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For the Amazon version of the character, see Queen Maeve.

Queen Maeve is the tertiary antagonist-turned-anti-hero of the superhero-drama comic series The Boys. She was one of the most powerful and most important members of The Seven, only behind Homelander and Black Noir in terms of strength.

Marketed by Vought-American as a brave, feminist warrior hailing from the mythical otherworld to fight crime in modern society, Maeve is actually an empty and apathic shell of her former self, having been long since disillusioned by the cruel reality of superheriocs. She is typically found heavily drinking and smoking around the Seven Satellite, always looking for the next martini to drown out her own unhappiness, while on occasion having sex with multiple people.


Like all members of The Seven, she was experimented on with Compound V while in the womb and therefore developed potent abilities such as flight, near-invulnerability, and super strength.

During her first years on the team, Maeve was already painfully aware how hedonistic and corrupt members of The Seven were, but continued to stay with the group; feeling that their antics at the time were still somewhat manageable and easy to deal with.

After the Seven's horrifically botched rescue of a passenger plane on 9/11, Maeve became deeply traumatized by the incident and eventually turned into a nihilistic alcoholic. She does not seem to show any interest in real-world events, instead spending her time gazing out the window, sipping martinis, and occasionally having sex with several bodybuilders at a time. While mostly cold towards the new recruit, she does show some sympathy for Starlight.

Maeve has been in a relationship with several prominent heroes, such as Stormfront (although she cheated on him with another hero and produced a black child), and was even in a relationship with The Legend (the chief editor of Victory Comics), producing a child with him that would go on to become a hero known as Blarney Cock. She has also had a number of other children, by unspecified fathers, aborted by Doctor Peculiar (or one of his employees).

Most notably, however, Maeve was in a relationship with Homelander but broke up with him when he tricked her into having a blindfolded sex session with Black Noir and physically assaulted her when questioned about it. She never stood up to Homelander again due to her fear of him and also caused her to go along with some of his actions, but also finally prompted her to work with the Boys and help them by installing several bugs in The Seven's headquarters.

Maeve was eventually killed while protecting Starlight from Homelander and Black Noir, though Homelander easily overpowered her after she struck him on the head with her sword, shattering it in the process. He then flung her decapitated head at Starlight as she flew away from The Seven’s headquarters. Ultimately, Maeve's sacrifice bought enough time for Starlight to escape.


Maeve is blessed with a well-endowed curvaceous figure, to which her clothing is tight on, showing her curves. She has blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She wears a one-piece suit that is blue with silver lining that goes down the middle and points upwards between her breasts, knee high silver leggings, and a silver headband with a hawk on it.


  • Superhuman Strength: One of Queen Maeve's primary abilities is tremendously enhanced superhuman strength, far greater than that of normal human beings. She is likely one of the most physically powerful Supes to have ever lived, only clearly surpassed by Homelander and Black Noir.
  • Superhuman Durability: Queen Maeve's body is much harder and more resistant to conventional forms of physical injury than the body of a human. She can withstand falls from great heights, exposure to extremes in both temperature and pressure, high-caliber bullets, and tremendous impact forces without sustaining injury. She is also able to withstand Homelander's sonic screams.
  • Flight: Queen Maeve can fly easily in the air.


  • Queen Maeve is a parody of Wonder Woman from DC Comics. Her design is also reminiscent of Barbie Dolls from the 21st Century.
  • Her superhero name and persona is based on a figure from Irish mythology
  • Queen Maeve's Amazon counterpart differs from her comics one only slightly but in many areas. While the comics version seems to look like a fusion of Wonder Woman and Barbie, Amazon Maeve's costume is more streamlined, ditching the Barbie look entirely as well as having red hair and armor as opposed to blonde hair and blue armor. She's much kinder and more sympathetic in the series.
  • The name Maeve is a female given name of Irish origin. Queen Maeve (Medb) was the queen of Connacht, her tomb can be seen on top of Knocknarea in County Sligo.