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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Queen Maeve/Comics.
"The truth is, our weakness is the same as anyone's. It's people. The people we care about. So I say, cut them loose. For your good and for theirs. That way you're really bulletproof."
—Queen Maeve[src]

Queen Maeve (real name Margaret "Maggie" Shaw[1][2]) is one of the main characters in the Amazon series The Boys. She is a superhero and a member of The Seven.

As a warrior, a feminist, a humanitarian, and second most powerful member of The Seven, Queen Maeve is the ultimate role model for little girls all over the world. But to reach such astonishing heights, she's had to make sacrifices along the way. Embracing the image that Vought demanded she accept meant abandoning the truths – and even some of the people – she held dear.

Disillusioned and cynical, she's now a shell of the determined idealist she once was, although she is regaining some of what she once was when she came to the aid of The Boys against Stormfront and Homelander.

The Boys Series[]

Season 1[]

Throughout Season 1 of the TV show, Maeve is typically shown at Homelander's side. In the first episode, Maeve successfully stops an armored truck and the men inside. As she is about to subdue the final criminal, Homelander comes in and receives all the credit. In episode 3, its revealed that Maeve and Homelander used to date one another, and there is still some lingering affection from the latter. However, in episode 4, when she fails to rescue a hijacked plane, she is psychologically broken.

In episode 5, we get more backstory when she, drunk, looks for a hookup and consolation in her ex, Elena. Furthermore, in episode 6, Elena shows up to Maeve's work, trying to care for Maeve. The newspeople take note that Elena is Maeve's ex and that she's interested in women. This could pose a problem for Maeve in the future. In episodes 7 and 8, Maeve seemingly builds her relationship with Starlight by defending her and preventing her from turning into a shell of herself.

Season 2[]

In the second season, Maeve puts more effort into reviving her relationship with Elena, however, she increasingly becomes more cautious out of fear that Homelander may discover her secret relationship. During a talk show, Homelander outs Maeve as a lesbian. After the show, Maeve confronts Homelander about what just happened but Homelander admits that he overheard her call with Elena and that it sounds like they are more than just friends. Maeve claims that she ended the relationship before she joined The Seven but after some back and forth, Maeve admits to her relationship with Elena. After that Homelander has Maeve do movies in which she portrays a lesbian who struggles with her sexuality.

In order to get Elena and her to out themselves as a couple, Ashley and other world officials tell them what they should look like as a lesbian couple. Elena then makes it clear that Maeve is bisexual and also that she doesn't want to take part in that whole public relationship thing. Maeve convinces her to play along as she still is afraid Homelander will do something to Elena. Later she goes into a deal with The Deep in which she shall help him to get his image back, if he helps her find dirt on Homelander. This is later revealed that she hired Deep to search the sunken wreckage of Flight 37 to find a video recording of Homelander abandoning the passengers to die. The Deep returns with a damaged GoPro of a husband recording the incident of Maeve and Homelander debating on how to save the prisoners, showing Homelander threatening the passengers and ultimately leaving them all to die. Elena finds out about the video, and confronts Maeve with it, who tells her that it is their leverage against Homelander. Elena tells Maeve that she gets nightmares about that video, and has decided to go to her sister's house. She tells Maeve that she does not blame her for what happened on the plane.

At the end of the series, Maeve is given an opportunity to do right instead of wrong. She helps The Boys deal with Stormfront and Homelander and even threatens to upload the video of him leaving all of the people on Flight 37 behind to die if he doesn't give into the following demands: let Billy Butcher and Ryan walk away safely, stop hunting down Starlight, and leave herself and Elena alone. Homelander caves from his weakness in his desire to be loved by the world and gives into her demands. Maeve was right next to Starlight when Homelander begrudgingly welcomed her back to the Seven at a press conference, completing Maeve's victory over Homelander.

