The Teenage Kix are a group of superheroes. The group consist of teenagers with super abilities.

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In the Comics[edit | edit source]

The Teenage Kix are one of four lesser superhero groups besides the Seven to have a contract with Vought, the others being Payback, the G-Men, and the Young Americans. They are generally considered to be an edgier offshoot of the Young Americans, appealing to the rebellious teen demographic. As such, their members tend to be very immature and immoral, even by Supe standards. Hughie's first assignment with the Boys involved conducting surveillance on the Teenage Kix and their various misdeeds. The Boys use this information to blackmail the team into outing one of their own members. The Kix ultimately decide to have Shout Out publicly come out as gay. After this, the Kix find out the Boys were responsible and confront them in the street, which leads to a large brawl where the Teenage Kix are battered and one of their members, Blarney Cock, is accidentally killed by Hughie.

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