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"People love what I have to say! They believe in it! They just don't like the word "Nazi". That's all."
—Stormfront to Starlight and the Boys.[src]

Stormfront (formerly known as Liberty, real name Klara Risinger) is the secondary antagonist of the Amazon series The Boys, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Homelander) of season 2, and will return in a supporting role in season 3.

She is a superhero who replaces Translucent as a member of The Seven.

Stormfront joined the Seven after Translucent's death became public and soon became a brief rival to Homelander before the two became lovers. She is adept at using social media and has a large following online.

Though she denies it in public, Stormfront is a closet Nazi who used her position as a member of the Seven to promote her white supremacist agenda. Her public persona as an edgy, trendy and virtuous hero is a facade for her recklessness, racism and sadistic tendencies, which rival that of even Homelander.

The Boys Series[]


"Why are you doing this to me, lady? Ain't you supposed to be a hero?"
"I am a hero. For killing a black piece of shit like you."
—Myron and Liberty.[src]

The past of Klara Risinger is shrouded in mystery. Although she appears to be in her late 20's to early 30's, she physically ages at a much slower rate to a normal human. She was born in Berlin, Germany in 1919. According to her, she had an overbearing, snobbish mother named Adele. By 1933 Klara Risinger was seen to be in social gatherings of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) members, including Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels. During her time in Germany, she was married to Frederick Vought, who gave her the first successful injection of Compound V along with a daughter, Chloe. This made her the first supe in the world.

Klara as Liberty, endorsing Budweiser.

After moving to America with her husband as part of Operation Paperclip near the end of World War Two[3], when the US Government Took in leading Nazi Scientists [4], Klara adopted the name "Adele Vought" (possibly to hide her real identity due to anti-German sentiment at the time) and operated under the moniker of "Liberty" as early as the 1970s. During this time, she committed at least one racially motivated murder. In 1972, Liberty stopped a black man named Myron Hunter (the brother of Valerie Hunter) on the road during a rainstorm. She wrongfully accused Myron of being involved in a robbery in a fit of racial profiling and proceeded to punch his jaw off.[5]

At some point around this time, Klara was a member of the Church of the Collective, but left after they became racially inclusive. As Liberty, she took part in commercial endorsements for Budweiser beer and Autumn Breeze feminine hygiene products. By 1979, Liberty disappeared from the view of the media and her fans. It is unknown where she was and what she did all these years. It can be assumed that Vought gave her at least one other superhero moniker between 1979 and 2020.

Sometime before 2020, she took on the Supe persona of Stormfront. As Stormfront, she played to the public, presenting herself as a populist, edgy Supe from Portland whose ability to produce glowing purple arcs of electricity and propel herself through the skies draw comparisons to Nordic mythology. Stormfront’s open and brash social media presence drew a loyal base of “Stormchaser” (or "Storm Chaser") fans clamoring for her hot takes, memes, and Insta-posts.

Season Two[]

Joining the Seven[]

"Oh, my god, hi! My nana's your biggest fan. I'm Stormfront."
—Stormfront introducing herself to Homelander[src]

Seeing Stormfront had the ability to drum up business for Vought by radicalizing the public, Stan Edgar brought her in to join the Seven to replace Translucent after Translucent was reported to have been killed by super-villain El Diablo. She crashed an ad for the military that was being filmed featuring Homelander and Queen Maeve, introducing herself to the two as the newest member of the Seven. Her subversive attitude toward Vought was immediately made apparent when she exposed the base as a facade for filming, and she asserted dominance by rudely complimenting Homelander on his (Aryan) features.

Following her introduction, Stormfront did a publicity tour with Queen Maeve and Starlight, the other two female members of the Seven, to promote the new, feminist image Vought was putting forth in their Dawn of the Seven film. Stormfront was ruthless in destroying Vought's corporate ideas of feminism and quickly turned the PR Campaign into a media circus centered around her criticizing Vought and her teammates for their sanitized insincerity and hypocrisy.

After the PR tour, Starlight confided in Stormfront her true feelings of Vought and the Seven, believing she has found an ally in the new teammate. Stormfront responded by shooting her down and coldly belittling her for previously falling victim to rape by The Deep, offering her the advice to protect herself by being aggressive like Stormfront would.

