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Seth Aaron Rogen is an actor who stars in the Vought Cinematic Universe film Black Noir: Insurrection alongside Black Noir. He is also credited as the voice of Translucent in Dawn of the Seven.

The Boys Series[]

Season One[]

Seth Rogen appears in a Vought press junket promoting his film Black Noir: Insurrection, co-starring alongside Black Noir.

Season Two[]

After Translucent's funeral, Seth Rogen appears in an interview where he talks about Translucent and the Translucent: Invisible Force films.

Season Three[]

Seth Rogen was credited as a special guest performance in the Bourke Cut of Dawn of the Seven as the voice of Translucent,[2] ultimately being casted in the role over Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Seth Rogen later appears in a private video call with Crimson Countess on under the screenname "SirCumsALot779".




  • Seth Rogen confirmed on Twitter that the in-universe "Seth Rogen" and "SirCumsALot779" are the same character.[1]