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For the Dynamite version of this character, see Grace Wilhelm

"She's from England. And she has the highest rescue stats of any of the finalists, and she's a UNICEF ambassador. She's the most qualified."
Starlight on Silver Kincaid.[src]

Silver Kincaid is a minor character in The Boys. She is a Muslim superhero from Birmingham who participated as a contestant in American Hero to become a potential member of The Seven.

The Boys Series

Season Three

"Do you really think I'm gonna let a fucking Muslim in the Seven? Captain Al-Qaeda? We're Americans."
Homelander to Starlight[src]

She appears as a contender on American Hero, a reality show hosted by Starlight where supes compete to become the newest members of The Seven. Despite her impressive resume and being Starlight's top choice, she ultimately loses to Supersonic in the final three due to Homelander's prejudice against Muslims. The second spot in The Seven is given to The Deep, who did not even participate in the competition in the first place.


Not a lot is known about Silver Kincaid's personality. However, Starlight stated that she is the most qualified for a spot in the Seven and that she is an UNICEF ambassador, implying that she is a very competent and respectful individual. During an interview, she stated that Queen Maeve has always been an inspiration to her (due to her bravery) and that her celebrity crush is The Deep.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: Silver Kincaid can control and manipulate the movement of solid matter with her mind.
  • Telepathy: Silver Kincaid can see into the minds of others, hear their thoughts, and search their memories for any information she desires.


  • Professional Rescuer: According to Starlight, Silver Kincaid has the highest number of rescue missions than any of the other American Hero finalists.


  • According to Starlight, Silver Kincaid is from England. However, due to the fact that Compound V has been contained exclusively within the borders of the United States until Homelander released the serum worldwide in 2019, it is more than likely that similar to Kenji and Kimiko, Silver Kincaid is one of the few adults to have survived the injection of Compound V and developed well-functioning superpowers as a result.
  • In regards to her telepathic abilities, it remains unknown as to whether or not Silver Kincaid can control minds in addition to reading them or whether she requires physical contact like Mesmer or sheer concentration like Mindstorm.