Hunting the Supe-Terrorist[]

"Open your eyes. Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out. Fucking yellow bastard."
—Stormfront to Kenji, choking him before she breaks his neck.[src]

Stormfront later took part in a mission by Vought to take out Kenji Miyashiro, a supe-terrorist who had been smuggled into the United States. Along the way, they discovered that he had already been captured by The Boys, who were attempting to hand him over to the custody of the CIA. After Kenji escaped and was chased after by Kimiko, Stormfront pursued both of them. As Kimiko caught up to Kenji, Stormfront pursued them through a housing complex occupied by African-American residents. Seeing civilian people of color outside the judgmental eyes of the public, Stormfront opportunistically executed them on the spot, going out of her way to massacre innocents as she pursued her targets to the roof.

She took down Kimiko, but Kenji intervened before she could kill her. However, Stormfront then prevented Kenji from using his powers by sadistically breaking his wrists, pausing to mock and torment him, and ultimately killed him by snapping his neck. Soon after, Homelander arrived, irked that she had disobeyed his orders to let him deal with the supe-terrorist, but Stormfront simply teased him by telling him to be faster next time. Later, Stormfront delivered a speech at a press conference addressing the super-terrorist incident, where she blamed Kenji for the massacre.[6]

Supe Nightmare Couple[]

"I owe you."
"Well, what are you ever going to do to repay me?"
—Stormfront soliciting Homelander.[src]

Stormfront's presence and popularity initially irritated, angered and annoyed Homelander, who considered her to be his rival. For her part, Stormfront was visibly attracted to and idolized Homelander, albeit in her own racist way. When meeting him for the first time, Stormfront admired and complemented Homelander's eyes, commenting that they looked much bluer in person. When Homelander angrily confronted her about her public profile over-taking his, Stormfront calmed him by singing his praises; she expressed her belief he was "the best of us" and "everything we should be", and offered her hand at helping Homelander improve his public image. Homelander stubbornly refused her help at first. However, after a video was leaked depicting Homelander ineptly killing a civilian during a fight with a Super-Villain in Africa, and he unwisely attempted to control the media message by putting in an unplanned appearance at an Anti-Supe Rally, Homelander recognized that he had no other way to get the situation under control but to get help from Stormfront.

"Do it. You know you want to."
"I'll cut you in half."
"Come on. Right here... Don't be a pussy, laser my fucking tits!"
—Stormfront and Homelander.[src]

Stormfront and Homelander having sexual relationships.

Stormfront showed Homelander several internet memes she drafted up for him and informed him that she assigned her "meme queen" Slogan to handle his social media accounts and gave him advice on how to improve his public image and likability. As a result, Homelander went up five points and his status as a hero was restored. A grateful Homelander returned later to see Stormfront in her trailer and thanked her for helping him. He asked Stormfront how he should return the favor, and she let him know her feelings and attraction to him. The two returned to The Seven Tower to engage in violent, super-powered sadomasochistic sex.[7]

Stormfront and Homelander began a semi-romantic but mostly sexual relationship. Homelander was delighted by her willingness to kill and her ruthlessness, jointly murdering a criminal in an alley before engaging in sexual intercourse. Homelander seemingly wanted to make things serious and tried to convince Stormfront to blow off a "meeting" at Vought tower to tell her with a bouquet of flowers he bought for her. Stormfront told him to wait for her and promised to be back to see him in 20 minutes.

An Army of Supermen[]

Stormfront then leaves for her real destination, the Sage Grove Wellness Center, a psychiatric hospital that Stormfront was operating as a front for Vought's experiments with Compound-V. The facility uses actual psychiatric patients as test subjects, injecting them with varying doses of V, turning them into supes. The experiments were carried out with the aim of creating a more stable variant of the serum which can render any adult human into an instant superhero, with stable powers and abilities. It is but one aspect of Stormfront and Vought's secret plan to create an Aryan master race.

She worked in conjunction with the Lamplighter, who burns any of the imprisoned supes that are no longer of use or become belligerent. In a scuffle with Frenchie, he blew open a door that led to the entire place being thrown into chaos and many of the supes escaping their cells and brutally murdering their captors. Stormfront returned, stating she had killed 6 subjects outside and demanded answers from Lamplighter, who was secretly being held captive by The Boys. Lamplighter, who feeling remorse for his crimes, lied to Stormfront how the inmates were released; he hid The Boys' involvement in the fiasco by blaming a dead man named "Doctor Colton" for administering too much serum into the patient known as Cindy. Stormfront went off to, presumably, subdue any hostile patients that remained in the facility.

