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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Dakota Bob/Comics.

Come on, Stan. Only one man okays that. You want to stroll in to the Oval Office and start barking orders?
―Robert Singer to Stan Edgar[src]

Robert A. Singer is a recurring character of the Amazon series The Boys. He is the former U.S. Secretary of Defense and the President-elect of the United States.


Robert Singer fought as a soldier in the Vietnam War. He also had his main home in South Dakota, which gave him the nickname 'Dakota Bob'.[1]

The Boys Series[]

The Boys: Season 1[]

"You Found Me"[]

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The Boys: Season 2[]

Robert Singer attends a meeting with Stan Edgar, CEO of Vought International, and discusses the incorporation of the Supes into the military. Edgar talks logistics and explains that they are prepared for a 34% casualty rate, in a worst case scenario.

The Boys: Season 3[]

Singer is running a campaign for president as a Democrat with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman as his running mate. Stan Edgar tries to sell V24 to him, but he warns Edgar that Congress is unlikely to accept it because Vought's use of Stormfront as a figurehead has caused the public to associate any form of Compound V with Nazi imagery.

Gunpowder is a big critic of him and believes he wants to take everyone's guns away.

The Boys: Season 4[]

Singer wins the election, carrying states including Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.


  • Beaver's character name is a gag reference to his character Bobby Singer on the Kripke-produced series Supernatural, as well as the Supernatural producer which the character is named after, Robert Singer.