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The Supes are a race of powerful superhumans that have been medically diagnosed as "super-abled" by mainstream science.


In truth, however, most Supes are the results of children whom, with the permission of their parents, were heavily medicated with medium to high doses of Compound V; an alchemical super serum known to produce permanent superpowers in human subjects.

These children are the legal property of Vought International and are often marketed by the company to perform public services, such as rescue missions, in order to win popularity, love and admiration from the general public as a means for the company to later capitalize upon. Until recently, it was widely believed that all Supes were born with their abilities and were "chosen by God". It was also believed that the United States of America was "the chosen land of God" since between the years 1950 and 2020 only American children were born as super-abled. To perpetuate these lies, the parents of the children were often compensated with financial hush money as well as being forced to sign a series of non-disclosure agreements. However, since the discovery of Super-Terrorists from other regions of the world, the belief that America was divinely favored has been irrevocably debunked. Soon thereafter, with the public revelation of Compound V and the truth about the illegal injections of super drugs being exposed to the world, the belief that all superheroes were the result of divine selection has also been debunked.


A Supe child after being injected with Compound V

For unknown reasons, the modern Compound V formula showcases its best results in children, with adult subjects being a much higher risk for disaster. However, Vought CEO, Stan Edgar, claims that the founder of Vought International and creator of Compound V, Fredrick Vought, originally tested his formula on adult subjects, with Stormfront being the first successful patient. Given her extended lifespan and ultra-powerful super abilities, it is possible that Stormfront was created by a superior brand of Compound V that is no longer available. This previous version is presumably the same formula that Stormfront has been trying to replicate as a means to create an army of super soldiers to combat the "white genocide" that she believes is being implemented by ethnic minorities. Though not explicitly stated, it was heavily implied that Stormfront planned to distribute the new Compound V formula to white supremacists, especially neo-Nazis, around the world to fight back against the other races that she believed were outnumbering and overpowering the Caucasian race. This new formula could not only be injected into adults, but would also produce even mightier Supes who, much like herself, were practically immortal.

Until recently, all Supes developed their superpowers after they were prescribed medium to high doses of the super serum known as Compound V. These individuals were randomly chosen by Vought International doctors to be injected with the serum shortly after they were born and with the consent of their parents. Ryan Butcher is the only exception of this as he is the first known superhuman in history who is known to have been born with his abilities.

Furthermore, shortly after its creation in the late 1940s, Compound V has been contained within the borders of the United States and has only been administered to American children. However, with Homelander's master plan of creating worldwide supervillains as a means for American politicians to allow superheroes in the United States military, Compound V has now been released all over the world and is currently being prescribed to adults as well as children.

It was also revealed that while some children develop their superpowers immediately after their injections, other children might not manifest their abilities until later in life. According to Starlight, her powers were present from the time she was an infant, however, according to The Deep, his powers and biological transformation did not occur until he was around nine years old. Furthermore, whilst the specific abilities that the subject will develop are often random and completely unpredictable, almost all Supes seem to exhibit varying degrees of superhuman strength, speed, healing and durability.

Note: According to showrunner, Eric Kripke, the amount of Compound V that is prescribed to the patient will determine the strength of their superpowers. Whilst some Supes, such as Queen Maeve, Homelander and Black Noir, were given high doses of Compound V and are immensely powerful as a result, other Supes, such as Popclaw, Mesmer and Eagle the Archer, were given low doses of Compound V and are significantly weaker than their fellow colleagues. Eric Kripke claims that because Compound V is so expensive to produce, this is the reason why different subjects are prescribed different doses.

Sage Grove Center[]

Due to the flaws in the current Compound V formula, Vought established The Sage Grove Center, a psychiatric hospital, in New Jersey. There, Vought has been injecting the patients with different formulas of Compound V with the hope of perfecting the recipe so that adults as well as children can be made into Supes. Lamplighter, who worked as a nurse in the facility, informed The Boys that thus far Vought has not succeeded, but is coming closer to success with every new recipe. According to Lamplighter, some adults have been made into well-functioning Supes no different from those who were injected as infants. However, in most cases, the patient either transforms into a freakish mutant with unstable superpowers or in some cases they simply die, sometimes due to physical combustion. Lamplighter has been tasked to incinerate any and all evidence of those experiments that have failed.

Known Supes[]