"Are you kidding me? I have been getting my hair done, threading my eyebrows, waxing my body like a plucked chicken so that we could finally stand up there together tomorrow in front of the world as a couple. I mean it was all cleared with Stillwell and everything. You did clear it with Stillwell."
—Popclaw to A-Train[src]

Popclaw (real name Charlotte) is a recurring character in the Amazon series The Boys.

With her cat-like claws and super strength, Popclaw’s superpower launched her to stardom at a young age, getting her a place in the storied Supe team Teenage Kix, as well as the starring role in the sexy thriller movie franchise, Terminal Beauty.

As with many young celebrities who start out on a meteoric rise, her fall from grace came fast and hard when she was photographed by paparazzi while partying half-naked and high on drugs. The damage to her reputation was catastrophic, and she lost everything.

The Boys Series[edit | edit source]

Encounter with The Boys[edit | edit source]

After Translucent tips The Boys into investigating Popclaw, The Boys stalk outside of her apartment. Hughie and Mother's Milk disguise themselves as technicians and hack the cameras in her place. It was here where The Boys learn about Compound V when they observe Popclaw inject herself with the drug. They later witness her accidentally kill her landlord and use it to blackmail her into revealing the location of A-Train's Compound V supply.

Relationship with A-Train[edit | edit source]

Initially, Popclaw is in a secret relationship with the Seven member, A-Train. Popclaw wishes to take their relationship public, however, A-Train refuses to ask permission from Madelyn Stillwell. Popclaw does not agree with A-Train's abuse of Compound V to achieve better results against Shockwave, but herself is a recreational user of the substance and accidentally kills her landlord in Get Some while high on the substance.

After being blackmailed by The Boys into revealing information about A-Train and Compound V, her relationship with A-Train becomes strained. A-Train frequently asks who she shared information about the V with, however, she refuses to admit revealing the information to anyone. Eventually, after A-Train reveals that Stillwell agreed to let the two go public, she reveals information about The Boys to A-Train. Not wanting to take any risks, Popclaw is murdered by A-Train through heroin overdose.

In the Comics[edit | edit source]

Popclaw is a member of the Teenage Kix, one of four lesser superhero groups that have a contract with Vought International. She uses her claws to deliberately cut herself for unspecified reasons. It is mentioned that her powers (claws) don't come from Compound-V but due to surgery.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"You must think I'm stupid. But as you can see, I'm pretty sharp."
—Popclaw to Donovan in "Terminal Beauty 3"[src]

Charlotte's claws

  • Claw Retraction: Popclaw is able to extend a claw from each of her wrists to act as weapons. She can retract them when not using them.
  • Enhanced Strength: Popclaw is stronger than the average human, like most supes. On Compound V, she was able to squat-lift 900 pounds/408 kilograms (excluding the bar) on her shoulders. However, she has less control in this state, as she accidentally crushed the skull of her landlord, Alek, between her thighs when he was performing oral sex on her (which requires a force of 520 lbs/235 kg/2,300 N).
  • Superhuman Stamina: On Compound V, Popclaw was able to squat-lift over 900 pounds/408 kilograms for over an hour.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Popclaw is a typical young celebrity, having a reputation tarnished by paparazzi as she was photographed partying half naked and high on drugs. After her drug abuse came out, it ruined her career but she still works as an actor, but only in D-list movies, since then she seemingly recovered from drug abuse.

Its been shown that possibly due to the failure of her own career due to her drug scandals and her own continued struggle with Drug Addiction, Popclaw has shown to be more realistic with the reality of the truth about the Supes, as seen where unlike her boyfriend A-Train, Popclaw showcased genuine pity and sadness for him having run through and killed Robin Ward and was actively worried for his health due to his continued abuse of Compound V. However despite her own attempts to stave of her drug addiction, its been shown that Popclaw frequently abuses it in order to cope with her unhappiness and misery, showing a level of hypocrisy and selfishness as well.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her powers are a parody of Wolverine, due to her having retractable claws. Her powers also parody X-23.

References[edit | edit source]

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