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"Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men" is the third episode of the second season of The Boys. It was released on September 4, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It is the eleventh episode overall.


The Boys take to the high seas to safeguard their prisoner. Homelander plays house, then pushes Ryan over the edge. Starlight is forced to make an impossible choice. Stormfront reveals her true character.


The Boys are on a yacht sailing in the ocean. Butcher apologizes to a moping Hughie for punching him. Hughie just punches him back.

Butcher calls Grace and assures her that the target is 3 miles offshore on the boat and reminds her of their deal. Billy says that if Kimiko changes allegiances, he’ll neutralize her.

Kimiko sits with her brother and tells him that she will protect him if needed. He asks her to free him and she tears up and says sorry.

Becca makes breakfast for her son and Homelander imposes on the meal, to her discontent.

A writer pitches the plot of the new “A Dawn of the Seven” movie and Stormfront verbally rips him apart for his sexist portrayals of women. Ashley runs away after reading a worrying message on her phone. She talks to Stan Edgar, and insists that they must tell Homelander. Edgar tells her that Homelander isn't as important as this crisis.

The news about Compound V hits the news stations. Starlight watches the news happily and A-Train comes to confront her, knowing that she is up to something.

The Deep opens up to Eagle and Carol about his life of hearing the fish, lobsters, and other sea animals beg for their lives in restaurants and pet stores. He’s devastated when he hears the news that he wasn’t born that way.

Black Noir cries in a corner after hearing the news. Hughie is elated after seeing that they did actually something. Mother's Milk jumps for joy when seeing what Hughie did, along with the rest of the group. Butcher reminds them to stop celebrating and keep their eyes on the ball because they still have a lot at stake.

Homelander takes Ryan to jump off of a house, assuring him that he can fly. Ryan tells him he doesn’t want to so Homelander pushes him off and he falls to the ground. Becca rushes out to help him and Homelander insists that he’s fine because he’s his son. He tells Becca she isn’t raising him the right way and he grabs her wrist. Ryan intervenes and pushes him to the ground, telling him to get his hands off of her. His eyes glow red as he screams at Homelander to go away and to leave them alone.

Frenchie talks to Kimiko’s brother and asks him to help him understand her. He explains that her sign language is their own special language. Frenchie asks to learn but he refuses, so Frenchie walks out and leaves a bag of chips and a soda. The Supe Terrorist manages to use one finger, even though his hands are taped together, to float the can of soda towards him and crush it so there is a sharp edge.

A police helicopter approaches that boat and yells out that they are all under arrest. Kimiko’s brother has used a shard of metal from the can to get his hand free and sends the helicopter down to crash with his powers. The group runs, but Hughie is distraught seeing that the people in the helicopter might’ve died.

Carol tells The Deep he is ready to go back to The Seven.

Stan Edgar tells The Seven that they are a team and that they will focus on the priority, the Super Terrorist, and taking him down. Homelander tells the team that he doesn’t mind if Vought burns to the ground. The Seven, however, are like his “real family” and they must stick together.

The Boys are being chased in the yacht by sharks directed by The Deep, who races alongside the boat on a sperm whale. They approach the shore, where The Deep has positioned the whale to block their escape route. Butcher drives his boat directly into the whale, penetrating it's side and throwing The Deep to the ground and knocking him out. Hughie is stuck inside the whale carcass and tells the team to go ahead while he catches a second wind. Mother’s Milk climbs in next to him to wait until he’s ready.

The Boys retreat into a sewer outlet, making their way through the tunnels to find the FBI hideout. Meanwhile, The Seven walk up to the beach to find The Deep crying over the dead whale, "Lucy". The Deep then admits to his own faults and tells Starlight that he will do everything in his power to find his light and to redeem himself to women, while Starlight and Stormfront both dismiss his claims.

A-Train runs ahead to find The Boys, but he gets dizzy as his heart starts pounding to hard and needs to stop. Starlight goes down a different tunnel and runs into Hughie. She knocks him down with her light as Homelander comes up behind her and commands her to kill him to prove her allegiance. Homelander threatens her that if she doesn’t kill him he’ll kill them both. Butcher calls out to Homelander to distract him.

Kenji steps forward and causes the tunnel to collapse, bringing cement and cars down onto Homelander. He turns to his sister and then jumps through the hole to escape. Kimiko runs after him and begs him to stop. Stormfront finds the two of them and blasts them through the walls of an apartment complex. Kimiko runs to save her brother and throws Stormfront down. Stormfront reveals her true nature as she mercilessly kills and injures dozens of African-American civilians who were caught in her path while also destroying as much of the building as she can.

The two siblings make it to the rooftops where Kenji tries to escape, however Kimiko is caught by Stormfront. About to kill her, Kenji intervenes saving Kimiko's life. Stormfront then incapacitates Kimiko and viciously breaks Kenji's wrists.

Stormfront then kills Kimiko’s brother, calling him a "fucking yellow bastard", and heartlessly tells him to open his eyes because she likes to see the light go out of her victims. A horrified and distraught Kimiko sees her brother die, but has to run because Homelander has returned. He tells bitterly Stormfront, “I said he was mine”; and she snidely says “Ya snooze, ya lose, Gramps.” Homelander is not pleased.

Stan Edgar holds a press conference, denying knowledge of Compound V, and claims to do a full investigation on it. He blames it on Madelyn Stillwell and vows to get to the bottom of it. He introduces Stormfront as the savior of the day, and the crowd goes wild in admiration; while a disgruntled Homelander glares hatefully at Stormfront. At the same time, the Boys stare at the T.V. screen in their hideout; all bloody and enraged.




Hands in the air, like you just don’t care. Kill him. Do it.
―Homelander to Starlight


  • This episode takes its title from Issues #60-65 of the original comic series. In turn, it is also a reference to the song "Swords of a Thousand Men" by the English punk band Tenpole Tudor.
    • Even, the title is a reference to the Hill of Swords from the manga series, Berserk.




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