A Promise is a Promise[]

"You will be the man who will lead us. You are everything that we dreamed of. So I love you with all my heart. How could I not? Everyone I have ever loved is in the ground... And then I found you. We found each other. And now neither of us has to be alone ever again. And that...Is the truth."
—Stormfront confessing the truth to Homelander.[src]

She then returned to Homelander later than she said she would and found him at the movie set, where he burned down his trailer out of rage after he lost patience waiting for her. Infuriated by her vague excuses, Homelander squeezed Stormfront's neck but ultimately stopped himself from causing any further harm. The two met back at the Seven Tower, where Stormfront apologized to Homelander. Still mad about her lying to him, Homelander dismissed her apology. So she promised to tell him the truth, starting with her real identity. She opened a nearby chest and showed him a photo of her with an elderly woman, which she reveals is of her daughter, who she stated died of Alzheimer's many years ago. She confided in Homelander that she was Frederick Vought's wife in the 1930s and showed him more photos, this time of her and her husband at Nazi Party events with leading Nazi figures, including Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels. She told him that Frederick gave her the first ever successful injection of Compound V and made her who she is. She revealed to Homelander that Vought's plan was to create an army of Aryan ubermensch and said that Homelander would be the one to lead them in a race war to "fight back" against the other races, who she believes are wearing humanity down. After hearing her confession, Homelander embraced and kisses her, presumably forgiving her, content with his role in the plot.[8]

Making America Safe Again[]

"What do SJWs like Victoria Neuman want us to do?
Just let 'em in and give 'em a cup of iced tea? And then punish us for trying to stop them?"
"That's right!"
"Has there ever been anyone in history more persecuted just for trying to protect our own? We are at war! We need more Compound V!"
"We need more Supes!"
—Stormfront and Homelander at a public rally[src]

Stormfront's militaristic, fear mongering, xenophobic rants and rhetoric radicalized a man named Tommy Peterson, a morbidly obese hardcore Stormchaser who lived with his mother and spent his days on message boards making Stormfront memes. One morning, he saw the headlights of a car reflected in the eyes of convenience store clerk Kuldeep Singh, and mistaking him for a supervillian, returned the next day and shot him dead.[9]

Addressing this incident, Homelander and Stormfront held a rally together. Stormfront officially condemned it, in sharp contrast to her real view. She stated that Vought would donate to the Christian Samaritan's Embrace in honor of Kuldeep Singh and his family in an apathetic display to save public relations. Homelander then continued to fuel the crowd's paranoia and hatred by addressing the recent supervillain immigration. Stormfront criticized Victoria Neuman and the opposition by saying they can't just accept foreign supes into their country and that the superheroes are there to protect the citizens. She continued by saying that the country is at war and would need more Compound V to manufacture more superheroes. The crowd chanted in support, but Homelander stopped the chanting to announce that Starlight was a traitor to The Seven and had been captured and contained where she couldn't harm anyone, further earning Starlight negative publicly by saying that she conspired alongside the same people who killed Translucent.

All In The Family[]

"You okay?"
"Yeah...It's just..."
"Your daughter?"
"Yeah...Eighty years ago, she looked just like that."
—Stormfront, reminisces about her daughter Chloe, to Homelander

After the rally, Homelander met with Stormfront privately to discuss how they're going to deal with Starlight. Homelander thought that it was a mistake to keep Starlight alive because he underestimated her once and didn't want to repeat the failure. Stormfront insisted he trust her, saying that keeping Starlight alive would cause the public to rally against a common enemy. Stormfront noticed a white mother with her infant daughter at the rally and became nostalgic about her own daughter 80 years in the past. Homelander decided to let her in on the secret about his son, Ryan Butcher.

Stormfront and Homelander flew to Becca's house, where Homelander introduced Stormfront to Becca and Ryan. Stormfront greeted Becca politely. Homelander then introduced Ryan to Stormfront, and she immediately asked about Ryan's superpowers, calling him the first natural-born superhero. However, Becca demanded she not mention Ryan's powers. Homelander warned Stormfront that while Ryan does have powers, Becca doesn't want anyone to talk about them. Becca then remarked Homelander could inform her in advance before he dropped by. Stormfront defended Homelander, stating Ryan is his son too, and he has the right to see his son. Homelander intervened in the fight before it got worse and said he wanted Ryan to get to know Stormfront, that they would both be around more often, and he wanted them all to be a family.

