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"Nubian vs Nubian" is the sixth episode of the first season of the animated anthology series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Its animation style is inspired by The Boondocks. It was released on March 4, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video.

This is one of three animated shorts considered canonical to The Boys TV show.[1]


Getting divorced is complicated. Divorce with a kid, even more so. Superheroes divorcing a daughter who is determined NOT to happen? There will be blood...


8 years ago, a hero called Nubian Prince showed up and stopping Groundhawk from robbing a bank. The pair fight until Nubia, Queen of Thunder, shows up and works with Nubian to stop the enemy.

This was the start of the pair’s whirlwind romance. In present, Nubian and Nubia have have an 8 year old daughter, Maya. However, their romance has turned sour, full of anger and resentment towards one another. They even fight in front of their daughter. Maya asks whether they’re going to get a divorce. Nubian Prince says they won't, but Nubia says they will, and promises Maya a pony.

Maya uses her dad's phone to find Groundhawk's address, and tracks him down with a plan to salvage her parents' relationship. Groundhawk reveals to her that he had been made by Vought to seem as a villain in order to fuel the love story between Nubian and Nubia, and Maya tells him she already knows. She convinces him to come and fight her parents, believing that in doing so it’ll fix her parents’ marriage. Groundhawk shows up with Maya as his supposed hostage, and asks the parents to fight. The parents are confused at first, but ultimately decide to fight him. They bond again as the fighting briefly reignites their passion for one another. Satisfied that the marriage situation has been solved, Maya tries to tell her parents that she convinced Groundhawk and he's done nothing wrong, but accidentally makes her parents think he's a pedophile.

After beating Groundhawk and leaving him in a bloody heap, the pair head home and have sex. In the morning, however, nothing has changed, and the bickering continues. So Maya slams down the divorce papers and agrees that it is better for all of them, demanding the pony she was promised.




Do you have any idea what a thunder clap to the balls feels like?
―Nubian Prince
It'll be better for all of us. And I'm looking at both your trifling asses. I want that motherfucking pony.