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Okay, I guess I don't have a choice, do I?
―Oswald Deneeka

Oswald Daneeka is a character in the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical[]

Oswald Deneeka is a drug dealer who works specifically for Supes. Such as giving superhero Ironcast dead children's blood to deal with his erectile dysfunction, supplying crystal meth for A-Train and Jack from Jupiter, giving Queen Maeve her anti-depressants, giving the Homelander cocaine cut with human adrenaline, and supplying the Great Wide Wonder heroin enemas.

After a drug party the other night, Billy Butcher shows up at O.D.’s place with his dog, Terror. Butcher reveals that he knows of O.D.'s drug dealing and hands him a serum created by Frenchie. After O.D. attempts to kill Butcher with a syringe, Butcher easily overpowers him and intimidates him by threating to drop him off the roof. After he pulls the dealer back up to the balcony, Butcher demands O.D. fix up Great Wide Wonder's enemas with the serum, under the threat that he will contact an informant he knows in the DEA, who will send O.D. to prison, while the Supes he's been supplying will hang him out to dry.

The next day, Butcher and Hughie Campbell meet O.D. in a park a block away from the Great Wide Wonder's public inauguration into the Superhero Hall of Fame, attended by Homelander, Queen Maeve, Jack From Jupiter, and Ironcast. The spiked enemas quickly cause the Wonder to overdose, and during the trial for the Wonder to fly through a flaming hoop held by Ironcast, the overdose forces him to fly above the stratosphere. When he returns to Earth, flying at Mach 2, he flies around the city, and once his overdose reaches it's peak, the Wonder flies into Ironcast, punching a hole through the metallic Supe and breaking every bone in the Wonder's body, sending him flying into a wall, instantly killing him.

As O.D. breaks down in guilt and trauma, the superheroes fly off after tricking the public into thinking Galaxius has returned, and fly off, while Butcher laughs that his plan has worked and asks if Hughie enjoys it, Hughie sarcastically asks him to define enjoy as O.D. continues to cry.





  • Oswald's initials are O.D. which is also the short form for overdose.