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Termite was a supe that had the power to shrink in size. He appeared in the episode Payback. He is portrayed by Brett Geddes.

The Boys series[]

Season One[]

Termite is seen running through a few cups as Hughie and Butcher walk through the bar filled with Supes.

Season Three[]

Termite has the ability to make himself miniature. At a party, to entertain the crowd, he shrinks to have sex with a plastic doll, while the crowd watched. Later at the same party, he went into the back room with another man to snort cocaine. He shrank and jumped inside the man’s penis to sensitize it and pleasure the man. However, when inside, he sneezed and unintentionally blew up the man.

Frenchie ran into the room and Termite attacked him because Frenchie witnessed what happened. He shrinks and jumps into Frenchie’s pants. The Female manages to grab him before he bites her hand and attacks her. Finally, Butcher catches him, in miniature form, in a bag of cocaine and shakes it. Butcher then pours Termite out as the supe begins to overdose. Reluctantly, Butcher lets him live and tells Frenchie to call the Bureau.

After that, Termite is sent to a Global Wellness Center for rehabilitation.

Mother's Milk and Starlight come across him at Herogasm, where he is seen coming out of a woman's vagina covered in vaginal fluid. He is later caught in an explosion caused by Soldier Boy. This leaves him shrunken and severely burned. He was calling out for help, when Homelander arrives and steps on him, killing him instantly.


Like most "heroes", Termite is very irresponsible with the usage of his super powers. He is also a hedonist and bisexual.


  • Size Reduction: Termite was able to manipulate his bodily size. He can make himself smaller and return to his original size at will and within a very short period of time. He can shrink himself to the size of a doll and even make himself so small that he can enter a man's penis. Similar to Hughie Campbell, Termite was restricted to the organic matter which made up his own body and was therefore unable to manipulate the size of his clothing, which would often leave him naked.
  • Superhuman Strength: Termite was shown to exhibit superhuman strength as he was able easily fling around Frenchie and Kimiko with relative ease. His physical strength does not appear to change, regardless of the size of his body.



  • Cocaine Addiction: He is addicted to coke, using the substance can cause him to sneeze and damage his control over his powers. When shrunk, he is more likely to have an overdose.


  • Sneezing: While sneezing, Termite can lose control over his powers making himself return to his original size.
  • Proportional Potency: When shrunk, hazardous substances have an increased potency and lethality. Such as Butcher's small bag of cocaine reacted like a "John Belushi amount", causing him to have an overdose.


  • It's unknown if the "Tiny Hero" and Termite are the same character as the character was portrayed by a different actor (Mike Donis).
  • He is a parody of Ant-Man, a superhero in Marvel Universe.
    • Both characters can decrease their body from a regular size to a very small size that is almost invisible to every character.
    • He can change his body size just like Ant-Man, albeit without a suit because his power is derived from Compound V.
  • The threat of him crawling up Frenchie's butt is likely a reference to an online meme about Ant-Man defeating Thanos in a similar way.