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"Payback" is the season premiere of the third season of The Boys. It was released on June 3, 2022 on Amazon Prime. It is the seventeenth episode overall.


You and a guest are invited to the premiere of DAWN OF THE SEVEN this Tuesday at 7PM in Vought Tower’s Lamplighter Memorial Theater! Screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Adam Bourke and an after-party with Supe DJ Malchemical on the turntables! Join us for the greatest true origin story ever told about America’s number one Superhero team and see how the legend began!


The city is in destruction and on fire. In the fictional action movie, Homelander asks Stormfront how she could do this to the world. She tells him that the 4th Reich is in her soul and offers Homelander a chance to reign with her. He tells her no and the Seven arrive to back him up. Homelander calls Stormfront a “Nazi Bitch” and they fight.

Homelander and the other Supes watch this scene in a theater at the world premiere of Dawn of the Seven, directed by Adam Bourke.

Starlight kisses Hughie at the premiere and they walk out together to have their photos taken. Victoria Neuman is also at the premiere. Stan Edgar announces that Vought is thrilled to have government oversight. Someone in the crowd screams “Nadia” in Victoria’s direction. Hughie sees and looks confused as to why someone would be calling Victoria Nadia.

Homelander does several interviews about how he fell for the wrong woman and didn’t foresee that Stormfront was a Nazi.

In the bathroom, Adam and Ashley Barrett have aggressive sex. Hughie walks into the bathroom right as they finish. He washes his hands and Billy Butcher shows up - he needs Hughie to give him and the Boys the green light on a mission they’ve been working on. Hughie gives the OK as long as there is no torture or things getting set on fire.

Butcher watches from a hidden camera as Kimiko Miyashiro and Frenchie enter a party. Kimiko sees a woman playing the piano and she starts to sing in her head. The woman introduces herself as Tyler. Meanwhile, a Supe, Termite, shrinks himself to have sex with a plastic doll, while the crowd watches. Termite goes into a back room to do some cocaine. There, he shrinks and jumps inside a man’s penis to stimulate it. He unintentionally sneezes, returning him to full-size and causing the man's lower half to explode. Frenchie runs in and the Termite attacks him because Frenchie saw what happened. He shrinks and jumps into Frenchie’s pants. Kimiko manages to grab Termite before he attacks her. Finally, Butcher catches the still-miniature Termite in a bag of cocaine, which subdues him. Reluctantly, Butcher lets him live and tells Frenchie to call the Bureau.

Hughie and Starlight wake up and stay in bed to have sex. Hughie works out and makes a smoothie before FaceTiming with his dad. Hughie goes into work at the Bureau where he helps monitor and regulate Supe activity.

Hughie sees the same one from the movie premiere in the lobby who tells him that he’s waiting to see Nadia and that he and Nadia are best friends. Hughie tells him she’s called Victoria Neuman, not Nadia. Security escorts the man out and Hughie looks confused again. The man tells him that Nadia will remember.

Butcher visits Ryan, who is staying in a protected home with Grace Mallory. They play Connect Four and talk about Ryan’s mom, Becca Butcher. Ryan admits he is still having nightmares about his dad killing him.

At the studio, Homelander runs into the Deep who gives him a big hug. Homelander seems confused that the Deep had an interview slot on The Cameron Coleman Hour before him but the Deep explains it’s for his new book, Deeper. Homelander asks again, tensely, how he got a slot before him. The Deep cowers to Homelander, telling him that he’s a nobody and that should have never been scheduled earlier.

Mother's Milk attends his daughter, Janine’s, birthday party where his ex-wife Monique is there with another man, Todd. He seems to miss Monique and asks her to dinner on Friday night for “co-parenting” chat. She says it’s not a good idea.

Stan Edgar introduces V24 at Vought Tower to Secretary of Defense Robert Singer, explaining that it gives any person 24 temporary hours of superpowers. Stan explains his plans for turning Vought into a defense and pharmaceutical company - less focused on famous superheroes who need looking after. He wants V24 to be used in the military. Singer balks at the idea of perpetual resupply of V24 for continued soldier performance.

