies at some point.
  • Homelander is the only original member of The Seven who wasn't fired, reappointed, killed or resigned from the team.
  • Before Starlight resigned, she was The Seven's co-captain, which made The Seven the first team of Supes in Vought's history that had a woman in a position of authority over the group.
  • Ryan Butcher is the first child as well as first natural born Supe to join The Seven.


  • They are a parody of the Justice League, the premier superhero team of the DC Comics universe.
    • Their name is derived from "the Big Seven", an informal nick-name some DC fans call the Justice League by.
    • They are also similar in concept to the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, as they are an evil counterpart to the Justice League, with one difference being that the Seven manipulates the public into believing they are heroes, while the Syndicate is openly villainous.


  1. Translates to: Let justice be done though the heavens fall

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