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For the Dynamite version of the character, see Mind-Droid.

"You're with Soldier Boy. You're trying to fucking kill me. Leave me alone! I'm not bothering anyone. I'm just trying to get away from all the fucking voices. I'm just trying to get away from all the fucking voices. I'm just trying to get away from all the fucking voices!"
—Mindstorm to Hughie Campbell[src]

Mindstorm is a supporting antagonist in Season 3 of the Amazon series The Boys. He was a member of Payback.

The Boys Series


Mindstorm alongside Payback in 1984.

Mindstorm was a member of Payback, a premier superhero team during their time in the 1980s. He fought alongside Crimson Countess, Gunpowder, the TNT Twins, Swatto, Black Noir, and his leader, Soldier Boy.

In 1986, Mindstorm was on a walkabout in the desert near Barstow California, trying to get away from hearing the thoughts of other people, when he came across a motorcycle gang's meth lab. The gang tried to kill him, so Mindstorm put all 16 of them into a coma, and they died of terminal dehydration in the desert sun, while trapped in an endless series of nightmares.

In 1986, Mindstorm was relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where he performed live shows called "Mental Magic with Mindstorm" at the Planet Vought Casino & Resort. The show was filmed in front of a live studio audience and aired exclusively on VBS. During the show, Mindstorm would hypnotize volunteers into performing weird, yet amusingly funny stunts on stage. The show ran for nearly two seasons, but was abruptly cancelled after one of the audience members - who was compelled to believe that he was a Spanish bull - was hospitalized after he ran through a storefront window with red-colored rugs on display.

Season Three

Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed

At some point after Soldier Boy's capture, Mindstorm couldn't take hearing the voices of people's thoughts. So he retreated to a cabin in a secluded forest away from society. He lived as a recluse, only occasionally leaving his forest when he needed to get prescription refills to treat his bipolar disorder.

His condition would be his downfall, as Hughie and Butcher cross-referenced his public sightings with lithium refills. Hughie, Butcher and Soldier Boy entered the forest and began searching for Mindstorm. Soldier Boy warned them that Mindstorm can hear their thoughts and knows they're coming. He also warns them not to make eye-contact with Mindstorm, else he'll trap them in an endless nightmare. As they continued, Soldier Boy stepped on a landmine that incapacitated the trio. Mindstorm used the opportunity to trap Butcher in a nightmare before fleeing back to his cabin.

Hughie and Soldier Boy continued their hunt until they arrived at the cabin. They entered quietly as Soldier Boy noticed Mindstorm hiding around the corner. Soldier Boy gestured to Hughie where Mindstorm is. Before they could advance, Hughie teleported behind Mindstorm and teleported them to Butcher's body. Mindstorm panics as Hughie attempts to reason with him. Mindstorm insists he only wants to get away from the voices, while Hughie explains the situation that he doesn't want to kill Mindstorm. Hughie pleads with Mindstorm to wake Butcher, but Mindstorm is reluctant, insisting Butcher is crazy. Hughie is persistent, he insists Butcher is family to him. Hughie then offers to teleport Mindstorm somewhere safe if he wakes Butcher.

Mindstorm complies and wakes Butcher. Before Hughie can complete their deal, Soldier Boy throws a knife into Mindstorm's eye. As he panics, Soldier Boy tackles Mindstorm and wraps his head in a cloth. Mindstorm pleads that it wasn't his idea to betray Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy questions why Noir would betray him without Vought's orders. Mindstorm reveals it was Vought who authorized the betrayal. He also (secretly) reveals to Soldier Boy that it was to make way for Soldier Boy's son. Shocked and angry, Soldier Boy bashes Mindstorm's head with his shield 12 times until he dies.


He was stated to be bipolar. He was also described as being paranoid, due to his mind reading powers. Because of his powers and mental issues, Mindstorm would eventually choose to become a hermit, meaning that he likely preferred to be away from others. During his fight with Soldier Boy, he used his powers to force a nun and a priest to fight for him, indicating that he was more than willing to use others for his own gain.


"I've been inside his head. That guy's a piece of shit."
—Mindstorm regarding Billy Butcher[src]
  • Telepathy: Mindstorm was able to see into the minds of others, hear their thoughts and search their memories for any information that he desired. Unlike Mesmer, who could only read the minds of those he made physical contact with, Mindstorm could hear the thoughts and search the memories of any person within a three mile radius of himself through sheer concentration. However, as a byproduct of his bipolarism, Mindstorm eventually lost control over his mind reading abilities and was forced to isolate himself from mainstream society as it was no longer possible for him to coexist with others without hearing all of their thoughts with no means to silence the noise.
    • Dream Imprisonment: By making visual contact with someone, Mindstorm could imprison his targets within a psychically induced coma where the victim was forced to relive their most traumatic experiences within a neverending nightmare sequence that was created from their own memories. According to Soldier Boy, the only means to escape the nightmare was for Mindstorm to voluntarily release them. If Mindstorm refused, or if Mindstorm died before having the chance to free his victim, the person would remain comatose until they eventually expired from a psychogenic death.
    • Mind Control: Mindstorm could influence the actions and behaviors, memories and perceptions of others through the transmission of telepathic brainwaves. Supposedly, during his years as a stage performer in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mindstorm would often mesmerize volunteers to act and behave abnormally for the purpose of entertainment. He apparently stopped using this ability after an incident where one of his audience members, whom Mindstorm compelled into believing that he was a Spanish bull, was hospitalized after he charged through a storefront window with red-colored rugs on display. It is possible that much like the TNT Twins, who also lost the efficiency of their powers after years of neglect, that Mindstorm also lost some of his effect of this power as he was seemingly unable to influence neither Soldier Boy or Hughie Campbell. Nevertheless, Mindstorm still managed to mesmerize a nun and a priest into attacking Hughie and Soldier Boy after one or both of them had let their guard down.
  • Enhanced Strength (tentative): There is some evidence to suggest that Mindstorm had a degree of enhanced strength. While he did not display such strength in his live action appearances, he was depicted as physically attacking Soldier Boy in a cartoon reenactment of Payback's betrayal of Soldier Boy. It is apparent, however, that whatever degree of strength he had, it was considerably less than that of Soldier Boy.
  • Enhanced Durability: It took several blows to the head for Soldier Boy to kill Mindstorm, using a shield so heavy that a depowered Hughie Campbell was incapable of lifting it.


  • Distraction: Despite his ability to detect all minds within a three-mile radius of himself, it appears that Mindstorm could be taken by surprise if his attention was focused on something else. This was proven after Mindstorm was successfully ambushed by Soldier Boy due to his focus on his Hughie Campbell.
  • Enochlophobia: Since the loss of his telepathic control, Mindstorm was no longer capable of comfortably existing within mainstream society due to the fact that he was often overwhelmed by a sensory overload from hearing the thoughts of every person within a three mile radius of himself with no means to silence the noise.
  • Visual Contact: According to Soldier Boy, Mindstorm could not psychically imprison someone without making eye-to-eye contact with his victims. It is unknown if visual contact was also required for him to control someone's mind.



  • For unknown reasons, Mindstorm doesn't share the same name as his Dynamite counterpart, Mind-Droid.
  • Mindstorm is the final member of Payback to be murdered by Solider Boy.