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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Drummer Boy/Comics.

"I'm gonna help you because it's the right thing to do. That's all."
—Supersonic to Starlight.

Supersonic (formerly known as Drummer Boy, real name Alex) was briefly a member of The Seven and a former member of the all-Supe boy band Super-Sweet. He was also Starlight's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend.[1]

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman[]

During the August airing of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman, it was reported that Supersonic was making waves in the hero charts after a long stint in rehab. There were also rumors about Supersonic's supposed relationship with Starlight during his time as Drummer Boy.

The Boys Series[]

Season 3[]

Supersonic was a contestant on the Vought reality show American Hero to become a part of The Seven. He and Starlight re-sparked their friendship rather quickly due to the fact that they had known each other since their teenage years. It was also later revealed that they had dated once before and lost their virginities to each other, a fact that made Hughie uncomfortable.

As the reality show neared its end, Starlight informed Supersonic that he was going to be chosen but pleaded with him to turn the offer down, as Homelander was growing more unstable and could potentially kill him. Although Supersonic took her warning seriously and initially planned to leave, he ultimately decided against it and decided to stay in order to help Starlight instead.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a fatal mistake, as Homelander eventually learned from A-Train that he was working for Starlight and brutally murdered him for it. Homelander later took Starlight to show her Supersonic's heavily mutilated corpse, who was absolutely horrified at the sight, and warned her that if she ever stepped out of line again, he would do the same thing to Hughie. Vought later covered up Supersonic's murder as a drug overdose and Starlight would eventually tell Hughie the truth of how he perished, which only convinced him that Homelander had to go by whatever means necessary.


Supersonic was a very friendly, humble, and easygoing guy. He was able to easily re-kindle his friendship with Starlight and quickly warmed up to Hughie, as he went out of his way to be polite and friendly with him. He was also somewhat embarrassed by his past as Drummer Boy, which led him to change his name, and was loyal to his friends to the end, as displayed by how he refused to bail on Starlight in her fight against Homelander. He was also implied to be unlike most Supes, in that he was a real hero and used his powers to save innocent lives instead of exploiting them to commit crimes and gain fame.

On the other hand, Supersonic had the tendency to bend under pressure. When he was asked to perform one of his songs for Homelander's birthday event, he acquiesced to the request even though he didn't want to do it, as he was scared that not doing so would hurt his chances of making it into The Seven. He also didn't take it very well when Starlight told him the truth of Homelander's psychotic nature and how life as part of The Seven truly would be for him if he joined, as it made him feel like all the effort he had put in into coming this far was all for nothing. He was also somewhat naive, as he told A-Train about Starlight's plot to take down Homelander without knowing much about the speedster's personality, a huge mistake that cost him his life and earned him a horrible death.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman Strength: Supersonic possessed strength above that of an average human. In a character introduction for American Hero, he was shown easily curling 900 pounds/408 kilograms, excluding the bar.
  • Sonic Clap: By clapping his hands together, Supersonic could generate powerful sound waves. He appears to have a great control over the intensity of each sound wave produced by his claps. His powers were demonstrated in the "Rock My Kiss" music video, produced in 2008 by the Vought Music Group. The generated sound waves are discharged in an omnidirectional manner and since they are accompanied by a blue light it can be assumed that they are also a form of energy wave or pulse. Supersonic's claps have been shown to be powerful enough to break glass and cause disturbances in nearby bodies of water.


  • Singer: As the lead singer of his former boy band, Super-Sweet, Supersonic was a talented singer. In 2013, Supersonic performed "You Got Your License To Drive (Me Crazy)" which became a hit single.
  • Dancing: As a former member of a boy band, Supersonic also has very good dancing skills.



  • Requires Clapping (Tentative): Supersonic appears to be only capable of creating powerful sound waves by clapping his hands. If he can not clap he might not be able to use his sound powers.
  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: Supes such as Homelander can overpower and kill him.



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