"Just 'cause you fall on your ass doesn't mean you have to stay there."
Hughie Campbell quoting Robin Ward[src]

Robin Ward is a recurring character in the The Boys, and the girlfriend of Hughie Campbell until her accidental death at the hands of A-Train.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Relationship with Hughie[edit | edit source]

Robin and Hughie are happy together. In The Name of the Game, the two are planning to move in with each other after Hughie asks for a raise. However, their plans are cut short, after Robin is killed accidentally by A-Train who — high on Compound V — runs through Robin when she is "a half step off the fucking curb" causing her body to burst. Leaving a shocked Hughie still holding onto her severed hands. Robin's death fuels Hughie's hatred for Supes, A-Train specifically. This leads to Hughie being recruited by Butcher and joining The Boys, with Butcher promising vengeance for Robin.

Robin later becomes an obstacle in Hughie's relationship with Starlight, with Hughie often having visions of Robin haunting and watching over him when he's with Starlight. Forcing Hughie into a internal conflict of holding on to his vengeance for Robin against his desire to move on. However, he is able to get over these visions after he engages in a sexual relationship with Starlight thus Hughie stops seeing Robin haunting him.

In Comics[edit | edit source]

Like comic Hughie, Robin is Scottish, but her last name is Mawhinney instead of Ward. She and Hughie are at a funfair when he confesses his love for her. Unfortunately, she is killed immediately after when A-Train smashes her into a wall with another supervillain, leaving Hughie holding onto her severed arms.

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