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"Burn in truth! (translated from Arabic)"
—Naqib to Black Noir

Naqib (or نقیب) was a cameo character in Season One and a minor antagonist in Season Two of The Boys.


Naqib was an Arabian Supe extremist whose existence was orchestrated by Homelander to give the American government a reason to enlist supers into the military.

Naqib was approached by Homelander and forced to ingest Compound V, giving him superhuman powers. He was then let loose on an American Military Base, killing the resident soldiers in full view of CIA CCTV, alerting the Americans to the existence of super "on the other side". He was killed by Black Noir in Season 2 in attempt to "clean up" the mess made by Homelander.

The Boys Tv-Series[]

Season One[]

Naqib make his first appearance in episode 7, The Self-Preservation Society as a cameo character. In a footage, U.S military soldiers were at a base of the Arabian terrorists. Naqib showed up and when the soldiers told him to surrender, he used his Self-Detonation and destroyed the base. He walked out of the burnt base without taking any damages from the explosion.

Season Two[]

Naqib came back in the first episode of Season 2, The Big Ride as a minor antagonist. Black Noir was sent to kill Naqib as an order from Vought International. Mean while, Naqib and his partner were thinking of a good catchphrase for the merchs. Black Noir suddenly showed up and killed his partner. Naqib used his Self-Detonation as soon after he screamed out loud his catchphrase, "Burn In Truth!". After he destroyed his base, Black Noir remained standing unphased with burns on half his face and chest from the explosion. Noir ended Naqib's life by decapitating him.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Self-Detonation: Naqib is able to spontaneously emit huge amounts of energy from his body, creating a powerful explosion capable of collapsing a military facility.
  • Superhuman Durability: Naqib is impervious to close-range machine gun fire and can use his power without taking damage. However, he is still beheaded by Black Noir.


Not complete invulnerability: He had a set duration. This is shown when he is beheaded by Black Noir.