"Wow, He looks just like you."
"You think?"
"Are you serious? Those eyes?...Hey Ryan, your daddy told me all about you. You have superpowers, huh?"
"That makes you very very, very special. You are the first natural-born superhero."
—Stormfront meeting Becca and Ryan[src]

Ryan showed Stormfront and Homelander a LEGO animation Ryan made of a scene from The Blind Side, much to their confusion. Stormfront and Homelander then questioned if he enjoyed things most American children do, such as video games, YouTube, or even one of Homelander's movies. Interested, Ryan asked about Homelander's movies and asked Becca if he could see them, but Becca dismissed it and said they could talk about it when he's older. Homelander and Stormfront both ignored Becca's judgment and continued to excite Ryan by telling him about things outside of the facility, sleepovers, baseball games, and Voughtland. Further excited, Ryan asked Becca if he could partake in these activities, but Becca again dismissed it saying they could talk about it later, and again, Homelander and Stormfront continued to stoke his enthusiasm. Becca had enough and demanded to speak with Homelander outside. Homelander eventually agreed and left Stormfront with Ryan, who wanted to show her his animation on Dances with Wolves.

As a Nazi, Stormfront was likely annoyed by his appreciation of these movies, which promote interracial families among white people and people of color. She then asks if he is into anything "kid are into" like the video game NBA 2K and YouTube star PewDiePie.

To make Ryan no longer accept Becca as a figure of authority in his life, Stormfront and Homelander flew him up high enough to see that his neighborhood was within an enclosed Vought facility and explained out of context that Becca lied about his whole life. Upon setting him down in his backyard, he confronted his mother about the deception and refused to listen to her attempts to explain. Homelander suggested that Ryan needed some time away from her, assuring Becca that Ryan would be cared for by Stormfront. Despite Becca's protests, Ryan jumped into Homelander's arms, and he and Stormfront flew off with Ryan[10].

"Don't worry. He'll still have a mother."
—Stormfront to Becca[src]

A "Final Solution"[]

"Hey, smile! This is good news. Yes, there have been sacrifices, but we are this close to no more premieres or paparazzi, or screaming fans, or any of that dancing monkey shit. We have to make sure that the 'right' people get the doses, but it is a whole new world."
"What about the wrong people? Couple billion of them. They're not just going to sit there."
"Don't worry, silly. Fredrick had a solution for everything."
—Stormfront telling Homelander to relax and to keep his eyes on the prize[src]

Stormfront met Homelander in the damaged Seven conference room following Lamplighter and Hughie's incursion. Homelander asked her about Black Noir's condition (following his allergic reaction). She said that he was alive but in a unresponsive state. Homelander questioned why she was so calm after everything, and she explained that despite the sacrifices, they were close to accomplishing her goal of creating a master race. She told Homelander not to worry because her husband had a "solution" to prevent "the wrong people" (Jews and people of color) from receiving Compound V injections.

Later, Stormfront and Homelander visited Ryan in the cabin and attempted to teach him how to use his heat vision on an action figure of The Deep. Ryan tried hard but couldn't activate his power. Homelander suggested he imagine someone that he hates to trigger his aggression. When Ryan said that he didn't hate anyone, Stormfront attempted to indoctrinate him into the white genocide conspiracy theory, much to Homelander's visible chagrin. She told him that there are "bad people" who want to wipe out the white race and that he should imagine these people next time. Before the "lesson" could continue, Stormfront received an alarming message on her phone and, realizing that her identity as a Nazi war-criminal had been exposed, fled to Vought Tower.

The Boys Lay Down a Beating[]

"And, what are you laughing at?"
"She said the truth is: She's gonna stick her boot up your Nazi kitty!"
Frenchie, translating Kimiko's threat to Stormfront[src]

After A-Train delivered Stormfront's Church of the Collective file to The Boys, who in return leaked it to the media, Stormfront's Nazi past was revealed. Her public standing began to plummet and the world turned against her. She returned to Vought Tower and received spiteful glares from almost everyone, especially Queen Maeve, who was previously reluctant to help the Boys take her down. A furious, ruined Stormfront left Vought Tower to search for Starlight, secretly tailed by Maeve.

After Ryan was rescued by The Boys, Mother's Milk attempted to drive off with Becca and Ryan. Their escape attempt was quickly aborted, however, when Stormfront arrived earlier than expected and landed in front of their car, then sent it flying with her lightning power. After extracting them from the wrecked car, Butcher fled on foot with Becca and Ryan while Stormfront then confronted Starlight, correctly deducing that Starlight was responsible for Stormfront's Nazi affiliations being leaked to the media. Kimiko then signed a crude threat to Stormfront, which Frenchie translated. Stormfront engaged the Boys, casually tossing aside the three non-Supes present and detonating Frenchie's EMP RPGs they hoped to use against her.

