"I know I was no perfect father."
—Sam to Billy

Sam Butcher is a minor character in Season 2 of the Amazon series, The Boys. He is Billy Butcher's father.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Sam raised his two sons, Billy and Lenny, but he was callous and abusive throughout their childhoods, thinking that the abuse would make them tough and that they would thank him later for it. One of his sons, Lenny, killed himself. Billy always blamed his father for his brother's death.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Billy's mom, Connie Butcher, calls Billy to let him know that his father passed away from cancer. Billy comes to his mom's hotel room in New York only to find that his father is still alive, although ill with cancer.

Sam and Billy have a confrontation. Sam tells Billy that he was not to blame for Lenny's death, if anything it was Billy's fault by leaving his brother alone to go join the SAS. Billy shoves him up against a wall and called him a monster. However Connie intervenes and checks on Sam. Sam stands up and states he's impressed with Billy because Lenny could never stand up to him like that. Billy walks away with Sam proud, calling his son tougher than he ever was.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Sam Butcher was the husband of Connie Butcher, and father of Billy and Lenny, living in London's East End. He was a baker by trade, although it is implied he makes his real money through other, more illicit activities. He was also considered the local "tough guy", and would often spend his nights drinking with his friends and having affairs. Out of his sons, Sam favored Billy, as he thought of Billy as more like him, unlike Lenny, particularly after Billy got expelled from school. Billy, on the other hand, was horrified by this. Sam was horrifically abusive towards Connie, and would often beat her to a pulp after returning home drunk. After he hit her so hard he blinded her eye, Billy nearly killed him, but was stopped by Lenny. It was after this that Billy joined the Royal Marines. A short while after Butcher started dating Becky, she was able to convince Connie to leave Sam. From that point on, Sam was completely estranged from his family, not even showing up to Lenny's funeral. He dies in "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker", which prompts Billy to travel back to London and finally have a "heart to heart" with his father. Before he leaves, Billy pisses on his father's corpse.

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