For the Amazon version of the character, see The Female.

The Female of the Species is a later member of The Boys. She is selectively mute, however, and acts as the muscle of the group along with the Frenchman. She only speaks once throughout the entire comic book series, saying the words "I dont like bad men"

History[edit | edit source]

She was born in Japan, where her mother worked for a company in Tokyo that was considered the Japanese equivalent of Vought American. Being too cheap to hire a babysitter, her mother kept her under her desk at work. One day, the baby Female crawled into a laboratory and fell into a pot of Compound V waste, giving her superhuman strength and an urge to kill. After killing the scientist that discovered her, she was captured and kept in a cage, while her blood was frequently extracted in order to study the effects of Compound V on humans. After several failed escape attempts, she was rescued by Billy Butcher and the Boys, and subsequently recruited. Her desire to kill had not gone away, however, so when she is not satisfied with her kills with the Boys, she works for the local Mafia.

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