"It is a whole new world now. And there is only one company that has the product to fight back. My company. My product."

― Madelyn Stillwell[source]

Madelyn Stillwell is one of the main characters in the Amazon series The Boys. She is one of the top-ranked officials within Vought, the group that owns the Seven. As a result, she works closely with the Seven frequently.

As Vought’s Senior Vice President of Hero Management, it’s Madelyn Stillwell’s job to manage the world’s greatest superhero team, The Seven. It’s also her job to ensure maximum power and profitability for the company – and that’s a job she executes with ruthless efficiency. But her ambitions go beyond merely having superheroes fighting crime on America’s streets; she wants to put them in the military, through a multi-billion-dollar government contract.

She is the gender-reversed incarnation of James Stillwell from the original comics, The Boys, which live-action series is based on and adapted from.

The Boys SeriesEdit

Relationship with HomelanderEdit

As one of the most important members of Vought International, Stillwell works closely with all of its Supes; most particularly, The Seven. Stillwell seemed to have a closeness with Homelander particularly, being one of the only people at Vought capable of keeping him under control.

The relationship between the two developed further at the end of season one, with Homelander questioning Vought and its use of Compound V. He is angry to find out that Stillwell lied to him about the whereabouts of Becca Butcher and her child. In You Found Me, she is held hostage by Butcher in hopes of angering Homelander. Homelander however, angry at Stillwell's lies, uses his heat vision to kill Stillwell and — indirectly — her child.

In the comicsEdit

In the original comics which the series is based on, Madelyn Stillwell is a man named James Stillwell. He is the assistant of Vought's CEO and most of the Seven's gruesome plans came directly from him. He is characterized by his almost inhuman calmness and lack of emotion, to the point where nothing can even raise his pulse, a sharp contrast to his counterpart in the live-action adaptation, who occasionally loses her composure and is capable of fear. This extends to his interactions with Homelander, with Stillwell being one of the very few people that doesn't fear him. While the two greatly hate each other, Homelander is somewhat afraid and insecure around Stillwell as he usually obeys his orders out of fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite being able to kill Stillwell at any time. Homelander seems to subconsciously view Stillwell as a father figure of sorts, which would explain why he constantly allows himself to be cowed by the man. When Homelander finally rebels against Vought and confronts Stillwell personally, the CEO's apathy and disgust is so profound Homelander decides to spare him, so he can witness his plans for the world. Stillwell survives the events of the Comics and is last seen despairing over having an inferior product.


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