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Love Sausage, huh? This is good name for me. I like it. Come on in.
―Love Sausage to Mother's Milk and Starlight.[src]

Love Sausage is a minor antagonist of the Amazon series The Boys. He is a former patient of Sage Grove Center.


Very little is known about Love Sausage, except that based on his accent and the fact that he speaks Russian, he was likely born in Russia.

At some point, Love Sausage eventually moved to the United States, where, due to having a mental illness or being mentally unstable, would be admitted to Sage Grove Center for treatment. However, he would be used as a test subject for Vought International in order to create a stabilized version of Compound V for adults, which was successful, transforming him into a Supe and granting him superhuman powers and abilities.

The Boys Series[]

The Boys: Season 2[]

"The Bloody Doors Off"[]

That's his fucking dick.
―Mother's Milk after realizing the tentacle was Love Sausage's dick.[src]

He is first seen locked up in his cell when Mother's Milk, Frenchie and Kimiko infiltrate Sage Grove Center's security surveillance room. Mother's Milk makes a comment about the man's "love sausage".

After a fellow patient, Cindy, got loose, she frees Love Sausage and several other patients who start to run rampant throughout the hospital. When a seemingly long "tentacle" attempts to strangle Mother's Milk through the door, Kimiko runs out of the room and punches Love Sausage in the forehead with her brass knuckles, knocking out Love Sausage and allowing Mother's Milk to free himself. Frenchie and Mother's Milk come to the horrible realization that the "tentacle" was in fact Love Sausage's penis as it retracts back into the supe's body.[1]

The Boys: Season 3[]


Love Sausage appears in the Season Three episode Herogasm, during an superhero orgy hosted by the TNT Twins. He greets Mother's Milk and Starlight at the door where he shows off his retractable penis to them. He is last seen leaving the ruins of the Twins' home, after the Russian pop music he was playing triggered Soldier Boy's PTSD, causing Soldier Boy to destroy part of the house. He is seen among the injured supes and civilians, holding his burnt, limp, coiled penis, presumably having lost its prehensile abilities due to the radiation exposure from Soldier Boy's blast.

The Boys: Season 4[]

"Assassination Run"[]

Sometime between the events after Herogasm and the murder of Victoria Neuman, Love Sausage would get re-injected with Compound V and regain his powers he previously lost due to Soldier Boy.

Love Sausage appears in the ending scene in a trench coat, where he uses his enhanced penis to knockout Mother's Milk, allowing him to be apprehended.

Powers and Abilities[]

Goddamn. Brother's got a love sausage.
M.M's first reaction to Love Sausage.[src]
  • Prehensile Penis: Love Sausage can fully control his abnormally large penis as though it was a tentacle, and use it to strangle his victims.
    • Superhuman Strength: His penis is strong enough to strangle humans and shatter through glass. He was also able to knock out Mother's Milk with one hit.
  • Superhuman Durability: Love Sausage had his durability enhanced by Compound V, his penis can pierce through glass without suffering any damage. After being attack by Kimiko, another supe with super strength, Love Sausage was merely knocked out.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Love Sausage, being a supe, has better hearing beyond that of ordinary humans, capable of hearing certain frequencies.[2]


  • In the Amazon series, Love Sausage's superpower has more of a direct correlation to his name than his comic book counterpart. While in the series, his superpower is primarily his retractable, tentacle-like "love sausage", in the comics, his power appears to be that he is super-strong and durable, but cannot run straight whilst aroused and describes large female breasts to be his Kryptonite.
  • There is actually a Russian song about a man having died and being remembered after his abnormally large penis. [3] [4]
  • Unlike the Dynamite version, he isn't a Hero or ally to The Boys; instead a victim of Vought's experiments to test Compound-V on adults at the Sage Grove Center and was initially hostile towards The Boys.
  • Love Sausage is the third Season Three character to be recasted. The other two are Gunpowder and Monique Milk.



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