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I just wanted to be a hero. Someone my sister could be proud of, but I don't give a shit anymore. I just want to be a good person.
―Marie Moreau to Cate Dunlap.[src]

Marie Moreau is the main protagonist of the Amazon series Gen V, a spin-off series of The Boys. She is a freshman at Godolkin University with goals of joining the Seven, but later becomes sidetracked by a mystery she begins to unravel at the school.


Marie was born to Malcolm and Jackie in the early 2000s, and shortly after her birth, they accepted Vought's offer to inject her with Compound V, subsequently transforming her into a Supe and granting her superhuman powers and abilities. Marie grew up alongside her younger sister Annabeth and experienced an ordinary childhood.

In 2015, when Marie was 10, her powers manifested during her first period. Unable to control her powers, Marie would accidentally kill both of her parents, leaving herself and her sister, Annabeth, the only survivors of the accident. As a result of this, Marie would be separated from her sister and relocated to the Red River Institute.

In 2023, Marie would enroll and be accepted to Godolkin University to become a hero, trying to atone her tragic past and make her sister change the way she saw her.

The Boys Series[]

The Boys: Season 3[]

"The Only Man in the Sky"[]

While Hughie visits the Red River Institute to learn more about Victoria Neuman's past, Vanessa shows him their database containing information on every resident of the institute, including Marie Moreau.

Gen V: Season 1[]

"God U."[]

Marie appears in this episode; she gets taken to Godolkin University where she meets her roommate, Emma. Marie is taken to a club by Golden Boy and his friends, where she saves the life of a woman who was at the tragic backhand of one of Andres's accidents. The following day, she has gone viral and is met by Professor Brink to tell her she had been expelled from Godolkin University. She returns and is promptly attacked by Golden Boy, right after he killed Brink, and then got chased by Golden Boy forcing a nearby Jordan Li to intervene in Marie's defense. She, at the end, witnesses Golden Boy's suicide.

"First Day"[]

Marie has a therapy session with Dean Shetty, and is now ranked at #8 on the leader board, and that infuriates Jordan Li, since the media has portrayed her and Andre as fighting Golden Boy, instead of Jordan. Marie does a photoshoot with Andre in front of a screen, and takes a selfie with a fan, before having a heated discussion with Andre. Jordan approaches Marie, asking her to tell the truth about what happened, and she tries her best. Multiple times, she contemplates telling the truth before ultimately saying her pre-assigned lines, which makes her feel really guilty. Before the interview, it is revealed that Marie's sister, Annabeth, had sent an email, but does not want anything to do with Marie, which leaves her in shock. Marie's betrayal of Jordan leaves them in tears and she feels incredibly guilty, texting Emma and asking if she'd like to get drunk. She ultimately chooses to visit Dean Shetty's office who comforts her over the email from Annabeth (which is later speculated by Shetty to have been falsified to provoke an emotional reaction from Marie in the following episode).


Marie returns to her dorm after the ending of "First Day", where she encounters an extremely shrunken and starving Emma who proceeds to explain the mechanics behind her growth powers to Marie, causing an argument between the two over their respective powers being a source of self harm. The morning after, Dean Shetty asks for her assistance in raising funds for the Brink Fundraiser, which Marie accepts. Marie shows up to the Gala where she makes amends with Emma over their previous argument. Feeling disgusted after Shetty points out the larbe amount of donations brought in by her participation in the gala, Marie was prepared to leave event, however before she can leave, Jordan (who is feeling spiteful over Marie taking credit for fighting off Golden Boy on national television) insults her in regards to being "Mommy and Daddy's perfect little hero", goading her into admitting her parents death by her hands, a topic which Cate and Marie bond over due to their shared experience of harming their family members in the process of discovering their powers. The three of them are then informed by Andre about Emma being trapped inside of The Woods.

"The Whole Truth"[]

