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I'm not going to sit here and watch you kill yourself.
―Nathan Franklin to A-Train when he found out he was back on Compound V.

Nathan Franklin is a recurring character in the Amazon series The Boys. He is A-Train's older brother and coach.

The Boys Series[]


Nathan is A-Train's older brother. Their father died when they were very young and their mother had two jobs, because of this Nathan raised his brother. He eventually became A-Train's personal trainer.

Season One[]

Nathan first appeared in the episode "Get Some".

Season Three[]

Nathan encourages A-Train to stand up for the black community with his status in The Seven. A-Train gets Blue Hawk to make an apology to the community over his over-policing black neighborhoods, but it's insincere and Nate and others aren't happy. Blue Hawk loses it and hurts a lot of people at the community center, including Nate who won't be able to walk again.

After A-Train kills Blue Hawk, he tells his brother he needs him to come back to coaching him. Nate asks A-Train if he killed Blue Hawk and A-Train denies it but Nate knows the truth. Nate is furious because he wanted Blue Hawk to be held accountable. Nate orders Reggie to leave him and the two grow estranged.

Season Four[]

Nate appears in Life Among the Septics, where he finds his kids hanging out with his brother. Nate tells his sons that none of their uncle's saves were real and that he knows because he was there. He tells them that A-Train is no hero, berates his brother for having the nerve to lie to his own family, and then takes them back home.

When A-Train eventually defects from Vought and cuts out his tracking chip, it is mentioned by Firecracker that his relatives have disappeared with him as well. Thus, it can be assumed that A-Train was able to safely get Nathan and the rest of their family out of the city so that Homelander wouldn't be able to target them for his betrayal.


Nathan is a caring and attentive elder brother to A-Train and is furious at his continued misdeeds, such as his abuse of Compound V and murder of Blue Hawk. Since then, Nathan has notably become more hostile and estranged towards his brother.



  • Unnamed Mother
  • Reggie Franklin - Younger Brother
  • Arana Franklin - Wife
  • Khamari Franklin - Son
  • Desean Franklin - Son