The Boys #2 is the second issue of The Boys and the second part of Volume One: The Name of the Game. It was originally published on August 30, 2006.

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At her computer desk, Rayner looks through "The Boys" files and reads reports of violence committed by the Frenchman, the Female, and Billy Butcher. She says to herself that it's too late now.

Continuing from the previous issue, Billy meets a distraught Hughie in Scotland at a park. Butcher asks if he's all right. Hughie initially replies no, but confirms that he isn't all right. Butcher asks if he lost someone, but apologizes for bothering him and gets up from the bench to leave. Suddenly, a crying Hughie hears a "yip yip" noise and frustratingly asks what is that sound. It is revealed to be a male Shih Tzu dog, who defecates on ground while its elderly owner congratulates it. Hughie exclaims, "I hate those wee bastards." Butcher agrees and says that its owner won't clean up the feces, so someone else can step in it. Butcher asks Hughie if he wants to something funny and commands his pet bulldog Terror to "fuck it".

Terror begins to hump the Shih Tzu. The dog's owner is upset and tries to get Terror off of her pet. Hughie laughs in amusement and Billy notes that he seems happy now. Butcher quickly gets down to business and explains that he knows who Hughie is and the incident that happened to him, and he wants to speak with him about it. Hughie is confused and Butcher says they should go for a walk before calling Terror back. Hughie asks how does he know him and why he wants to talk with him. Hughie also asks who he is anyway. Butcher introduces himself and Hughie says some people call him "Wee Hughie" The two shake hands and Butcher says its a pleasure to meet him.

Butcher says that he was sorry to hear what happened to Robin and he knows that some people came to see him shortly afterwards and made him sign papers, even though he was grieving and in no state of mind to think clearly. Hughie asks who they were and how Butcher knows all of these things about him. Butcher explains that he used to be apart of a team that was tasked with preventing the sort of accidents that happened to Robin, or if they couldn't, they would make sure the guilty party would be in no condition to do it again. He says that his team kept on eye on the superheroes. Butcher says that his team has a chance to be revived and he is trying recruit its previous members. He says that he was in the United States during the weekend, doing just that.

Elsewhere, at a cafe called Jitter Bean, Frenchie drinks a cup of coffee and speaks to himself in a reflective manner. Three men sitting across from him insult his French heritage by calling names like, "surrender monkey", "cheese eater", and "faggot". Frenchie puts on his goggles and viciously attacks the three men. Suddenly, Butcher appears and says, "Pick the bones out of that, eh, Frenchie?" Frenchie is happy to see Billy and calls him "M'sieu Charcuter" (French for Butcher), before hugging and kissing him on the cheek, but Butcher tells him to stop it or people will get the wrong idea about them. As they leave the cafe and the battered men behind, Frenchie says, "Vive plus l'entente cordiale!", referring to the alliance between the United Kingdom and France.

The Female is seen at the doorstep of someone's house. Four people are heard inside, talking about someone named Frank who will talk Jimmy and straighten out some issue, but they have to lay low until then; Although, Frank hasn't answered his cellphone. As The Female quietly knocks on the door, one man says Frank must've turned it off while he talks to Jimmy, but the other man says his phone is on but he just isn't answering. One man suggests that Frank isn't in good shape to pick up and another man panics. Suddenly, the men hear The Female knocking and look through the window, and one of them opens the door to get rid of her. The man tries to speak to her, but she doesn't reply. The men begin to insult her and she forces her way inside of the house, before brutally murdering the men off-panel. Meanwhile, Butcher watches from a distance and says "Lovely"

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  • At least 4 unnamed gang members

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