Stormfront was easily able to overwhelm Starlight and Kimiko, despite their best efforts.. Stormfront's victory was cut short, however, when Queen Maeve entered the battle and knocked Stormfront to the ground. Starlight, Kimiko and Queen Maeve quickly surrounded and laid into Stormfront, who was sent sprawling on the ground as the three women savagely kicked and beat her. Stormfront, unable to defend herself against the combined assault, quickly fled by flying away where none of her opponents could pursue.

"Eat my shit, you Nazi bitch!"
—Starlight, while kicking Stormfront[src]

Flying Too Close to the Son[]

"Open your eyes. I like to see the light go out."
—Stormfront, choking Rebecca Butcher

Stormfront, visibly injured from her recent battering, lands in front of Becca, Butcher, and Ryan, blocking their escape. After casually hurling Billy Butcher to the side, she then attempts to call Ryan to her, telling him that he belongs with other Supes, not with his mother. Becca defiantly stabs Stormfront in the eye, leaving the knife embedded in the socket. Enraged, Stormfront pulls the knife out, then grabs Becca by the neck, pinning her to a tree. As she begins to asphyxiate Becca, Billy unavailingly attempts to bludgeon her with a wrecking bar. Ryan begs Stormfront to stop hurting his mother, but his impassioned pleas fall on deaf ears. His desperation suddenly giving in to rage, Ryan uses his heat vision for the first time, reducing three of Stormfront's limbs to charred stumps and severely burning her face. Unfortunately, Ryan has apparently mortally wounded his mother in the process, and Becca is now profusely bleeding from the neck.

Stormfront is now lying on the ground. Obviously going into shock over her injuries, she mutters in German, addressing her dead husband Fredrick, recalling a family outing the two of them shared with their young daughter Chloe.

Billy attempts to aid his wife, but his efforts are futile. Becca succumbs to her injury, but not before extracting a promise from Billy to care for Ryan. Despite his promise, Billy then seizes his wrecking bar, apparently intending to kill Ryan.

However, it is then that Homelander arrives, and is visibly distressed over Stormfront's charred, crippled condition. He begins to break down into tears, before demanding Ryan come to him, wanting revenge. Ryan goes to Butcher instead, who tells Homelander he won't go with him. As Homelander ridicules Billy for protecting the boy who killed Becca, Billy simply states he'll protect him just like he promised her.

Homelander then laughs manically. Then his mood changes into resolve and begins to advance on Butcher and Ryan. However, Maeve arrives and, using the footage of Homelander abandoning the passengers of the doomed transatlantic flight, blackmails him into allowing Billy and Ryan to leave as well as abandoning his vendettas against her, Elena and Starlight. Later at a press conference, Stormfront is made a scapegoat for the Congressional attack. Homelander then publicly claims he was mistaken in his accusations against Starlight, apologizes to her, and commends her and Queen Maeve for bringing down Stormfront. He further adds that Stormfront has been incarcerated and is being held in "an undisclosed location", while her actions violated what superheroes stood for. As he continue speaking, his eyes twitch as his fragile sanity stretches even thinner due to what happened to her.[11]

Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman[]

During the October airing of Seven on 7, it was reported that a group of Stormfront loyalists calling themselves the Stormchasers had stepped forward to fight for Stormfront's vision for the future. The heavily-armed group was said to be "peaceful" but was demanding that Stormfront's whereabouts be made public. Vought executives however refused to reveal anything else about her at the time.


"That place used to be pure. And then they started letting all kinds of people in. You know?"
"I don't know. So why don't you tell me?"
"Oh, I think you do know. Some people are quality, and others, are...Garbage."
—Stormfront, making a thinly veiled racist remark towards A-Train.[src]

The persona Stormfront puts on for the public, is one of a edgy but virtuous and genuine all American e-girl who stands up for the rights of the downtrodden, and refuses to "sellout" to "the man". In reality, Stormfront is a malicious, bigoted and bad-tempered woman who is rude, sarcastic and passive aggressive to almost everyone she interacts with, including people she supposedly likes, such as Homelander. Stormfront is prone to making constant criticisms and insults to Vought Employees and her fellow team members, usually with a snarky and condescending tone. Stormfront appears to use her position as a superhero to commit racially motivated murders with impunity. These killings seem random and opportunistic but are predominately targeted against people of color. She even states to Homelander that he is exactly what her husband envisioned when he created Compound V as leader of the Supes and the world. This further implies that she is delusional enough to believe that she is legitimately fulfilling some form of dark prophecy.

