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"Fiat justitia ruat caelum (Let justice be done though the heavens fall)."
—The Seven's motto[src]

The Seven are the central antagonists of the The Boys Comic Series and Amazon prime TV series, they are a group of superheroes owned and managed by Vought International, residing in The Seven Tower. They consist of seven superheroes who use their power and influence to gain fame and glory. They are the rival group of the Boys, who will do anything to take them down. The Seven is an analogy to DC’s Justice League.



"We're the Seven, Earth's most mighty, champions of the innocent, motherfucker!"
Translucent to Hughie Campbell[src]


Failed to Join[]

The Boys Series[]

The Seven is the most popular and powerful American Superhero team owned by Vought International. With Homelander being the only one directly created by Vought, all other members of The Seven and replacements were confirmed to have been raised outside of Vought (excluding Black Noir who's background is still unknown). While The Seven operate as a superhero team and stop crimes, in reality, every action is only fuel to increase Vought's stock prices and Public Relations.

Original members of The Seven include: Homelander, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Mister Marathon, The Deep, Translucent and Lamplighter. What happened to Mister Marathon is currently unknown, but afterwards, he was replaced by A-Train as The Seven's speedster.

Season 1[]

The team changes quickly by the start of Season 1 of the show in The Name of the Game, where Lamplighter is said to have retired and his position is to be quickly filled by Starlight. Meanwhile, Translucent hunts down Hughie but is captured and killed by The Boys in Cherry when they plant an explosive inside of him. The Seven continue to operate despite being down a member and coverup his death by lying that he is on a secret mission. A-Train's position on The Seven is then temporarily threatened by Shockwave when the two participate in a race. A-Train cheats, using Compound V as a performance enhancement drug during the race and ensures his position is secure. The Seven still continue with six, until The Deep's sexual abuse against women is exposed by Starlight in Good for the Soul, prompting Vought to place him on sabbatical with no intention of letting him return. In the Season 1 finale, during a fight with Hughie and Starlight, A-Train has a heart attack and is placed into a coma. This leaves The Seven down to five members (four operating members) by the end of the season.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, A-Train recovers from his coma and Vought finally decides to announce Translucent's death. This leaves a position open for new candidate members following the funeral of Translucent. Though initially Blindspot was considered by Ashley for demographic popularity, Homelander personally denied his entry due to his hate against "Cripples". Mr. Edgar himself privately picks Stormfront as a replacement. The Seven only gets smaller as the season continued, as A-Train's Compound V abuse had taken it's toll on the speedster's health and Starlight was discovered to be a traitor working for The Boys. As such, both were removed, with the former being kicked out and the latter being imprisoned. This prompted Vought to consider Shockwave as a viable replacement for A-Train. However, Shockwave had his head exploded at the Congressional hearings before he was fully indoctrinated. Furthermore, Black Noir attacks Starlight during her escape attempt, but is incapacitated by Queen Maeve when she causes him to have an allergic reaction. This leaves Noir in a vegetative state and out for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Vought considers reappointing The Deep to fill the void in The Seven with "trustable assets". While A-Train was considered, Mr. Edgar denies reappointing him for two reasons: The negative publicity with reappointing two "Has-beens" and Stormfront's racism against A-Train. Enraged, A-Train gives The Boys information on Stormfront's Nazi past, which they leak to the public. With her dark history exposed and reputation tarnished, Stormfront directly attacks The Boys. During the battle, in her attempt to kill Becca Butcher she is interrupted when Ryan blasts her with his heat vision. This leaves Stormfront critically wounded with three of her limbs severed, her body severely burned, and in a unresponsive state. After the fight, Homelander publicly announces Starlight's reappointment into The Seven, lying that she was framed by Stormfront and stating Stormfront has been incarcerated and will be "punished". Furthermore, Alastair meets with A-Train and Deep to discuss their returns. He confirms that A-Train was reappointed following the removal of Stormfront, however Deep was denied because "One hero is a redemption, Two is a weakness." The Season ends with The Seven again only with 5 members (4 currently functioning members).

Season 3[]

To be announced.

In the Comics[]

The Seven is the most powerful superhero group in the world, as well as the most famous. The original members were created by Vought by injecting unborn fetuses with Compound V, making them far stronger than most superheroes. As such, they have a direct contract with Vought, who pay them a salary. Despite this, the Seven very rarely do any actual crime fighting, with press tours, photo-ops, and promotions taking up most of their schedule.

The original members include: Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, Jack From Jupiter, The Deep, Mr. Marathon, and Lamplighter. Eventually, A-Train and Starlight were brought in to replace Marathon and Lamplighter respectively, after the former died in a botched rescue mission on 9/11, and the latter was reduced to a mental invalid after dying and being revived. Throughout the series, destroying the Seven and Homelander is Butcher's main goal (then later all Supes, including his own teammates). The team eventually falls apart, which results in the death of all members save for Starlight and the Deep.


  • Their name comes from the DC Comics Justice League because there are seven founding members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter or Cyborg.
    • In fact, some fans dubbed them "The Big Seven"
  • Ironically, although called The Seven, there have not been seven members since Translucent 's death.
  • Almost half it's members have at some point worked with The Boys as allies.

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