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The Boys #11 is the eleventh issue of The Boys and the fifth part of Volume Two: Get Some. It was originally published on October 17, 2007.


After a rather uncomfortable ride in a cargo plane, the Boys arrive to Moscow. On their way out, they walk past chained prisoners which, Hughie is told, are to be dropped off at Anchorage. Meanwhile, a plane is descending towards the city. The pilots here faint moaning and buzzing from the cabin. When the copilot questions this, the pilot cautions against speaking ill of Little Nina, unless he wants rats sewn inside him. After she is finished masturbating, the copilot informs Little Nina that they are descending.

The Boys are picked up by Monkey from the runway. On the way, Butcher teases Monkey about being in town for the Women's Paralympic Exhibition Tournament, much to the latter's chagrin. Monkey also assures Butcher that Rayner wasn't behind leaking the Boys' involvement to the Teenage Kix, which Butcher simply acknowledges. They stop outside of a bar, where the Boys get out while Monkey takes their luggage to the hotel.

Inside, the Boys are warmly greeted by Vasilii "Vas" Vorishikin. Vas kicks all the other patrons out of the bar so he and his comrades could have a drink, save for "Flunky," whom Vas deems useful. When Vas leaves to get the vodka, Hughie asks Butcher about him. Billy explains that a couple of weeks ago, a supervillain's head exploded for no apparent reason as he was delivering his speech in a Moscow market, with a similar event occurring two days later. Hughie asks if they were shot, but Butcher says there was no evidence of this. He, however, remembered that someone once experimented with an enhanced version of Compound V in the early nineties, but the chemical became unstable and caused half the subjects to explode. At this point, Vas returns with their drinks. He explains that he used to be a police officer, but also a superhero known as Love Sausage, leader of the superhero team known as "Glorious Five Year Plan." With that, the Boys and Vas toast to the their arrival, although only Hughie and Vas actually take a drink, with the former unfamiliar with how strong it is.

Little Nina meets with James Stillwell, who tells her about the Boys arriving to town, which presents a complication. Since Vought can't be involved, she will be forced to deal with the problem herself. The Boys, meanwhile, head to the morgue to examine the bodies of the deceased Supes. Frenchie finds no traces of ballistic projectiles, but discovers tattoos on the corpses that identify them as members of R.O.C. (Russian Organized Crime). Hughie asks Vas if he is okay, but the latter replies that he is just sad for his country, as it has become infested with crime and corruption. While he could do something about this as Love Sausage with his team, he laments the degradation of Russian society now that communism is no more. Billy and M.M. conclude it must have been the unstable V that killed the Supes, but will need to test tissue samples. With that, Vas calls Flunky to order them a large pizza, while expressing interest to Hughie about joining the small, but growing communist party.

While they wait, Hughie observes how Butcher has no problems with using Vas, despite the fact that he used to be a Supe. Butcher simply brushes this off as no one being perfect. Hughie then asks about R.O.C., and Butcher and M.M. confirm the organization is savage and sadistic. When the pizza arrives, Vas is puzzled that Flunky wasn't the one that delivered it. They soon discover that Flunky's face has been cut off and put on their pizza.

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