This page lists all of the minor characters of Season One that there is little or no information on.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Name Summary Appears In
Teddy Stillwell Teddy Stillwell is the son of Madelyn Stillwell, Senior Vice President of Vought International. You Found Me
Ashley Barrett.png Ashley Barrett Ashley Barrett was the Director of Talent Relations at Vought before being fired.

She was responsible for training Starlight.

Nathan Nathan is the brother and coach of A-Train. He trained A-Train for his race against Shockwave, but did not approve of his use of Compound V.
Stan Edgar Stan Edgar is the C.E.O. of Vought International. You Found Me
Dr. Vogelbaum.png Jonah Vogelbaum Dr. Jonah Vogelbaum is a former scientist at Vought. He was involved with the creation of Homelander. It was revealed that he was paralyzed by Homelander in You Found Me The Innocents; The Self-Preservation Society
Janine Janine is the daughter of The Boys member Mother's Milk. She lives with her mother and was kept secret from the rest of The Boys and has never played an active part in her life. The Self-Preservation Society
Rachel Saunders Rachel Saunders is the sister of Becca Butcher and the sister-in-law of Billy Butcher. Good for the Soul
Elena Elena is the ex-girlfriend of Queen Maeve. The two's relationship ended briefly after Maeve's entry into The Seven. Maeve visited her after the hijacking of the commercial plane, intoxicated and wanting to engage in sex, however Elena declined. Good for the Soul; The Innocents
Calhoun.png Calhoun Calhoun is a senator from Oklahoma who serves as the chairman of the Committee on Armed Services. Calhoun attends a Samaritan's Embrace’s fundraiser where Madelyn Stillwell attempts to convince him the Vought bill to allow Supes in the military. When the senator refuses Stillwell uses Doppelgänger’s shape shifting abilities to acquire a listed photo of him. Calhoun is then blackmailed into using his influence to help push the bill through committee. Cherry; Get Some
Grace Mallory.png Grace Mallory Grace Mallory is a former member of the CIA and the operative who approached Butcher after the death of his wife and formed The Boys. Shortly after, her grandchildren were killed by The Lamplighter, causing her to leave The Boys and her CIA life behind. She is briefly approached in You Found Me by Butcher and Hughie asking for information about Homelander. The Self-Preservation Society; You Found Me
Cherie Cherie is the former girlfriend/ally of Frenchie. He is happy with Cherie until approached by Butcher and asked to reform The Boys. She is seen not long after warning Frenchie that Black Noir is aware of his aliases and addresses.

Supes[edit | edit source]

Name Summary Appears In
Ezekiel Ezekiel is a the face of Samaritan's Embrace and the orchestrator of shipments of Compound V through the hospitals of the US. He had the ability to stretch his body large lengths, almost acting as elastic. The Name of the Game; Good for the Soul
Naqib (The Self-Preservation Society).jpg
Naqib was one of Homelander's experiments with Compound V. Hoping to get The Seven into the military, Homelander created a Supe terrorist, hoping to prove that initiating The Seven into the military was the only way to keep the US safe. He had the ability of self-detonation wherein he could emit large amounts of energy without harming himself. The Self-Preservation Society
Senator sex with Doppelganger.jpg Doppelgänger Doppelgänger is a Supe that is able to shapeshift at will. He is used by Madelyn Stillwell to bribe a Senator Calhoun into voting in favour of The Seven joining the military. Cherry
Shockwave.png Shockwave Shockwave is a speedster and the rival of A-Train. He is the reason that A-Train abuses Compound V, with A-Train believing this is the only way to beat Shockwave. Cherry; The Innocents
Mesmer is a Supe with the ability to read minds. He is used by The Boys to find out information about The Female's past. He agrees, but then reveals the information to Homelander behind The Boys back — an act he is killed for by Billy Butcher. The Innocents; The Self-Preservation Society
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