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"Nothing Like It in the World" is the fourth episode of the second season of The Boys. The episode aired on Amazon Prime Video on September 11, 2020. It is the twelfth episode overall.


Road trip!  The Boys head to North Carolina to follow a lead on a mysterious Supe named Liberty.  And did you know a person’s choice of candy bars might tell you if they’re a serial killer?  Watch and learn the warning signs!  This episode could save your life!


An unknown blonde woman is interviewed about why communication is important to couples. In the hideout, Frenchie crushes pills and does a few lines. Frenchie comforts Kimiko and tells her it wasn’t her fault. He kisses her and she pushes him off.

Homelander watches a video clip of Stormfront calling out Vought International for doing “jack shit” about preventing another terrorist attack. She invites her followers to Vought Square to do something about it.

Homelander flies to a house where Madelyn Stillwell is there to greet him. She sticks her fingers in his mouth and calls him a good boy. They make out and watch a movie.

Butcher tells Grace Mallory that they hit a dead end on the hunt for Susan Raynor’s murderer. She tells him that’s not good enough and tells him to track down and talk to Liberty, a second class Supe. Mallory tells him that she found Becca in a Vought facility. She gives him the location even though he didn’t hold up his end of the deal.

Homelander complains to Madelyn about Stormfront saving the day and claims that she is the new face of The Seven. She comforts him, then all of a sudden turns into Doppleganger, who is a shapeshifter Supe. Homelander demands him to change back and he obliges.

At their hideout, Butcher plans to break into the Vought compound where Becca is living. Mother's Milk tells him it's a suicide mission, but Butcher does not agree. Mother's Milk is put in charge, and to ease his mind, Butcher advises that Mallory will be able to help find his family provided he finds Liberty for her.

In the elevator, Homelander seizes Starlight by the throat, telling that he only spared her life when she didn’t kill Hughie because Maeve convinced him not to. As he holds her by the neck and threatens to pierce her abdomen, she declares that she hates Hughie for breaking her heart, but will not murder people. When asked if he thinks she's lying, Homelander lets her go and exits the elevator, mumbling she isn't lying.

In the Crime Analytics room at Vought, Black Noir hands Anika a piece of paper that says “Butcher” and she looks him up for him.

Starlight meets up with Hughie to talk about what to do next but Hughie gets a phone call and has to run off. Starlight breaks down crying and says she can’t do this anymore. Hughie brings her to Mother’s Milk and asks if she can come along on their mission to track down Liberty.

A-Train sees Shockwave in the hallway and freaks out and runs to Ashley’s office. She tells him he’s there for an event, but Homelander walks in and tells him that he’s out and that they’re going in another direction. Homelander tells him that he can’t run anymore and that it was really hard for him to decide this but that it’s happening.

Hughie, Mother’s Milk, and Starlight go on a road trip to track down Liberty. They witness a car accident, but they won’t let Starlight go to help because they have to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, Butcher scales across a wall in the pursuit of his wife.

Frenchie goes to Cherie’s house and they hook up. He tells her that he tried to kiss Kimiko. She tells him to back off and let her grieve in her own way.

Butcher tracks down Becca. She apologizes that she couldn’t tell him anything and he tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Becca explains that Homelander only spared Butcher one time because she said that if he hurt you that she would kill herself in front of Ryan.

Billy said that he will get her out of here the same way that he came in, but Becca says that Ryan can’t climb that fence. She said that he has some powers but that she isn’t raising him “like that”, aka as a Supe. She tells him that a garbage truck comes every day and that maybe she can sneak out that way.

Mother’s Milk (MM), Hughie, and Annie all get two motel rooms. Annie texts Hughie in the middle of the night “vending machine emergency” and Hughie leaves his room to go meet her. They flirt and reconnect, finally going back to her room to have sex.

Becca goes back to the house to check on Ryan. Billy waits and she goes back to meet him again. They have sex and smoke a cigarette. She tells him she’s been there since she gave birth.

Homelander and Maeve give a T.V. interview. Homelander outs Maeve as a strong, proud lesbian, much to Maeve’s shock and horror. After the interview, she demands to know where Elena is. Maeve tells him the truth that she loves Elena and Homelander wishes them luck.

Stormfront leads an Anti-Vought protest. Kimiko goes to the protest and walks towards Stormfront, but Frenchie stops her and tells her that she won’t survive.

MM, Hughie, and Annie go to Liberty’s door but the African-American woman who answers the door turns them away. They ask her to reconsider and explain that they’re not with Vought. The woman finally relents and lets them in. She explains that when she was 11 she saw a Supe, Liberty, kill her brother for doing nothing.

She warns them not to say anything because if Liberty finds out she’ll kill her. Hughie explains that nobody’s seen Liberty since 1979. The woman disagrees and shows a newspaper article and points to a photo of Stormfront, saying that she is Liberty. Hughie reasons that Stormfront would actually be 70 years old if that was the case, but Annie argues that anything is possible with Compound V.

Homelander confronts Stormfront about trying to undermine his power. She calls him out on his constant need to be loved by everyone and his eyes glow red at her. She apologizes for pushing him too far and explains she’s just trying to help. She tells him that she thinks Homelander is the best of The Seven but that he needs help connecting with his audience. Homelander says he doesn’t need any help.

Becca tells Billy she’s not leaving because she doesn’t think Billy really wants Ryan to come with. Billy says that he is a billion dollar piece of Vought property and that they won’t be able to disappear unless it’s just the two of them. Billy calls Ryan a “Supe Freak” and Becca is horrified. She admits that she went to Vought when she found out she was pregnant- not Billy, because she knew he’d go on a rampage to get revenge.

Anika, with Black Noir, finds a video of Billy climbing the wall at Becca’s compound.

Annie tells Hughie they can’t hook up again because they can’t let their guards down. She kisses him and says goodbye.

The Deep and Carol interview a series of women about love and relationships. The Deep tells Carol to chose one of the girls, Gianna, because she is a clear winner. Carol tells him that Cassandra is the real winner, that she’s his wife. The Deep seems upset because he liked Gianna a lot more but Carol explains that Cassandra will help his image more to get back into The Seven.

Homelander visits “Madelyn”, aka Doppleganger, again. Homelander seems upset and tells her that he doesn’t need anyone but himself. Doppelganger morphs into Homelander. He tells Homelander that he’s the best and that he’s going to suck him off, and Homelander tells Doppleganger he’s pathetic and snaps his neck.




What was I before you? Nothing.
―Billy to Becca
It’s like living with a loaded gun in my face.
―Annie, talking about Homelander
You think that by saving her, you can make amends for all the people that you hurt. For the children that Lamplighter burned.
―Cherry to Frenchie




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