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I'll send an Edible Arrangement to your funeral.
―Raynor to Billy Butcher

Susan Raynor is a recurring character in the Amazon series The Boys. She was the deputy director of the CIA, the government agency that the Boys work for. She acted like she despised Billy Butcher, the leader of the Boys, but was sexually involved with him.

The Boys Series[]

Relationship with Billy[]

Raynor's relationship with Billy Butcher is fluid and changes often. Butcher initially uses Raynor in Cherry, asking to look through the CIA's files on Seven member Translucent. Butcher makes no effort to hide the fact that he wishes to kill Translucent, hinting at trust between the two.

When things heat up with Homelander, Butcher asks again for Raynor's help. He asks Raynor to keep his and fellow Boys families safe, give The Boys an office and perhaps a salary. Butcher also asks that the CIA go after Homelander, however Raynor refuses, admitting that it would be suicide and not something the CIA will risk. Raynor does keep her promise to Butcher, keeping Mother's Milk and Hughie's families safe, while also working with the CIA to bring down Madelyn Stillwell after Butcher delivers a vial of Compound V.

The End yet The Beginning[]

During an encounter with Hughie, Frenchie, Mother's Milk and Kimiko, Raynor assures The Boys their families are still safe and she believes this new supe terrorist is the final piece of a puzzle she has been working on. That the whole thing is a coup from the inside. However, before she can say anything more, her nose starts bleeding; she then dies by Victoria Neuman, killing her by exploding her head, leading the Boys and Mallory into believing Vought had gotten to her and executed her when she said something she wasn't supposed to.

The Boys Comics[]

In the comics, Susan Raynor hates Billy Butcher, but still engages in sexual activity with him on a regular basis and is actively cheating on her husband. She has an extensive history with Butcher, who she met in 2001 on a mission in Afghanistan.


  • Her line about sending an edible arrangement to Butcher's funeral is ironically foreshadowing her death in Season 2 when Butcher sent a fruit basket to her funeral.



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