The Sage Grove Center is a psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania. Online, the hospital claims to offer global wellness services. In reality, the center is a subsidiary of Vought International.

At the center, Vought runs tests on patients who are imprisoned in the facility. They are injecting Compound V in an attempt to perfect the formula so that adults, as well as children, can be given permanent superpowers without any unwanted side effects.

Stormfront and Stan Edgar are behind a lot of these initiatives. Lamplighter works at the facility, burning the evidence of any and all wrongdoings and mishaps.

Eventually, The Boys find out about Sage Grove when Starlight searches Stormfront's laptop and finds emails from Sage Grove, prompting The Boys to investigate the area in The Bloody Doors Off. Starlight, Hughie, and Butcher wait outside the facility while Frenchie, Mother's Milk, and The Female sneak inside. The Three break into a surveillance office and discover the super powered patients. They then see Stormfront and Lamplighter interrogate a telekinetic patient, Tim. Tim moves the objects as commanded, but insists he has to see his family; until Stormfront refuses in that he is still a danger to himself and everyone around him. Tim then states he won't use his powers until he sees them, so Stormfront leaves the room and Lamplighter promptly burns Tim. Butcher and company watch Stormfront leave and warn their teammates to get out of there now before she returns. As the three attempt to escape, Lamplighter notices them and recognizes Frenchie. Lamplighter attacks them but accidentally melts Cindy's cell door, allowing for her to escape. She then uses her telekinetic powers to open the nearby cells and release the patients. The patients run wild through the halls and attack the doctors and security guards in their way. The Three members and Lamplighter hide throughout the facility to wait out the riot. While some of the patients escape, Stormfront returns and finishes off any she can see. She then calls for Lamplighter and asking him what went wrong, Lamplighter lies that Dr. Carlton got the dosage for Cindy wrong again so she opened the cells and caused an insurrection. Stormfront then leaves telling him to clean up the mess.

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  • The tiny patient (Credited as "Tiny Hero") is portrayed by Mike Donis, who also portrayed the Tiny Hero in Episode 101 when Butcher and Hughie investigated the private Supe club.
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