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Seth Reed is a recurring character in the Amazon series, The Boys. He is a public relations writer who works with Evan Lambert at Vought International.

The Boys Series[]

Season One[]

At one point, Seth dated Ice Princess, a supe with freezing powers, and the two ended up sleeping together. Unfortunately, upon climax, she turned her body into ice while Seth was still in her, freezing his penis off. Because of this, Seth joined a support group for people who were harmed by Supes.

Following Starlight's saving a woman from being raped, he and Evan Lambert were assigned to rebrand her to capitalize on her fame. They came up with a concept about her embracing her femininity with a sexy new outfit. They considered it a feminist narrative.

Season Two[]

After Homelander publicly described Queen Maeve as a lesbian, he and Evan Lambert rebranded her as "Brave Maeve", an out and proud lesbian woman. Even though Maeve and her girlfriend Elena were both femme, they thought that America would respond better to traditional heteronormative gender roles and came up with a butch style for Elena to wear.

Season Three[]

A-Train asks Seth to help him with rebranding his images. He wants to be more connected to his black roots and wants his suit and image in Vought T.V./movies to reflect that. Seth helps him pitch a presentation to Ashley Barrett, who does not seem enthused. Seth tells A-Train afterwards that everyone sees through him and his last ditch effort to try and care about the black community.


He has a subdued, meek personality but can get excited over his and Evan's ideas and enthusiastically pitches them.

He can be inconsiderate at times, making a new sexy outfit for Starlight without talking to her first and dismissing her concerns about the revealing nature of the uniform.