Stormfront is aware of the contemporary public's negative opinion on racist views and does well to disguise her own racist beliefs when in situations where she could face political backlash for making her beliefs known. On at least one occasion, when Stormfront made racial comments to fellow Seven member A-Train, she feigned ignorance when challenged about it, insisting that she meant something else. She has displayed both sexually sadistic and masochistic tenancies, appearing to revel in orgasmic bliss in her killing of Kenji and gaining pleasure from being burned by Homelander's heat vision during their sexual encounter.

In her modern persona, Stormfront names her childhood role model as Pippi Longstocking, a character from a 1940s children's book, who she says is "the greatest superhero of all time" because she doesn't care about society's expectations of politeness and etiquette and is someone who doesn't equate being nice with being good.[12] Though the timeline doesn't match up for the character to be an actual figure in her childhood, her knowledge of the subject matter indicates she may be a fan as an adult. While Stormfront could be described as a feminist, as she is a strong, independent woman who detests gender tokenism and pandering, her beliefs and actions are not in-line with traditional feminist values. She is highly individualistic and does not stand in solidarity with other women when she does not personally benefit from doing so. When giving private advice to Starlight, she suggests that Starlight revealed a personal weakness by not standing up to the Deep during his sexual assault of her, shows no sympathy for the emotional hardship she endured from the experience, and encourages her to be aggressive to protect herself in the future.

However, despite her incredibly negative personality and violent and cruel disposition, Stormfront has shown a level of empathy and positive side to her personality as well. This is seen during her explaining her past to Homelander and telling him about her husband and daughter, where it was notably shown that she did truly love for both her daughter and her former husband and still actively grieved for their deaths. Later, Stormfront showed surprisingly strong maternal emotions, as is seen where she briefly teared up upon seeing a baby and her mother and was instantly reminded of her own daughter when she was that small and showed to miss her greatly. Her love for the two of them was later seen when she was severely injured by Ryan's heat vision and was left in a state of delirious mumbling, having been shown to have truly been happy when all three of them together and wished their moments together could have lasted forever.

As seen during her revealing her past to Homelander, Stormfront possess immense acting skills and has implied that she has adapted numerous times to the social norms and speech patterns and a number of personas through out her 100 year life in order to better conceal her actual age and identity. This is seen where she had briefly revealed her strong German accent during her reveal of her identity as the first success in Compound V as Fredrick's wife and later managed to completely remove her accent during her time under her "Liberty" persona in the 1960s and taken up an American Accent and later taken up her current trendy, edgy speech pattern and persona popular today to better blend into and become popular in modern 21st century society.



Powers and Abilities[]

Stomfront blasting electrical plasma

  • Plasma Manipulation: Stormfront has the ability to create powerful plasma blasts. By utilizing charged particles, Stormfront can produce and manipulate electricity, which she often uses in combat. These can be in the form of electrical discharges that are capable of sending full grown adults flying backwards with enough force to knock them through concrete walls. She has also shown to use them as a sustained blast of energy that incapacitates even supes while inflicting pain. At their more powerful levels, such as during her fight with Kenji and Kimiko, these blasts have been shown capable of exploding and destroying a large portion of an apartment building. However, they can appear to be non lethal too as average humans have shown to survive them without any lasting damage on numerous occasions with it killing non-supes only when used fling them on to hard surfaces or ignite explosions.
    • Electrokinetic Flight:

      Stomfront slowly levitating off the ground

      Like Homelander, Stormfront has the ability to levitate and propel herself through the air at great speeds. When taking off and landing she generates lightning discharges towards the ground. This indicates that Stormfront's ability to fly might be connected to her plasma manipulation power.
    • Electrical Telekinesis: By charging up people or objects Stormfront can freely move them in a chosen direction. Using this power she could easily throw a car by several meters.
  • Superhuman Strength: Stormfront has shown herself to have tremendous physical strength. Stormfront is able to rip through concrete walls with ease, overpower the Female without much effort and easily break Kenji's hands and neck; despite both of them having above-average human durability and strength. Further testament to her strength is when she engaged in "playful roughhousing" with Homelander at Vought Tower. This included shoving him back into walls with enough force to break it, launching him across two rooms, punching him with enough force to stagger him and slamming him through multiple pieces of furniture. She later broke a man's hand by casually slapping it. She was able overpower Kimiko and Starlight simultaneously, even managing to snap the neck of the former, before an intervention from Queen Maeve turned the fight against her. According to the writers as shown on her Amazon bio, Stormfront is capable of "flinging anything lighter than a 747 out of her path".
  • Superhuman Durability: Stormfront possesses incredible levels of durability, as she was able to survive getting repeatedly slammed into concrete walls during her fight with Kimiko and later on with Homelander during their encounter. To Homelander's astonishment, she withstood a sustained heat vision attack that, while did inflict some pain, left only surface level damage. Later, Stormfront proved she could also withstand Starlight's concussive blasts, which could knock her down, but not truly injure her. She was not completely indestructible though, as she was overwhelmed by the combined might of Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko, and was completely burned and nearly killed by Ryan’s heat vision. This also resulted in her right arm and both legs being seemingly disintegrated. Her eyes also seem to lack durability as Becca, a normal human, was able to pierce one of them with a conventional knife.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Stormfront possess a limited, but rapid regenerative healing factor. The wound made by Homelander's sustained laser vision began to heal almost instantly. However, it’s unknown if she’s capable of healing the severe wounds left by Ryan, which would require regrowing severed limbs. It is also unknown whether her regenerative abilities have contributed to her longevity in any sense.
"If Liberty and Stormfront are the same person, then that makes Stormfront like, what, like 70 years old?"
"Yeah, but who knows what Compound V can do? I mean, maybe she doesn't age like a regular person."
Hughie Campbell and Annie January[src]
  • Longevity: Despite being 101 years old, Stormfront retains the same appearance she had when she was first injected with Compound V. It is not yet been elaborated on whether her longevity is an all-separate superhuman power or whether it is an extension of her regenerative abilities.

