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"Since when did "hopeful" and "naive" become the same thing? I mean, why would you get into this business if not to save the world? That's all I have ever wanted. And that's why I have always wanted to be in The Seven."

Starlight (real name Annie January) is one of the main characters in the Amazon series The Boys. She's a member of The Seven, a group of superheroes. She was briefly excommunicated from the group after she was discovered to be a mole and ally of The Boys.

Annie January is as down-to-earth and sincere as they come; the girl next door with superpowers. And as Starlight, “The Defender of Des Moines,” all she’s ever wanted to do is save the world — and while a lot of people say that as a corny catchphrase, she actually means it. So when she’s selected to join The Seven, it’s every dream she’s ever had come true.

However that dream becomes her worst nightmare when this fresh-faced Midwesterner arrives in New York, and learns that the old adage is true: never meet your heroes.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Joining The Seven[edit | edit source]

Starlight has had a history of being in the spotlight, often attending superhero events as a child, she is selected to be a member of The Seven after interviewing following Lamplighter's retirement. She is at first rejoiced at being selected, however is sexually assaulted when the Deep extorts her into performing oral sex on him in The Name of the Game.

Her membership with The Seven comes with a price, however, as she is forced to disregard her morals in return for Vought International profit. She initially disregards Vought's attitude towards fighting criminals, dismayed at having her patrols arranged for her in Cherry, she deviates from the path after saving a woman from two assailants — much to Vought's initial anger, however is praised after it gains positive publicity for The Seven.

Starlight eventually strays from her path as a member of The Seven during the Believe EXPO, in which she expresses her anger at Vought and the world in general. She is soon made to realise, however, that membership with The Seven comes at a price following threats and warnings from Homelander.

Relationship with Hughie[edit | edit source]

Hughie and Starlight form a close relationship shortly after the former's girlfriend's death. Initially, Hughie engages in the relationship to plant a bug on Starlight's phone, however the relationship develops into a romantic/sexual one. Starlight is angry and upset that Hughie begins using her to get tickets into the Believe Expo in Good for the Soul, and again to gain information on Naqib. The relationship between the two does fix itself to a degree, however, with Starlight rescuing Hughie from A-Train in You Found Me.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

In the second season, Starlight works closely with The Boys to help bring down Vought. She even steals a sample of Compound V to have proof that Supes aren't born, they're made. Homelander and Stormfront are on to her and eventually Annie gets denounced as a criminal and kicked out of The Seven. She gets imprisoned in Vought Tower, but Hughie helps break her out and they start to bond again.

At the end of the season, Annie fights Stormfront after helping to reveal her Nazi past. She gets reinstated into The Seven and cleared of criminal charges once the world realized that Stormfront was the bad guy and Annie was just trying to help.

Annie and Hughie reconnect and kiss at the end of the season. It is implied that they're in a relationship again.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Electricity goes in, blast comes out."
  • Electricity Absorption: Annie's trademark power is that she can absorb the ambient electricity from around herself in order to fuel her powers. This allows her to blackout a small area before releasing the held energy as focused blasts of light. Currently there is no limit which has been established for how much power Annie can safely absorb or how long she can contain it within. [1] She has shown to have some degree of control over said ambient electricity as she is shown to use it for the sole purpose of disrupting electronic devices such as cracking an LCD screen on purpose.
    • Energy Projection: She is able to fire blasts of intensely bright light from her hands which are capable of throwing grown men several feet and blinding anyone who looks directly at them either temporarily or permanently. She later used these to burn through a portion of a metal fence, blast a 6 foot thick metal door off its hinges, cauterize an open wound, and even kill a adult male with a single blast, though that included his head hitting the road and not the light itself. Additionally, these blasts were capable of affecting supes the likes of Black Noir and even stunning Stormfront momentarily.
    • Bioluminescence: She is also able to make her eyes and hands glow on command. Annie exhibits glowing eyes when she feels intense pleasure, as well.
"You know how you have this... image of yourself? Like, I thought I was strong. You know? Like, made of steel. A fighter."
—Annie January to Hughie Campbell[src]

Annie lifting the back of a car

  • Superhuman Strength: Annie has enhanced strength which allows her to easily perform one-handed chin-ups, punch holes in brick walls, lift the backs of cars, and overwhelm her opponents. In her backyard, she was able to lift the back of a car weighing between 3,567-3,591 pounds (1,617.96-1,628.85 kilograms/1.78-1.8 tons).[2] Even more impressive, this is over three times what Popclaw could lift while on Compound V, as well as over 32 times her own bodyweight.
  • Superhuman Durability: Annie has enhanced durability which allowed her to withstand .50 caliber bullets. While she felt great pain and bled a bit from the bullets, they did not go through her body and she recovered relatively quickly, appearing unharmed a day later.[3] Her skin is tough enough that it requires a diamond edged saw with a substantial amount of force to penetrate. Starlight survived being smashed through concrete walls and columns by Black Noir.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Annie Is proficient in taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing and martial arts.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Lack of Electricity: If there is no source of electricity for Annie to absorb, she has no power to harness. When locked in the prison in Vought Tower, she was powerless due to the lack of any lights or electrical sources in the room. When she was out on a mission with The Boys, any power source for her to use had been depleted by the EMP Supe, rendering her powerless, (minus enhanced attributes)
  • Brute Force: Supes such as Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, and Stormfront posses strength greater than hers and can overpower and even kill her. Also her skin is not completely indestructible. Frenchie was able to pierce through with a drill and high caliber bullets which caused her to bleed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

At her core, Annie is an idealist and one of the very few "Supers" who truly care about helping others and doing what she believes is right. She cares little for publicity being uncomfortable with the amount of attention she gets from the media as well as being pressured to change her costume to be an over-sexualized role model for young girls. She also felt like a fraud during her early time as a member of the Seven, as she had yet to perform any notable heroic acts.

Annie was Christian, but is not extreme in her beliefs as shown when she attends a Christian carnival and is disillusioned by the homophobic propaganda. This led to her questioning her faith and not caring about it as much.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Starlight is based of a pair of DC female superheroes: Her appearance, especially her original costume, is based on Mary Marvel, where as her abilities are based on Stargirl.
    • Starlight and in particular her alter ego Annie Janurary, also share some similarities to the Carol Danver's rendition of Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics.
  • Annie weighs 110 pounds and is 5'6".

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. This was explained during the party scene in the episode, You Found Me.
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Curiosities[edit | edit source]

1. Erin Moriarty has read the vast majority of the original comics, and says she loved being chosen to play the Starlight.

2. Erin confesses that she actually loves to wear the new costume hated by Starlight, saying it is "sexy and flashy! The way that Starlight should be."

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