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"The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies" is the fifth episode of the third season of The Boys. It was released on June 17, 2022 on Amazon Prime. It is the twenty-first episode overall.


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In Moscow, Mother's Milk watches a video of Soldier Boy undergoing a series of tests from Russian scientists. Frenchie, meanwhile, frets over Kimiko, who is stable for now. Hughie throws up, while getting over the aftereffects of V24. Butcher looks at him and sees a young boy but shrugs it off.

Ashley accepts the board’s nomination as CEO of Vought International. Homelander leads the board meeting and asks for everyone to introduce themselves. Bill Marsh and Pat Willis thanks Homelander for his changes. Maureen asks Homelander a question and turns it on her - asking him if she thinks she knows better than him. She immediately apologizes and tells him how stupid she is. Ashley tells her to leave.

A new Head of Crime Analytics is named: The Deep. The Deep addresses the Crime team and Cassandra brings cupcakes for the team.

The Boys come back from Russia.

A news announcement claims that Supersonic was killed from a drug overdose. Annie tells Hughie what really happened and says it’s her fault. Hughie tells Annie that Moscow was a dead end, and they didn’t find a super weapon. He tells her to drink a White Claw before explaining what really happened in Russia. Hughie admits he enjoyed being on V to a horrified Annie.

In Russia, an escaped Soldier Boy sneaks around an airport.

Queen Maeve brings Butcher more V-24 doses and asks what he’s going to do with them. Butcher offers Maeve a drink and she tells him she’s been sober for 4 months. Butcher answers that he had been sober for a year. She ends up drinking with him. Butcher tells Maeve that every single last one of them has got to go, referring to Supes. She agrees and they have rough sex.

At the hospital, Little Nina brings Kimiko chocolate limes for when she wakes up. Nina asks them how they made so much mayhem in Russia, making her lose several of her trusted contacts. She tells Frenchie he owes her a debt now. They give him a new mission - to kill Pyotr Semenov and his daughter Katarina by the end of the day.

Kimiko wakes up but she’s still very weak and in pain. She looks at her wounds and smiles that she didn’t heal. She tries to pick up something heavy, but she can’t. She thinks Soldier Boy took away her powers.

Annie confronts A-Train about getting Supersonic killed. A-Train tells her he has no idea what she’s talking about. Ashley commends A-Train for being a team player. She tells him she got him a meeting with Blue Hawk to make up for it. A-Train tells Blue Hawk his patrolling is excessive and potentially racist. A-Train suggests Blue Hawk makes an apology publicly and Blue Hawk agrees.

Soldier Boy arrives to New York City. He sees several posters of the Seven and seems confused. He hears a Russian radio and gets mad. He explodes, killing surrounding bystanders, 19 or more in total.

Milk goes over to pick up Janine, who is being watched by Todd. Homelander is on the TV and Milk tells Todd he doesn’t want her watching this garbage. Todd insists that Homelander is a great leader and Homelander is her favorite. Milk insists. A news report goes on announcing the Soldier Boy explosion in midtown. Milk tells her he’s sorry and he has to go. Janine seems let down.

Starlight tells Homelander they need to handle this situation with the super villain who exploded in midtown. Homelander tells Ashley to book the news channels to tell everyone there is nothing to worry about. Starlight suggests maybe they handle the supervillain directly. She asks Hughie if the person who did this is who she thinks it is and Hughie confirms it is Soldier Boy.

The Boys go to the explosion site, including Milk. They decide to handle Soldier Boy together. Milk guesses Soldier Boy went to visit the Legend.

Starlight goes to the Crime department, which is now almost empty because the Deep fired everyone who had tweets that were critical of Homelander. Starlight asks Anika, the remaining person, to check CCTV cameras for Soldier Boy.

A-Train brings Blue Hawk to a local community center to apologize. He apologizes and claims not to be racist because he doesn’t see color - he only sees crime. He donated $10,000 to the community center. They confront him about killing an unarmed black man. The community gets angry and starts screaming at Blue Hawk, who insists that Supe Lives Matter. Blue Hawk loses it and starts throwing people around. A-Train grabs him and tells him to stop. A-Train sees his brother Nathan, lying on the ground with a bloody head.

Milk, Butcher, and Hughie go to visit the Legend to talk. Milk asks Legend if Soldier Boy came to visit him. Legend pretends he didn’t come but Milk convinces him to admit that he did come by to pick up his super suit and for his girlfriend, Crimson Countess’, address.

Homelander confronts Maeve about betraying him because he can smell Butcher all over her. She tells him he’s crazy and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He asks her if their love was real and she tells him that from the start, she hated him - and beyond that, pitied him. She turns around and Black Noir attacks her.

Ashley informs Starlight that Maeve is at the Global Wellness Retreat in Malibu. Starlight confronts Ashley about Homelander being out of control and her needing to help. Ashley whispers that she doesn’t have powers, but then looks scared and tells her to make an appointment next time and to get out.

At the hospital, A-Train hears the doctor say that Nathan will never walk again. On TV, Blue Hawk announces how he stood up to Antifa and a few bad apples.

Kimiko, in her hospital bed, says “I got rhythm”- she is able to speak. She kisses Frenchie and soon dreams about them dancing. He tells her he will be right back to go get a coffee. He is surprised but happy. Little Nina confronts him outside.

Crimson Countess video chats with a man on a Supe Porn website. She is about to undress for him when she gets attacked by Butcher and the camera cuts for Sir-Cums-A-Lot-779. Butcher and Milk tells her that Soldier Boy is on his way to see her and that he is really alive. She asks how he escaped from Russia, admitting that she knew he was alive all this time. She tells them he’s going to kill her and all of them. They tell her she’s the bait and leave her while they go outside to prepare. Starlight walks up, as back up, but Hughie is upset saying that he doesn’t want her to get hurt trying to save him.

Butcher roofied MM with something to knock him out without telling him. Butcher talks to Soldier Boy, who walks up, and tells him the Crimson Countess is inside tied up as a gesture of faith. Butcher asks Soldier Boy if they could come to an arrangement.

Soldier boy talks to Crimson Countess and asks how much the Russians paid her. She tells him they didn’t. He tells her that he loved her, and that he waited for her to come save him from Russia. She tells him that she hated him - that they all did. Enraged, Soldier Boy killed the Crimson Countess and exploded her trailer.

Hughie explains to Annie that they need a weapon - and that Soldier Boy is that person. Annie is upset that Hughie held this secret from her but he tells her this is the only way he can save her from Homelander.




I can’t lose you too.
―Annie to Hughie



  • New York City, New York
  • Chateau Marmont (mentioned)
  • Beverly Hills Hotel (mentioned)





  • Annie’s top three favorite candies are Bit-o-Honey, Charleston Chew, and Almond Joy.
  • While many similarities between Homelander and Soldier Boy have been revealed in Season Three, one more occurs in this episode. Soldier Boy learns that someone he loved and trusted, Crimson Countess, has always hated him, as has the entire team. Just as Homelander learns that someone he has always loved (or at least as close as Homelander can come to loving someone) and trusted, Queen Maeve, has always hated him.
  • Homelander partially quotes a Nirvana lyric to Queen Maeve when he says, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you".




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