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For the Dynamite version of this group, see Payback/Comics.

Fucking Payback. Each more ridiculous than the next. Crimson Countess, Mindstorm, Swatto, the TNT Twins, Noir, Gunpowder, and the most idiotic of them all...
Grace Mallory's opinion regarding Payback during her time in Nicaragua.[src]

Payback are the overarching antagonistic faction of the Amazon series The Boys.

It was a group of superheroes who were active during the 1980s. Owned and managed by Vought American, they were considered to be the greatest superhero team of their time prior to the formation of The Seven.

In 1984, shortly before Payback was dispatched to Nicaragua, a photo of the team was taken, including all the members.

In late 1984, Payback was dispatched to Nicaragua to aid the U.S. government in Operation Charly as an attempt to implement Supes in the military. However, due to Payback's arrogance, incompetence, and lack of training, the mission was compromised, resulting in the death of Swatto, the disfigurement of Black Noir, and the capture of Soldier Boy.

In reality, every member of Payback (except for Gunpowder) had gotten fed up with Soldier Boy's abusive behavior towards them and had secretly plotted, with the approval of Stan Edgar, to get rid of him so that he could be replaced by Homelander. They were ultimately able to neutralize him and hand him over to the Russians, but not before he severely burned Black Noir's face and left him mentally crippled for life.

After the "loss" of their leader, the team disbanded, and its surviving members went their separate ways. Black Noir eventually became one of the founding members of The Seven, Countess became both a singer and a camgirl, Gunpowder became a gun-rights activist, the TNT Twins became both television stars and the hosts of the annual Herogasm event, and Mindstorm became a hermit.

In 2022, Gunpowder was killed by Billy Butcher as part of the latter's vendetta against Supes. The Boys also later freed Soldier Boy, who started hunting down his former teammates for selling him out to the Russians all those years ago. After killing Crimson Countess with his radiation burst attack, Soldier Boy teamed up with The Boys to locate the rest of his targets and was eventually able to kill the TNT Twins and Mindstorm with their help. Black Noir was then killed by Homelander for not telling him that Soldier Boy was his biological father, putting an end to every member of Payback except for Soldier Boy himself, now lying in a coma.



Payback may be a bunch of fuck holes, but they're strong. And they're dangerous. If you're going against them, you're gonna need it.



  • Payback is a parody of The Avengers, the premier superhero team of Marvel Comics.
    • Their name is a play on words of "to get payback" which is synonymous to "avenge".
    • Its members also mirror those of the Avengers, with Soldier Boy as Captain America, Crimson Countess as Scarlet Witch, Mindstorm as Vision, Swatto as Ant-Man, and Eagle the Archer's TV version and Gunpowder parodying Hawkeye.
    • Their rivalry with The Seven is also a reference to the on-going competition (both behind-the-scenes and on the occasional crossover issues) between Marvel (the publisher of the Avengers) and DC Comics (the publisher behind the Justice League, which the Seven parodies).
  • The television series version of Payback also adapt elements of the The Avenging Squad, Vought American's first premiere super-hero team and prototype of the comics version of The Seven and Payback. Both teams had Soldier Boy as team leader, a member called Crimson Countess and one bug themed hero, Swatto in Payback/Comics and Buzzer in the Avenging Squad (Buzzer was Swatto's predecessor). Both teams participated in military campaigns which resulted in disaster because of their efforts. With the Avenging Squad having fought in World War II, wherein everyone of its members dying, while Payback fought in Nicaragua and caused more ally Contra losses rather than the enemy USSR troops. Swatto revealed the contra's whereabouts after showing off his flying skills, just as the Avenging Squad members Eagle the Archer and the Buzzer revealed the Allies' location to the Germans do to unauthorized flying. Eagle the Archer died by being shot down by German fliers after attempting to shot from the sky, and in a similar vain, Swatto got shot down by the Russians. Also of note, both the Avenging Squad and Payback were scrutinized and opposed by their respective versions of Mallory: Greg Mallory and Grace Mallory.