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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Terror/Comics.
"Terror...fuck it. That's my boy."
Billy Butcher to Terror[src]

Terror is Billy Butcher's loyal English bulldog.


Terror originally lived with Billy and Becca when they were a happy couple. At some point either before or during his period, Billy trained him to hump anything on command. Following Becca's sudden disappearance and supposed death, Billy left Terror with his aunt, Judy Atkinson, so that he could go on his mission to get revenge.

Roughly eight years later, Billy comes to visit Terror at Judy's house. He takes him for a walk, talking to his dog about his regrets about Becca. After Black Noir shows up at Judy's house to kill Billy, Terror stays by Billy's side. When Black Noir enters the house, Terror growls and barks to signal his presence.

Before his departure, Billy bids Terror farewell and promises to bring Becca back to him. Billy then gives Terror a Homelander toy and commands the bulldog to "fuck it", which Terror starts to aggressively hump.


  • Despite being a prevalent and reoccurring character in the comics, Terror appears very little in the show.
    • According to show co-creator Eric Kripke, Terror's absences essentially boiled down to the difficulty of working with dogs in addition to everything else going on with the show.