Marie finds Emma's GPS Tracker in a crater left by Sam during his escape from The Woods immediately following the end of #ThinkBrink, which concerns the group greatly. Later on, Marie requests aid in locating Emma's whereabouts from a psychic Rufus who then makes her black out and takes her to his dorm room in an attempt to rape her. Marie inflates his penis with blood, causing it to grow massively and then explode just as Jordan breaks through the door. Jordan chides her for requesting help from Rufus and stating that Maire's rash statement from prior that "I don't owe anyone anything and everybody should leave me the fuck alone" was idiotic, leading Marie to claim that Jordan is full of shit and is simply scared of the current situation. Jordan then informs Marie of Tek Knight being on campus grounds, claiming that "If he finds out what you're doing, you're lucky you end up in prison." Marie then questions why Jordan seems to care so much about her despite them resenting her in the past, which both are unable to respond to, staring at each other for a prolonged period. Marie proceeds to attend class, where Tek Knight makes a guest appearance. Tek Knight then proceeds to pick out Marie as a "volunteer" and interrogates her on the events of Golden Boy's murder-suicide, leading her to publically admit that Jordan was the one to fight Golden Boy instead of her. Jordan then enters her dorm room, frustrated at Marie for ruining her public image. Jordan responds to Marie's earlier statement, claiming that they are in fact scared, leading to the two making out before being interrupted by Emma's return, who tells them that Sam is going to Dr. Cardosa's home in an attempt to murder him. Cate and Andre also arrive at Dr. Cardosa's home and fight Sam to prevent him from killing Dr. Cardosa. An enlargened Emma pins Sam down in a backyard where Marie promises to protect Sam, however the scene abruptly cuts to black mid-sentence. Marie is then shown waking up in bed, as the camera pans out to reveal Jordan sleeping alongside Marie.

"Welcome to the Monster Club"[]

Marie and Jordan awaken sharply at Andre and Cate unknowingly entering the room, which is revealed to be at Dusty's house. As the two retrieve their clothes, Marie admits to not remembering the events of the preceeding night which Jordan also attests to. Marie views a Tiktok video of her and Jordan (in female form) publically making out with each other before meeting up with the rest of the group, who also reveal that they all do not remember the events of their investigation into Luke's death. Cate (who in reality was the person who wiped their memories) misdirects the group by framing Rufus as the culprit for their mempry loss, recounting a story in which Rufus sexually assaulted Cate using his telepathic abilities, causing the rest of them to attempt to track down Rufus. While tracking down Rufus, Marie and Jordan attempt to talk over their recent feelings towards each other, however due to their insecurities and sensing a potential rejection, Jordan abruptly shuts down the conversation. The couple ultimately fails to find Rufus, causing the two to separate. With the help of Emma, Marie realizes that she indeed has feelings for Jordan and wishes to tell them so, however she finds out about the tracking devices implanted inside of their bodies before she can, confiding in Cate about the tracking devices, who then proceeds to erase Marie's memory of the last few hours. Marie and Jordan meet, once again trying to talk over their feelings, however Marie's memory loss leads Jordan to believe Rufus has once again erased her memory, as well as leading Marie to once again discover their tracking implants. As the two confront Rufus at Dusty's house, Emma reveals to Marie over a phone call that Rufus is in fact a red herring and that Cate was the actual culprit, however Andre bursts in, unaware that Cate was the true culprit all along and is prepared to murder Rufus before Cate admits that she was responsible for their memory loss.


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"Guardians of Godolkin"[]

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Marie is a kind and compassionate person who has good morals. However, her means sometimes were too straightforward thus leading her to making the "dumb decision". For example, after requested by Jordan Li to tell the truth about them fighting Golden Boy, she tarnished her own reputation by telling the truth when Tek Knight interrogated her in class despite the fact that Jordan didn't want her to bury herself in the process. The reason why she wanted to do the right thing and be a hero deeply rooted in her past trauma where she unintentionally killed her parents with her period blood when her power first manifested. She wants to prove to everyone, especially her sister Annabeth, that she is not a monster. The immense guilt also caused her self-harm tendency. Due to how she activates her power puts her in similar situation with Emma Meyer, the two became close friends. At first she only wanted to be hero, someone her sister could look up to but overtime she changed and now just wants to be a good person and actually help people.

Marie is also a bad liar, when people asked about her parents or Emma's whereabouts, she made up stories out of nowhere and can be easily exposed.

When first arrived at Godolkin, due to spending most of the time isolated in Red River, Marie is seen socially inept and is not quite good at having normal conversations with others. She is also unaware of how to use technology, since in her time at the Institute she never had access to social media and there was barely one computer she had to borrow from the rest of the orphans with a time limit to use it. Because of this Marie is unaware of social media influencers such as Golden Boy, a top ranked student candidate to become part of The Seven or popular people in the media like Emma Meyer who has her own channel on Youtube. However, she eventually starts to overcome these difficulties thanks to Emma and slowly becomes more open and capable of socializing with others.

Marie doesn't like to emotionally open herself to others and is often seen trying to not let them discover that she is a orphan that comes from Red River Institute and she accidentally killed her parents, probably because of her guilt of that incident, and also due to her fear of being considered a monster like her sister told her she is. As a result she is often lying about her parents.

