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For the Amazon version of the character, see Stormfront.

First the slant and now the wog. Meinen glucklichen tag.
―Stormfront while choking Mother's Milk

Stormfront was a Nazi Supe who unofficially led Payback, a team second in popularity to The Seven, through intimidation. He was one of the most powerful Supes, comparable to even Homelander.


Stormfront was the first Supe ever created, turned into one by Nazi Germany as a child, and though Jonah Vogelbaum insisted to Vought that he be destroyed, he was taken to America, where he grew up to become a popular hero.

His official public origin was that he had been a reincarnated Viking, with his many alleged offspring being known as the Children of Stormfront. For a long time he was hidden away by Vought, and used as a weapon to further the company’s assets, before eventually being sent to lead Payback. At some point he entered into a sexual relationship with Queen Maeve, but violently dumped her after she cheated on him.

He was used by Vought's petroleum division to destroy the Grand Savanna dam, killing off the local tribe to allow them to drill on their lands. He was attracted to this as a means of ethnic cleansing. It is implied that he also committed a similar atrocity in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As Vought’s premier Supes beside The Seven, Stormfront and Payback were later sent to eradicate the Boys, but were picked off and killed one by one as Stormfront fought back, putting the Female in a coma and incapacitating Mother's Milk for a time by choking him. Though he managed to hunt down and defeat Butcher in combat, Stormfront was eventually killed when the rest of the Boys, accompanied by Love Sausage, arrived to aid him. Outnumbered by his foes, Stormfront was then overpowered and brutally beaten to death.

After his demise, it was revealed that Vought reused DNA from older Supes to create new and stronger versions of the source material. In Stormfront's case, his DNA had been used to create Homelander, essentially making him a partial clone of Stormfront. His DNA was also used to enhance the powers of Black Noir.


Stormfront was a tall, very muscular man with blue eyes and short, combed hair. He wore a red bodysuit with purple gloves, boots, cape, and belt. It had the Nazi eagle over the chest, yellow belt-buckle and the cape.


Stormfront views non-Aryan races to be inferior and often uses racial slurs against those who are of a different race. Additionally, he appears to have a fear of being blinded, as when his eye is damaged during a fight, he fears going blind. During one fight, he responded that he can't be blinded, and flew away. Eventually, Female of the Species ripped out his eye during a fight, causing him to scream in pain.


  • Superhuman Strength: Stormfront has superhuman strength, he can break through walls and ceilings easily. He can also overpower multiple members of The Boys in terms of physical power.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Female of the Species broke her nails trying to damage him. During his fight with The Boys, Stormfront managed to take several hits from the superhumans before he died. When Billy Butcher threw shards of glass at him, it only damaged his eye.
  • Superhuman Stamina: He can perform superhuman feats for extended periods of time, without getting tired or becoming weak.
  • Superhuman Speed: As a Supe, he can move far faster than regular humans.
  • Electrokinesis: Stormfront has the ability to manipulate electricity and use it in combat. It appears that he can channel electricity from any part of his body, allowing him to release electricity beams from his mouth. His electricity has been shown to be powerful enough to burn a human body until there was nothing but bones, and destroyed a van.
    • Weather Manipulation (Tentative): Stormfront is able to summon great thunderstorms to create lightning.
  • Flight: Like Homelander, Stormfront has the ability to levitate. Whether this is related to his electrokinetic abilities in some way is unknown. He can fly at supersonic speed, causing a sonic boom outside of a building when the Boys were trying to escape.
  • Immortality: Stormfront was born in the forties, however he still looks relatively young and healthy for his age.



  • Ommetaphobia: Stormfront appears to suffer from ommetaphobia. When his eye is damaged during a fight, he shows an intense fear of going blind: he got so scared that he abandoned the rest of his team and flew away.


  • Blunt Force/Limited Durability: Despite his superhuman durability, blunt trauma has been shown to hurt him. The combined strength of The Boys and Love Sausage managed to beat him to death.



  • Stormfront is partially based on Thor from Marvel Comics and Captain Marvel/Shazam from DC Comics. He also possesses similarities to one of Captain Marvel/Shazam's nemesis's, Captain Nazi.
  • Stormfront is one of many characters to be gender-swapped for the Amazon series.
  • In The Boys: Herogasm, Jack from Jupiter mentions that he was originally a supervillain.