Stormfront's loyal Stormchasers


  • Social-Media Manipulation: In addition to her superhuman powers, Stormfront possesses a complete understanding of the social norms of her current time and easily adapts to it to hide her true political beliefs and general insanity. She is well versed in using social media and can use her acting skills to masquerade as the ultimate virtuous e-girl who can be adored by many on Social Media. She stated that she used this as a means to radicalize her most devoted fans into becoming her keyboard warriors, who spend the majority of their lives creating internet memes and radically spreading it across the internet like propaganda without expecting any reward in return.
  • Bilingual: After being born in and living in Germany and later migrating to America where she lived for decades, Stormfront has become fluent in both English and German.


  • Extreme Brute Force: Supes with extreme levels of strength, such as Homelander and Maeve can kill her. Although both Starlight and Kimiko are weaker than her, them combined with Maeve proved to be too much and she was completely overwhelmed.
  • Eye Wounds: It seems while her skin is bulletproof and extremely durable, her eyes are much more vulnerable (as are human eyes in general). However, it may be that Stormfront is simply vulnerable to piercing weapons, while still resistant to bullets and bludgeoning weapons, similar to Kevlar armor, which is also bulletproof but not stab proof.
  • Delay in Building Up Charge: It takes time, although not much longer than a second, for Stormfront to build up sufficient energy to generate a plasma discharge. This can be a hindrance, as seen when she attempted to generate sufficient energy to fire a plasma discharge at Kimiko, but was prevented when struck by multiple force blasts from Starlight.
  • Extreme Bigotry: Due to her being a Nazi, Stormfront is an extreme racist and this often leads her to make extremely poor decisions simply to satisfy her bigoted mindset. This includes isolating herself from potential allies such as making racist remarks to A-Train to simply engaging in unneeded destruction such as when she destroyed an entire apartment complex simply because the inhabitants were minorities. This is what eventually led to her true nature being discovered, thanks to A-Train providing Starlight with Stormfront's file, thereby ruining her public image and robbing her of a great deal of her power.


"If someone sticks a dick in your mouth, bite it off. Pippi Longstocking would bite a D, that’s for damn sure."
—Stormfront in Proper Preparation and Planning
"Jeez, if she vibrates any faster, that stick up her butt is gonna explode."
—Stormfront, talking about Ashley, in Proper Preparation and Planning
"I think that you are the best of us. I think that you are everything that we should be."
—Stormfront, praising Homelander during Nothing Like It in the World
"You spent $273 million on that "Saving America" bullshit, and I am running circles around you with five guys on laptops churning out memes. I practically pay them with Arby's gift cards. You... You can't win the whole country anymore. No one can. So why are you even trying? You don't need 50 million people to love you. You need five million people fucking pissed. Emotion sells, anger sells. You have fans, I have soldiers."
—Stormfront mentoring Homelander, in Nothing Like It in the World


Stormfront's earrings resemble SS decals. (Edit; The Hitler Youth used a single "S" (sig) rune, which would be closer to her earrings, a Hitler Youth dagger can also be seen in her possessions; S2E6).

Stormfront's belt buckle resembles the Nazi reichsadler.

