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"I'm not gonna sit here and watch you kill yourself."
—Nathan Franklin to A-Train when he found out he was back on Compound V.

Nathan Franklin is a recurring character in the Amazon series The Boys. He is A-Train's older brother and coach.

The Boys Series[]


Nathan is A-Train's older brother. Their father died when they were very young and their mother had two jobs, because of this Nathan raised his brother. He eventually became A-Train's personal trainer.

Season One[]

Nathan first appeared in the episode Get Some.

Season Three[]

Nathan encourages A-Train to stand up for the black community with his status in The Seven. A-Train gets Blue Hawk to make an apology to the community over his over-policing black neighborhoods, but it's insincere and Nate and others aren't happy. Blue Hawk loses it and hurts a lot of people at the community center, including Nate who won't be able to walk again.





  • Unnamed Mother
  • Reggie Franklin - Younger Brother
  • Arana Franklin - Wife
  • Khamari Franklin - Son
  • Desean Franklin - Son