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"Oh, wow. What a surprise. A water crime. Fuck me running. I swear to God, they only call me when there's trouble at a dock. Or a river or a lake, canal. A jetty. Fucking idiots. I could be doing so much more. But no, Vought just wants me to make my big pretty dives into the water and flash my fucking biceps for Instagram. I mean, sure, four million hits a day, but still, it's fucking demeaning."
—The Deep to Starlight[src]

The Deep, also known as the Lord of the Seven Seas, (real name Kevin Moskowitz) is one of the main characters in the Amazon series The Boys. He is a superhero and a member of The Seven. The Deep can breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures. His attractive features have made him Vought’s social media propaganda. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the company wants from him — because he’s The Seven’s token aquatic Superhero. But he knows he could be doing so much more than flashing his biceps on Instagram if only they’d let him... even though he’s secretly proud that his profile gets 4 million hits a day.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Origin Story[edit | edit source]

Ever since he was nine years old, The Deep had been hearing every aquatic animal speak to him. At every aquarium, every beach, and every Red Lobster he heard their voices crying out to him. He thought he was going crazy, however his mother lied to him, calling it a gift and that he was just born that way.

Starlight's Assault[edit | edit source]

"You know something? On my first day, I, uh... well, I-I felt like a fraud. Yeah. But the good news is, everybody feels that way."
—The Deep to Starlight[src]

Although mindful of the fact that Vought has little regard for him, The Deep tells Starlight that he is The Seven's #2, blackmailing Starlight into oral sex with him.

The Deep uses this to mock her afterward, however, on advice from Queen Maeve, Starlight is able to move past it and ignore him. When they are on a mission, The Deep mocks Starlight frequently, still maintaining the charade of being regarded as second only to Homelander in importance to the team.

Sabbatical from The Seven[edit | edit source]

After Starlight reveals that she was sexually assaulted at the Believe Expo, the public begins to suspect that her assailant was The Deep. Vought becomes worried that their stock will dive and they will gain negative publicity for this, leading to them forcing The Deep to publicly apologize to Starlight.

As punishment, Vought sends The Deep to Sandusky on sabbatical from The Seven. The Deep finds this difficult initially, believing himself to be so much more than a small-town hero. He questions when he will return to the public spotlight, however is shocked to find out that Vought does not intend on him returning.

Quest for Redemption[edit | edit source]

In Season 2, The Deep continues to struggle with coping with his Sabbatical. After The Deep gets arrested, he's bailed out of jail by Eagle the Archer who offers to help him build his reputation back. With the assistance of Carol, a member of the Church of the Collective, The Deep is able to finally open up and figure out why he does what he does. Furthermore, Carol promises Deep if he continues to follow the process, he'll be worthy of rejoining The Seven. Eventually the Deep participates in a planned marriage by Carol in order to help him gain the right kind of public attention. At the end of We Gotta Go Now, Queen Maeve approaches the Deep and makes him an offer: He helps her with a favor, and she'll help earn the Deep more positive publicity. The Maeve's conditions in the deal are revealed in The Bloody Doors Off, she wants The Deep to search the wreckage of Flight 37 for footage of her and Homelander leaving the passengers to die. He returns and hands her a damaged GoPro camera with footage of a man recording Maeve and Homelander debating with each other on whether or not to let all of the passengers die. While at the movie set, he attempts to recruit A-Train and offers him lunch with him and the chairman, Alastair Adana. There the two attempt to recruit A-Train as a member. Eventually A-Train joins because Adana has information on his abuse of Compound V. Both the Deep and A-Train are promised back into the Seven, however only A-Train gets back in. The Deep is furious with the church because of this and storms off.

In the comics[edit | edit source]

In the comic series, the Deep is a lesser member of the Seven and is, therefore, neglected by Vought and seen as a lower priority. He does not seem to have any of the murderous tendencies of his counterparts, nor is he particularly sexually deviant, and is usually only concerned with the amount of money he makes. But he does have the ability to fly and has displayed superhuman strength and durability. He is the only surviving member along with Starlight. At the end of the comic he joins a new superhero group called True. His appearance differs from his TV version as, aside from being of in the Comic, he also wears a large diving helmet, which he never takes off due to "an ancient Atlantian curse".