Powers and Abilities[]


Your powers are badass, coolest I've ever seen.
  • Blood Manipulation:
    Marie blood bending

    Marie using the blood as a projectile

    Marie possesses the ability to control blood. She can use this ability on her own blood, by extending it through her palms in the form of tendrils, or forming basic structures, such as whips and floating masses, to both grasp objects or people and launch offensive attacks. However, she can't release her blood through anything other than an open wound; hence why she carries around a switchblade so she can readily cut her hand open when needed. It remains uncertain whether she experiences any pain when using this ability, or if she is at personal risk of severe blood loss if it was used carelessly. Furthermore, she is also capable of manipulating blood from others, even on woundless targets, such as funneling a large amount of blood into a selected extremity of the recipient and causing that part of them to bloodily explode in the process. Marie has demonstrated identical powers to Victoria Neuman, sharing her ability to explode a person's body part using their blood. For instance, she exploded Cate's arm just by concentrating. However, it seems that unlike Victoria she does not have to maintain eye contact with her target nor do her eyes become cloudy when she uses her abilities. She can also make blood itself explode, as she did to her mother's when she first discovered her powers in a panic attack. Marie has also demonstrated her ability to medically use blood manipulation for non-harmful purposes, such as halting the flow of blood from gaping wounds and preventing strokes.
    • Blood Sense:
      Marie sensing Maverick

      Marie seeing Maverick's blood

      Marie has also manifested supernatural awareness linked to blood-related phenomena. For instance, she could discern that Sam Riordan had blood under his fingernails, which didn't belong to him. Furthermore, she accurately predicted the day Emma Meyer would start her menstrual period. In addition, Marie could distinguish variations in blood where electronic trackers were implanted in herself and Jordan Li, as well as sense a decline in Cate Dunlap's pulse. Marie was also able to identify the presence of Compound V in Victoria Neuman's bloodstream. Marie was also able to feel and see Maverick's blood after concentrating.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Marie possesses a limited but rapid regenerative healing ability. Marie's regenerative healing factor works in tandem with her initial powers, allowing her to quickly recover after "mellowing" her powers. Marie also quickly recovered from her injury after removing the tracker from her neck.
  • Superhuman Strength: Marie possesses superhuman strength, which makes her stronger than humans. She is able to easily lift the severed rotor blade of a helicopter to knock Maverick unconscious with a single hit.
  • Superhuman Durability:
    Marie durability

    Marie enduring Homelander's heat vision

    Marie possesses superhuman durability, making her more durable than humans and some Supes. However, her durability only applies to blunt-force trauma. Marie survives getting hurled by Sam and Maverick, respectively, displaying no signs of injury afterward. She also withstands a controlled blast from Homelander's heat vision.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Marie possesses superhuman hearing, allowing her to hear better than humans. Like all Supes, she can hear higher frequencies that humans cannot.[1]


  • Gifted Intelligence: Marie is quite clever and intelligent. She managed to sucessfully be accepted in Godolkin University, and while part of this is because Victoria Neuman gave her a boost by being her benefactor, Victoria admitted that even without her help she would have still been accepted there.



  • Brute Force/Limited Durability: Despite being more durable than humans, Marie can still be stunned, knocked unconscious, and killed by extreme force. Homelander blasts Marie with his heat vision, knocking her unconscious immediately. Additionally, she is vulnerable to sharp objects such as blades.
  • High Frequencies: Due to being a Supe, Marie is susceptible to high frequencies. When a high frequency is playing, it can induce immense pain and temporarily neutralize her. During a massacre at Godolkin University, Marie is momentarily neutralized through the use of a high-frequency alarm.


  • PTSD: Marie suffers a severe post-traumatic disorder due to having accidentally murdered her parents after awakening her powers. The trauma of what she did still affects her even 8 years after that, making her have nightmares and cry every time she remembers her parents.



  • Marie makes a cameo appearance in "The Only Man in the Sky," appearing on a monitor screen at the Red River Institute.
  • Due to the similarity of their powersets, there is a possibility that Marie is a parody of DC's Bloodwork and Skarlet from Mortal Kombat.
  • Marie’s power to manipulate blood has been implied to be very rare. As stated by Victoria Neuman, prior to discovering Marie, she had thought she was the only Supe with this power. Dr. Cardosa also wishes to use Marie as a test subject in The Woods, due to her powers being so rare.


My angle is that sometimes people don't have an angle. Sometimes, they're just actual human beings.
―Marie Moreau responding to Jordan Li[src]


  1. Bob in First Day: "Did you know Supes have a wider range of hearing than us? Like dogs."