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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Swatto/Comics.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!"
—Swatto's final words before being blown up by a rocket launcher.[src]

Swatto is a minor character in Season Three of the Amazon series The Boys. A prominent member of the superhero team Payback, Swatto had the ability to grow insect-like wings from his back and fly in the air.

The Boys Series


Swatto alongside Payback in 1984.

Swatto was a member of Payback, a premier superhero team during their time in the 1980s. He fought alongside Crimson Countess, Gunpowder, the TNT Twins, Mindstorm, Black Noir, and his leader, Soldier Boy.

On July 12, 1982, in Queens, New York, Soldier Boy and Swatto reportedly assaulted a homeless man in a park. The homeless man wanted to press charges against the two, but then vanished, presumably killed by the assailants or paid off by them.

In late 1984, Vought American dispatched Payback to Nicaragua to aid the U.S. government in Operation Charly as a "trial run" to implement supes in the military. Swatto instantly entered an altercation with Grace Mallory after he started flying above the tree line, risking the enemy spotting him and giving away their location. Swatto would later repeat this mistake, resulting in a full assault by the Sandinistas and Russian special forces. In a frantic attempt to escape the chaos, Swatto flew up into the air, only to be blown up midflight by a rocket launcher.

Season Three

While searching for answers regarding Soldier Boy's disappearance, Billy Butcher, Mother's Milk, and Hughie Campbell confront Grace Mallory about the Nicaragua incident.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wing Manifestation: Swatto had two pairs of retractable insect-like wings which enabled him to fly in a manner similar to a dragonfly. He was able to hover and could reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.
  • Mass Manipulation: Swatto evidently had some unknown ability to alter his personal mass, since his wings were far too small to support a human of normal weight at his size.


  • Normal Human Physiology: Swatto, unlike supes in general, apparently has no secondary enhancements such as enhanced physical strength, durability or recuperative abilities.
  • Carelessness: Swatto ignored Grace Mallory's warnings against flying above the tree line, thereby giving away their camp's location to the Sandanistas. During the resulting attack, Swatto attempted to retreat by flying away, thereby increasing his visibility and making himself an easy target for the surface-to-air missile that killed him.


"What's the problem?"
"The... problem is that the enemy might spot a fucking flying man above the tree line and find our position."
"She's right, Swatto. No flights without Officer Mallory's clearance."
Stan Edgar and Grace Mallory to Swatto carelessly using his powers.[src]

Swatto was probably most notable for his lack of caution and foresight. Despite being warned by Grace Mallory that flying above the tree line was certain to reveal their location to the enemy, he refused to heed her warnings, and his recklessness resulted in an attack from the Sandinistas and Russian Special Forces.

Not feeling any particular need to aid his teammates, despite his own culpability, Swatto panicked and attempted to escape, only to be blown up in mid-flight by a missile. His willingness to abandon his companions to their fate and interested only in self-preservation reveals a rather disloyal and cowardly temperament.

Also, attempting to escape by flying was unwise, as he increased his visibility to the enemy and opened himself to the surface-to-air missile fire that killed him.




  • Swatto is a parody of Marvel's Wasp.
  • Unlike his Dynamite counterpart, Swatto is capable of properly speaking English, whereas Swatto in the comics he is only able to communicate via buzzing.
  • Swatto is the only member of Payback who was killed at Nicaragua in 1984.
  • Swatto, unlike the other members of Payback, was most likely not involved in the capture of Soldier Boy. His carelessness could have been unrelated to the operation entirely.