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The Boys #9 is the ninth issue of The Boys and the third part of Volume Two: Get Some. It was originally published on August 08, 2007.


Butcher and Hughie let themselves in, while Robert Vernon furiously denies being Tek Knight. The pair ignore his protests, however, and head straight for the library. Bucher picks up a book, which opens a hidden passage to Tek Knight's lair. Butcher explains that Eagle the Archer, a member of Payback, once beat his girlfriend to death while high. In exchange for keeping it a secret, Eagle told Butcher everything he knew about his teammates, including Tek Knight. Butcher then says they wish to ask Tek Knight some questions, although Hughie just requests the location of the bathroom before excusing himself. Meanwhile, Butcher asks about SwingWing, and Tek Knight confirms his former sidekick is gay, and claims that he'd always known. Butcher is surprised, Since Paul didn't share the same opinion about SwingWing. Butcher asks if SwingWing being gay bothers Tek Knight, but the latter denies this, although he admits gay people make him uncomfortable. Tek Knight, however, refuses to give up SwingWing's location. Out of options, Butcher takes his leave. Hughie, meanwhile, was unable to access the bathroom and is forced to defecate on the floor.

At the Flatiron, the Boys have a laugh at Hughie's misfortune. Hughie tries to move on to finding SwingWing. Butcher replies that they still don't know where SwingWing is, since Tek Knight wouldn't give up his location, but observes that Paul was right about Tek Knight hating gay people. M.M. doesn't believe this to be sufficient motive, however. Hughie checks his phone, and notices he received a text message from Paul.

Outside the Red Rooster, Paul's boyfriend Max confesses to being the one to have sent Stephen to talk to SwingWing, although he denies that he wanted Stephen to get hurt. He elaborates that he spotted SwingWing land on the roof of a motel and then leave without costume by chance. Later, he grew jealous of Stephen talking to Paul, so he gave him SwingWing's location, in hopes that Stephen would leave Paul alone. Hughie returns to the Flatiron to inform the team on his findings, but is shocked when Bucher shows him a newspaper exposing Tek Knight and revealing what he did to his family butler. With Tek Knight apparently being gay as well, Bucher concludes that Tek Knight didn't hate the gays at the Red Rooster, but was jealous they were talking to SwingWing, which would give him motive to murder Stephen. Hughie finally tells the team what he found out from Max, but Butcher considers it a moot point. Hughie is concerned about going after Tek Knight, but Butcher assures him that Tek Knight is a pushover without his suit, as he technically isn't a Supe, but bought his way into being a superhero instead. Hughie asks what they will do to Tek Knight once they get him out of the suit, since he doesn't have any powers. Butcher states that they will cut him a deal if he behaves himself, but will be forced to use violence otherwise. Butcher goes on to say that he knows Hughie isn't fond of that side of the job, but warns him that he will have to get used to hurting people sooner or later.

Inside his cave, Tek Knight is furious over being outed by Thomas, when he is surprised by Bucher and Hughie. He prepares to fight them, but is ambushed and quickly dispatched by the Female. Upon being interrogated, He denies having anything to do with Stephen's death, and claims to not even have met him or seen him with SwingWing. Hughie points out Tek Knight told them SwingWing was gay, but the latter replies that he only did that because he hoped they would go after SwingWing instead, but didn't tell them where he was because grew sick of Billy's attitude. Hughie asks why Tek Knight would want to mess things up for SwingWing, since the two are supposed to be friends. Tek Knight confesses that he'd developed a problem recently where he compulsively has sex with people and inanimate objects. SwingWing outed him to the Seven, preventing him from joining the team. The main reason SwingWing did this, Tek Knight claims, has to do with the Talon. He recounts how the Talon was a villain from their early days that switched back and forth between good and evil. Tek Knight and SwingWing spent a great deal of time chasing her over rooftops, but the three eventually realized they were just friends playing a game. Years later, the Talon showed up and suggested they have a reunion inside Tek Knight's cave. The three eventually engaged in a threesome, but it was ruined when SwingWing told the Talon to "suck Tek Knight's big bamboo--".

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