  • She has the second highest kill count in the series after Homelander, murdering at least 67 people over the course of Season 2. If one does not attribute the indirect deaths on Flight 37 to Homelander, which would likely have occurred even without his intervention, then she has the highest kill count of the series.
  • As a Nazi and active white supremacist, there are a number of ways her villainous ties are illustrated. Some of these include:
    • "Stormfront" is the name of an antisemitic, Holocaust-denialist, and neo-Nazi Internet forum, and the Web's first major racial hate site. Her previous moniker, “Liberty” may be a reference to the early hate site Aryan Nations
    • Her personal name “Klara” may be a reference to Adolf Hitler’s mother, Klara Hitler. Fittingly, Klara means, "bright, clear, famous", characteristics she praises so much, and now has lost.
    • Her lightning bolt earrings and eagle belt buckle resemble SS insignia. Specifically, her earrings resemble SS-Verfügungstruppe (Nazi infantry formation) decals, and her belt buckle resembles the reichsadler (eagle used as a symbol of the German government) design used by the Nazi Party. Though the swastika is absent from her buckle, the fact that the eagle faces left instead of right is distinctly Nazi.
    • Her racist beliefs are apparent in her values and actions. This is seen during by her using several racist slurs and remarks against Kenji, Myron Hunter, Stan Edgar and A-Train to whom she made a veiled racist remark. Her racism is further reinforced by her obvious favoring of Homelander, Starlight and Ryan Butcher. Her attraction to Homelander, her admiration of his blue eyes and blonde hair, as well as her comments about him being everything a person should be, are inline with Nazi Germany's Aryan Master Race Theory.
    • Before joining the Seven, Stormfront was active in Portland, Oregon, an allusion to Portland as a frequent neo-Nazi convergence point.[13]
  • Coincidentally, "Storm Front" is also the name of a Billy Joel album that features the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" which is played in the episode Nothing Like It in the World.
  • The comics version of Stormfront is a male Nazi and the first successful subject of Compound V. Differences include the following:
    • He pursues an affair with Queen Maeve instead of Homelander. Though, this relationship has little bearing on the plot.
    • Unlike the show version, the comics version is not at all subtle about its racist tendencies, often using racial slurs when fighting The Boys, and cursing in German when stressed.
    • He was the leader of Payback, Vought's secondary Superhero team and The Avengers to The Seven's Justice League.
    • He had his eye ripped out by The Female, instead of Becca stabbing Stormfront in the eye as she does on the show.
    • The TV show scene where Starlight, Queen Maeve and The Female brutally beat Stormfront into submission in an airfield is reminiscent of her comic book counterparts demise in the comic. However, in the comic, it is the V infused Frenchie, Butcher, M.M and Love Sausage who laid out this beating, a reference to the efforts of the Allied Forces (France, Great Britain, America and Soviet Russia) defeating the Axis Powers in World War II.
  • Stormfront's role was given to Aya Cash because gender-swapping him helped Homelander's character arc, ensuring his anger would be worsened by a woman rather than a man.
  • Aya Cash is of Jewish descent.[14] She was attracted to the role because of the challenge in portraying someone so dramatically different to her, who would literally want to kill her if they met. Though she celebrated Jewish holidays in her childhood, she does not practice the Jewish religion and did not necessarily consider herself personally Jewish at the time of taking the role of Stormfront. Once forced to analyze her relationship with her Jewishness following a viewer backlash, she now loosely considers herself Jewish, saying noncommittally, "I guess I'm Jewish now."[15]
  • Aya Cash considers Stormfront to be more evil than Homelander because while Homelander's destructiveness is about ego, Stormfront has a deliberate racist agenda.[16]
  • Stormfront was stated to have been a member of the Church of the Collective, "a long time ago". However, she left when the church became racially inclusive. Outside of Vought, information of Stormfront's history and true identity could also be found within the Church of the Collective's files due to their usual modus operandi of gathering extensive information on all its members during her time as a member during the groups first formation.
  • She shares something in common with Ryan Butcher, they are both the first type of Supes.
    • She is the first Supe to be successfully created using Compound V.
    • Ryan is the first natural born Supe.
  • Her delirious words, spoken in German to Homelander after being wounded by Ryan, are of addressing her dead husband, Frederick Vought, about a memory the two shared with their daughter Chloe:
"It was so beautiful. How the three of us sat there, in the shade of an apple tree. Do you remember the day Frederick? Chloe reaching her arms out of the car window. We found the perfect spot by the river, in the shade of an apple tree. It was the first time Chloe ate fresh apples...(Incoherent)...I was so happy. It was wonderful. I wanted it to never end."
—Stormfront, regressed into a state of delirium[src]




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