Victoria Neuman tells Hughie the bad news: they lost Termite because he overdosed on cocaine. Instead of prosecution, Termite is going to a rehab facility, and they get B-lister Supes to convict instead. Hughie breaks the news to Butcher, who is furious they’re letting Termite get away with everything. Hughie confronts Butcher about being mad that he and MM left the Boys.

Stan invites both Starlight and Homelander to a meeting at Vought Tower. Stan commends Starlight on bringing a wholesome energy to Vought and the Seven and he wants to make her co-captain of the team. Stan insists that the partnership will help Homelander too because his popularity numbers are down post-Stormfront. Starlight is very hesitant about this and Homelander is extremely upset about having to share the spotlight.

A commercial for American Hero airs, where Starlight has to choose the next Supe to join the Seven. The feature focuses on a Supe called Drummer Boy, now known as Supersonic. It’s revealed that he dated Starlight earlier in his career and even had a top song with his band that hit #1 on the charts.

Hughie watches the commercial and sighs. He sees Supersonic laughing with Starlight and walks up to introduce himself. He tells Hughie a story about Annie getting drunk and puking in front of a crowd of fans back when she was 19. Hughie seems nervous about the two of them reconnecting, especially since they each lost their virginity together.

Annie asks Hughie his opinion about the co-captain proposition. She wants to be a role model for millions of girls out there who might look up to her. Hughie seems hesitant about her accepting the position, thinking Homelander might murder her. Annie ends up accepting the job and takes promotional photos with Homelander.

Homelander confronts A-Train about getting fatter - claiming he’s just eating his feelings and making the Seven look bad. Homelander seems to be taking out his bad mood from the co-captain thing on others. While walking away, A-Train mutters an insult under his breath, causing Homelander to grab him by the throat, threatening him with his laser eyes. Queen Maeve sees it go down and texts Butcher that they need to meet.

Homelander visits Stormfront in a Vought hospital room. She’s in bad condition, horribly burned on her face and has a partially amputated right arm. She consoles Homelander about the co-captain affair, first verbally, then by stimulating him sexually. Stormfront talks about building an army of the master race and Homelander tells her he doesn’t care about a master race because HE is the master race - that's the whole point.

Maeve gives Butcher a file about Soldier Boy. When he asks why, he reads that Soldier Boy was killed by a secret weapon, one that might even be able to kill Homelander. She tells him that Payback, the super team that Soldier Boy used to be a part of, might know what really happened to him. She gives him 3 capsules of V24. Maeve tells Butcher that this is their best chance to kill Homelander and admonishes him to not to mess it up.

Butcher sees Homelander land on his balcony. Homelander asks to come in and Butcher pours him a cup of tea. Homelander asks where Ryan is and threatens to tear him apart if he doesn’t tell him, but eventually relents. Homelander vents his frustration about Vought and suggests a one-on-one fight-to-the-death, to which Butcher accepts before Homelander leaves.

After MM tucks his daughter into bed, he opens a closet that has its walls filled with newspaper clippings about Supes, including Soldier Boy.

Outside the FBSA, Hughie sees the same man scream “Nadia” and follow Victoria. Hughie follows them to an alley and sees Victoria turn and say that she’s not Nadia anymore. The man, Tony, tells Nadia that they used to be best friends and that now that she has a platform, she should tell everyone about Red River. After she spurns him, he pleads, and she ultimately says that she will and gives him a hug. His nose starts to bleed, and he attacks her. She uses her Supe powers to attack back, eventually exploding his head. She tears up and asks Tony why he had to come looking for her. After exploding the remainder of his body into a red rain, she calls a clean-up team on her cell phone. Hughie, hidden behind a dumpster, witnesses everything and is horrified, especially when Tony’s blood rains down on him.




Real power is the ability to bend the world to your will.
―Stan Edgar



  • New York City, New York
  • Lagos, Nigeria (mentioned)
    • Hard Rock Cafe (mentioned)
  • Malibu, California (mentioned)
    • Global Wellness Retreat (mentioned)
  • St. Louis, Missouri (mentioned)
  • Adult Shows Towne Theater (wall mural)
  • Wesleyan University (mentioned)
  • Grace Mallory's Hideout
  • Cafe Delfini's (mentioned)
  • White House (mentioned)
  • Kansas (mentioned)
  • Iowa (mentioned)
  • Ohio (mentioned)









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