Powers and abilities[]

"I wish I were as strong as you."
  • Superhuman Strength: One of Queen Maeve's primary abilities is tremendously enhanced superhuman strength, far greater than that of normal human beings. Maeve is the second strongest being in the world, only behind Homelander in terms of strength. Her strength is so great that when she was younger, she punched a falling school bus, even though doing so broke her own arm in four places. Her feats include breaking a speeding van in half by standing still, effortlessly flipping a table across an apartment, and effortlessly snapping a man's neck. The upper limits of her strength haven't been displayed yet, so she has the potential to be close to Homelander's general level of strength. She also possesses the ability to leap great distances. She was shown to be able to restrain Black Noir without too much effort, and overpower Stormfront, who both possess high levels of super strength and durability.

Queen Maeve halting a van

  • Superhuman Durability: Queen Maeve is immune to nearly all forms of physical harm, her durability being the most similar to that of Homelander than any other known Supes. Maeve was durable enough to survive being hit by a speeding armored van, splitting it in half. Her resilience is such that she can be carried by Homelander while flying at his top speed (sufficient to overtake a passenger jet several thousand miles away), and suffer no ill effects from friction or turbulence.
  • Superhuman Speed: Maeve is able to achieve speeds that allow her run along walls of buildings, defying gravity for short periods of time. Running in this manner, she was easily able to overtake and pass a speeding armored vehicle.
  • Superhuman Agility: Queen Maeve's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are way beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. She is able to defeat multiple attackers simultaneously with little effort.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Queen Maeve's musculature produces considerably fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human being. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair her.
  • Superhuman Leap: Maeve jumped from one wall to another with no effort.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Queen Maeve reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Senses: Queen Maeve apparently has heightened senses. She was easily able to detect Translucent, although he was motionless and invisible in the ladies' room, much to his surprise.
  • Martial Arts: Queen Maeve is a formidable combatant and has been highly trained in hand to hand combat. She is able to defeat multiple opponents at once while training. In conjunction with Starlight and the Female, she managed to overwhelm Stormfront in combat.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: According to Homelander during a mission in Albany, Maeve flung a Bic pen accurately into a man's eyeball from 78 feet (23 meters) away.
  • Stealth: During the battle with Stormfront, she was able to sneak in an open area and join the battle without the latter noticing.


  • Extreme Brute Force: Supes of extreme levels of strength can harm and kill her; however, few are at this level. Maeve has been afraid of Homelander, knowing that he is fully capable of killing her--although this could be due to his laser attack rather than his physical strength. Stormfront was able to stagger her with her blows, but it isn’t known if she could have beaten Maeve in a one-on-one fight, as Maeve had Kimiko and Starlight backing her up, overwhelming Stormfront.
  • People: Despite being a member of The Seven, and being a hardened cynic, Maeve actually does care about people, and deep down wants to be a real hero. She wanted to save the people on the plane and it greatly haunted her to let them die. She also deeply cares for Elena, and Homelander has used this to bend Maeve to his whim. She also has a soft spot for Starlight and becomes increasingly willing to help her. Maeve seems to have overcome this weakness by the end of Season 2, and showing much more open admiration for the people she truly respects.


Queen Maeve's public image is that of a warrior, a feminist, a humanitarian and role model, but, in reality, is a generally apathetic, withdrawn, disillusioned and cynical person.

She was once a determined idealist, but has since become (mostly) complacent in the corruption of the Seven and the Vought corporation, remaining quiet on the sidelines despite being the second most powerful member of the Seven behind Homelander. Maeve is also heavily implied to be an alcoholic.

Despite this she is (with the exception of Starlight) the least malicious super-powered individual seen so far in the series. She genuinely wants to save people even though her experiences have left her jaded and cynical, she at least tries to actually be heroic when possible. She has also shown to be more self-aware than the rest of her team, recognizing that she and the Seven are not true heroes. She also noticed Starlight's distress after her assault and offers some comfort.



