The Boys S1 BTS 2

"I got the Boys back together."

Billy Butcher to Grace Mallory[source]

The Boys is a vigilante, CIA black ops team tasked with policing, monitoring and potentially stop the superhero group, The Seven. The group was founded by Grace Mallory and is led by the violent vigilante, Billy Butcher.


Throughout The Boys SeriesEdit

It was created by the comic book creators Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson. Because it created by 8 episodes of the Boys series in every way. It has alot of violence and gore and swearing, just in case. There was a vigilante boy series in the show only to be the parody of Superman, Wonder-Woman & Green Lantern. But it was the fact that there the most vigilante shows like it already had to conclude with. It will be in the next season cause Season 2[1] might be out next summer.


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