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The Boys #5 is the fifth issue of The Boys and the fifth part of Volume One: The Name of the Game. It was originally published on November 22, 2006.


At Central Park, Hughie runs into Annie January by chance and asks to sit down. The two strike up a conversation. Hughie explains that he is in the US for a job, but doesn't know if he'll take it yet. He admits he doesn't have anything to go back to, but would like to know that isn't the only reason he wanted to take the job. Annie is familiar with the sensation, and confesses that she recently did "things" for something she really wanted, and is unsure whether she should go home or stay to find out if what she did was worth it. The two introduce themselves before parting ways, although they suggest meeting up again at the same place.

The Boys are laughing while listening to the Teenage Kix' reactions to being blackmailed. The Kix are instructed to out one of their members, or the Boys will do so tomorrow. It is then that they are joined by Hughie, who decides to rejoin the team. Butcher takes Hughie out for lunch. At the burger joint, Butcher apologizes to Hughie, and the latter accepts. They discuss life in the US, which Butcher admits he rather enjoys. Hughie still hasn't decided if he will be staying on the team, but Butcher assures him that there will be no further surprises, and Hughie can join whenever he's ready.

The Teenage Kix eventually have Shout Out publicly come out as gay. As the Seven watch the press-conference, Homelander deduces Butcher is behind it, though the rest of the team is in disbelief. Starlight tries to chime in that the Sevens should offer support to Shout Out and the Kix, only to be humiliated by Homelander. Homelander goes on the state that Butcher isn't going to stop, and the character assassination of Shout Out was just his way of reminding them of that. Afterwards, The Kix receive an email that reveals who blackmailed them.

Outside, the Boys wait for Frenchie to come back with the van. Butcher talks with Hughie about how the Kix had to sacrifice Shout Out, as anyone else would have done too much damage to the team. Suddenly, the team is confronted by the Teenage Kix, who wish to exact revenge on the Boys for blackmailing them. Big Game's threats are met by laughs from Butcher, as he and the Boys prepare for a brawl.

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