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"You're just the fish guy."
  • Aquatic Telepathy: The Deep is able to psychically communicate and feel all forms of sea creatures, even having full conversations with them. He uses this ability to gather a group of sharks and a whale to use against The Boys in an unsuccessful attempt to stop them. He uses this ability to great effect to locate Translucent's body and a Go-Pro camera from the Flight 37 wreckage by communicating to the sea creatures.
  • Enhanced Strength: The Deep possesses strength greater than that of normal human beings. He managed to effortlessly knock out 2 thugs in 4 hits, being able to make one do a back flip while doing so. He could potentially be weaker than Starlight as he was intimidated by her threats.
  • Enhanced Durability: The ability to withstand more damage than that of normal human beings without experiencing physical harm. He was able leap off a giant boat into the water and survive unscathed. He has also claimed to have swam in the Mariana Trench, which has a water pressure of 8 tons per square inch, or 1000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level, on the ocean floor.
  • Aquatic & Air Respiration: The Deep possesses a hybrid set of human lungs and aquatic gills enabling him to not only breathe on land but also underwater for as long as he likes. His gills have proven to be a physical weakness if anything is shoved inside of them causing him great pain, which allowed a woman to sexually assault him when she stuck her fingers inside.
  • Enhanced Swimming: In the water, the Deep has shown to be quite fast. His swimming speed is quick enough to reach the back of a dock before Starlight reached the entrance.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Vought just wants me to make my big, pretty dives in the water and flash my fuckin' biceps for Instagram"
—The Deep to Starlight[src]

In his first appearance, The Deep was presented as unethical and manipulative. Aware of Starlight's youthful infatuation with him, he falsely claimed that he was second only to Homelander in importance to The Seven, and threatened her with expulsion from the team unless she performed oral sex on him.

During his tenure with The Seven, The Deep seemed mindful of the fact that he was regarded as the least valuable member. He complained to Starlight that Vought only wants him to make "pretty dives" and show off his biceps. He also became belligerent when Starlight, having learned that The Deep lied to her about his importance to the group to coerce her into sexual acts, angrily told him "everyone thinks you're a joke."

The Deep also felt no remorse over having manipulated Starlight in this way, only apologizing when he was forced to.

When he was involuntarily placed on sabbatical and became involved with Church of the Collective, his desperation to be accepted back into The Seven caused him to adopt an obsequious, almost servile attitude toward the Church's Chairman Alastair Adana. More than once, Deep has been known to instantly flip his perspective on a person when he realizes Alastair takes a differing view. For instance, when Alistair reveals that A-Train had stolen the Church's PDR (Private Data Reserve) file on Stormfront, Deep responds in outrage over the theft. But when Alastair commends A-Train's "initiative" and that he is now back in The Seven, Deep at once becomes congratulatory towards A-Train, despite having disavowed him only seconds earlier.

His devotion to the Church is such that he even signed over his bank account to Alastair. He married his current wife against his better judgment at Carol's insistence.

But Deep's sycophantic nature has its limits. When he learned that A-Train, whom Deep recruited to join the Church, has been re-accepted into The Seven while he was not, he storms out of Alastair's office in a rage, apparently quitting the Church.

The Deep is also self-conscious about the presence of gills on his torso. While this adaptation allows him to breathe underwater, he is keenly aware that most find them repulsive and is extremely reluctant to bare his torso because of these. Deep is made to confront his revulsion during his time with the Church with a drug-induced hallucination where his gills seemingly have developed autonomy and are capable of speaking to Deep.

The Deep is very fond of receiving unreciprocated oral sex, even preferring it to coitus. Perhaps his self-consciousness regarding his gills has guided this preference. He blackmails Starlight into performing oral sex on him, and his complaint about his wife is that she "gives terrible blow jobs."

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  • The show version is more of straight up parody on Aquaman, featuring a costume inspired by the WB film version, while his comic book counterpart also resembled Marvel's Namor the Sub-Mariner and Black Manta.

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