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For the Amazon version of the character, see Tek Knight.
"Gentlemen, if it has a hole... I can fuck it!"
—Tek Knight in his dream

Tek Knight (real name Robert Vernon) was a member of Payback who struggled with his sexual psychosis.

The Boys

Tek Knight is a founding member of the super-group, Payback. Prior to his association with Payback, he previously led a group known as the Maverikz (who in turn were savagely beaten by The Boys in issue #31). The current Tek Knight is actually the third person to hold the identity. Two prior incarnations of Tek Knight, originally called Steel Knight, were introduced in Issues 52 to 54, as well as prior versions of sidekick Laddio. Mallory says they revamped his "franchise" later. Issue #9 gives his name as Robert Vernon. He is also one of the few Supes that have no powers, relying on technology instead. In recent years, Tek Knight has developed a psychological problem, which causes him to have spontaneous sexual relations with both living creatures and inanimate objects. Tek Knight is one of the primary suspects in the murder of Steve Rubinstein, but is revealed to be innocent. He eventually saves the planet by having sex with a giant asteroid hurdling towards Earth, causing it to explode. Fortunately, Tek Knight also dies in the explosion. In truth, he was actually killed by a falling wheelbarrow and he hallucinated saving Earth from a meteor. An autopsy revealed Tek Knight had a large tumor on his brain, explaining his bizarrely perverted behavior.


Tek Knight was one of the few heroes to never engage the Boys' attention, as he never did anything depraved or morally wrong like many other "Heroes". Butcher describes him as boring, and seemed to be a genuinely nice person, though highly homophobic. Soldier Boy states in Herogasm that he was one of the only members in Payback to be nice to him.

Powers and Abilities

  • EMP Emission: His suit can emit an electromagnetic pulse shockwave strong enough to disrupt near by electronics.
  • Flight: His armor's most important features was its propulsion system and subsequent ability of flight.
  • Gadgets: He had multiple gadgets that allowed him to participate in fights.
  • High-technology Suit: Robert used high tech armor to become Tek Knight. Although the suit's abilities aren't fully described, the armor allowed him to fly and contained several different types of weapons for battle. He frequently improved the armor, giving it upgrades for battles and to perfect the systems.


  • Limited Durability: Although his armor granted him superhuman physical attributes, he was just a normal human and without his armor, he could easily be overpowered by other super powered individuals. The Female was able to injure him and break his armor.




  • Tek Knights relationship with The Talon is based of Batman's and Catwoman's relationship.
  • Tek Knight always has a sidekick with the title Laddio, similarly to how Batman always has a sidekick named Robin. Just like how Robin eventually grows up and leaves Batman, so does Laddio, and then just like Batman, Tek Knight selects a new Laddio to continue the cycle.
  • Tek Knights relationships with SwingWing is based on Batman's relationship with Nightwing.
  • Tek Knight's Car is based on the Batmobile.
  • He is based on Iron Man from Marvel Comics and Batman & Blue Beetle in DC Comics.