Queen Maeve plays a conservative role within The Seven. She is always portrayed at Homelander's side, and the two have past relationships. This relationship, however, becomes strained throughout season one. Queen Maeve first uses the relationship to sway Homelander in The Female of the Species, pleading with him to help save the hijacked flight, however she is unsuccessful in her efforts. The relationship is tested again, as Maeve tells Homelander to back off Starlight, with him remarking that he will because she asked. According to a deleted scene, the pair broke up due to Homelander "not being able to keep it in his tights". The two only grow more hostile towards each other in Season Two when Queen Maeve attempts to secretly revive her relationship with her former girlfriend and worried that Homelander will find out the truth and kill Elena. Despite her attempts, Homelander finds out the truth about Elena and Maeve so in an interview with Maria Menounos, Homelander "sets them both free" by revealing Maeve's relationship with Elena. However, this ends up being just a form of manipulation and humiliation, by Homelander. She begins to become fearful that he will kill Elena at any moment. With him forcefully outing her as a lesbian, even though she isn't one, it completely changed her image, with Vought now trying to completely change her and rebrand her, once again he takes power over her life.

Maeve was finally able to end Homelander's manipulation and control, by blackmailing him with the footage that was captured of their failed attempt to save the plane. She was able to end his control over her relationship, have him end the hunt for Starlight, and force him to let Butcher and Ryan flee to safety.


Queen Maeve is bisexual, which is revealed in episode five of season one. Her true love is named Elena, and it's revealed over the course of the show that the pair dated until Maeve moved onto Homelander. It is evident that Maeve still has lingering feelings for Elena, as she had a late-night hookup with her, rushed to the hospital when her appendix burst, and was prepared to attack Homelander if he hurt Elena (when he revealed that he found out the truth about them). Maeve and Elena's relationship was closeted until Homelander outed her.


Queen Maeve is the only member of The Seven that Starlight has a quasi-positive relationship with. Maeve advises Starlight to be authentic in the first season after Starlight questions her membership with The Seven and Vought's morals. Maeve admits that she was once the same, however her time at Vought has changed her. She tells Starlight that she does not want to see the same thing happen to her. After Starlight is sexually assaulted in The Name of the Game by the Deep, Maeve advises her to forget about it.

Starlight admitted that she was once Maeve's biggest fan, having read her biography, cover to cover many times. Maeve saving the school bus by punching it was a huge moment for her in helping her wanting to be a hero. When Starlight learned how corrupt Vought is assumed everything about Maeve was just bullshit, however Maeve told her the bus was real, as a bone never healed in her arm after that.

Maeve ends up saving Starlight from being killed by Black Noir, after he discovered she was the traitor. When Starlight and Hughie went to see Maeve and ask for her help to stop Stormfront, Maeve grew angry. She told them that she had done enough for her already, and was tired of this life, and yelled for them to leave. Ultimately, she arrives to save Annie and The Boys, by helping them overpower Stormfront and blackmail Homelander.


  • Queen Maeve is a parody of the DC super heroine Wonder Woman.
    • Queen Maeve's armor is inspired by the WB film design.
  • She has been shown to be much kinder and more sympathetic in the show than her comic counterpart.
  • The scene where she rescues Starlight from Black Noir mirrors the comic, in which Maeve prevents Noir from forcing Starlight to wear her sexualized costume.
  • The name Maeve is a female given name of Irish origin. Queen Maeve (Medb) was the queen of Connacht, her tomb can be seen on top of Knocknarea in County Sligo.
    • Mythologically, Medb was known for her ruthlessness and for her promiscuity: she had to sleep with 30 men each day to be sexually satisfied.
    • The origin is also interesting considering her actress Dominique McElligott is actually Irish.
  • Queen Maeve's sexual orientation in the show has been revealed to be bisexual. She has a girlfriend called Elena and previously dated Homelander. In Nothing Like It in the World, Homelander outs Maeve as lesbian, but, in We Gotta Go Now, Elena finally made it clear that Maeve is bisexual.
    • In the comics, Maeve is very promiscuous, but only with men and no indication is given to any attraction to women.
    • In the comics, it is Queen Maeve who has an affair with Stormfront (who is male in the comics), not Homelander, though this affair is superficial and short-lived, and has no major bearing on the plot.





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